After 5 games of tennis in seven days, my usual daily walks of up to 8 miles and various other exercise routines I could easily have gone to bed for a snooze rather than attend this gig on a dreary Tuesday night. The Murderburgers though are a bit of class and a chance at last to see Cotty's band The Emos strut their stuff was persuasion enough to get me off my aching arse and down to this punked out venue. Arriving at 8pm within 5 minutes The Emos were up and at it and I feel put together a real decent set despite the odd guitar problem and such.

'Quicker Than Khan' hurtled things towards the lowly crowd brilliantly and immediately set the tone for a set filled with high octane, punchy tunes that held no political bullshit and basically preached nothing other than 'enjoy'. Cotty as is the norm sweated like a fatman at a funfair and he really does put his all in to every performance. Guitarist Boothy reinforced the noise with some quick strumming and throat ripping vocals and the drummer Millsy played a solid set that had a definite confident swagger about it. As this was the bands album launch night of course the plethora of songs (if not all) were off the new release. On this evidence it sounds great and I do hope that they have got the levels and production right and really get the best out of this merry old bunch of songs. 'Punkolution', 'We're More Punk Than Kamikaze Sperm' and one about a rabbit methinks were noteworthy but all songs worked well in the set and none of them were overstretched to the point of becoming boring. Yeah on the back of this I should be throwing a few gigs their way as well as offering my lowly support whenever I can. Recommended viewing indeed.

Next up were a new band to me The Sedations and after a few problems during the first two songs the set never really recovered and seemed a little mundane to me with very little conviction from the players. The singer’s voice really grated although I know some like this style of delivery which is all well and good. Some good songs but lacking in that oh so important final execution and the band didn't seem to relax at any point and looked more than a little on edge. Too many songs dragged on and the slower one tested my patience no end. Personally I would suggest a bit more pace, a terser composition to each song and a bit more 'in yer face' attitude and the talent that is obviously there can truly blossom and leave more of an impression.

The 255's were good - allegedly. I was chin-wagging outside about the politics of pinching beer and drinking a pint of piss ha, ha (which really did happen tonight to a couple of unfortunate crustoids) and I suppose will hopefully teach them a lesson about thieving from your own kind. Poor indeed and the fact that they couldn't tell the difference between beer and piss is a reflection of something very untoward. Anyway apologies to The 255's and cheers to Wes and his chum for the good natter.

Back in and headliners The Murderburgers didn't fuck about prior to the set, and as expected, during it. This was a rat-a-tat-tat delivery that these guys do so effectively and so impressively. 'We Are The Murderburgers' and 'I've Got A Plan' opened and were choice and from there on it was just a sheer joy. Each and every song is based around a darn fine melody and an abundance of pace and the rest just goes with the flow. The new and the old were mixed nicely with 'Moron', 'Split Personality' and 'Double Take' promising much for the future releases. Can't fault em'; to be honest and only the wanky sound that is more than the norm at the Retro Bar only slightly took the edge off another crackin' performance. Don't misunderstand me the sound wasn't utter shite but it always seems short of the mark at this gaff and so doesn't give the bands to live up to their full potential. I ain't griping though and went hope quite chuffed after a decent gig.

I believe Magazine were playing down the road tonight for a mere £23 on the door which undoubtedly effected tonight’s turn-out.. 23 mmmm - the amount of payers on the door tonight so Cotty informed me which I think wasn't deserving of the gig. I bet Magazine was rammed and to all the people who were there - 'wake up fuckers - there are actually some crackin' new bands out there you know'. Disgraceful but there you go! Point made but no one listening as per usual. Fuck em!

Footnote: Fraser - I now have Murderburgers stickers - just stickers but stickers nonetheless.


review by OMD (18 February 2009)