A Fungalised four bander, a rare event as I tend to do more than my fair share of all dayers instead. A Friday night so expectations were minimal but this one was worth a punt and as it proved, things were worth my time and another tiny tickle of the underground undercarriage was had in pure unprofessional DIY terms. I have no time to fuck about here - it is all go, go, go - here is a brief overview.

A few gear hiccups were dealt with and a few beers sunk whilst having a laugh about many things with a my fellow comrades. I don't get paid so I won't get stressed about things - simple as, I am doing this not for an ulcer so think on folks.

The Papa Shango's - an unplugged ad hoc performance tonight from a band who were a man short and who cobbled a set together several days prior to this gig. These elements did show but who the fuck cares - it was an opening slot done for the right reasons and with the tongue firmly in the cheek it did what it set out to do - entertain. It wasn't a classic, it was just a muck about with good gusto thrown in and when you get to the stage when a cover of 'Delilah' is the most memorable song of the set you know what things are all about. It was OK - nothing more, nothing less and I look forward to the full band with intrigued anticipation.

Andy T (and band) - cultured poetical driftings that emanate from a gob loaded with irritation and angst that will not be denied and not be held in check. Andy T has an ill temper and, like any thinker worth their salt, finds much to bitch about in this shit-laden world that is belly heavy with injustice and deviancy. Songs regarding violence, vivisection, political lunacy and prejudice are all hotly forced forth whilst the musical mix is serene and opposing which in itself makes for a marvellous mush to contemplate. A set such as this needs full concentration and concentrate I did and having watched each player and digested the wordage of the oral artiste I would do well to find any complaint. As relevant as it was back in the day, perhaps more so in these underhand times - I want more, I reckon this lot could be persuaded back - here's hoping.

Manifest were the violent element of the night, the vicious chomping hardcore machine that were thrown in to up the tempo, rattle the cage and add the usual diversity. The band did just that and for me threw out another performance that encapsulates just what a solid, ever-improving unit this lot are. The drumming is wickedly animated and crucially accurate with the two cable masturbators given enough tympanic foundation on which to bend out good electric riffage that sets the hair on fire (or singes the scalp if ye be a balding bastard like me). Andy on bass was his beautiful wound up self and screamed his knackers off when called upon to do so. Bartek bounds around and is fully immersed in his plucking and kicks up a fine dustbowl of discordance via wires and warbles. The combination of all three facets is impressive and in a venue such as this I think they fuckin' shone very brightly indeed. Again, Fungal wants more!

Headsticks headlined tonight, the reason being that they are a band on a mission, a crew who drip with class and who are a unit that can really go a long way provided lugs tune in and heads wake up. Tonight they cruised through a very energetic set that was alive with wise words, fruity pluckery and many neat combinations of fecund musicality that really gets the jowls salivating. When a band opens with such a quality tune as 'World Away' you know the standard is going to be something else and that was very much the case. 'Paper Flowers', Mississippi Burning', Cold Grey English Skies', 'Pay The Price and 'Flatline Town' are several highly noteworthy inclusions in a set brimming with beauties that, with each and every viewing, become part of the appreciative psych and escort you in times of mental drifting when a tune is plucked from the air and cerebrally sung along to so as to raise ones spirits. I could gush on and on, advise you to check the band and watch as a whole, check the band again and watch each individual unit, go forth and get the CD and just admire etc. etc. but why should I - all I can do is write what I feel about what I witnessed and this was fuckin' grand.

That's it - off I tootled, sober as a judge and still weary after this nagging virus but tonight saw an half decent turn-out and some good mixed and matched music that shows the DIY flag will fly forever, no matter what. We will never break the banks, never be the popular pick of the pops but then why would we fuckin' want to be.

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (19 March 2016)