Caught in the middle of 2 gigs I really wanted to attend but one has got to make a decision and after doing 50% of the Bolton 2 dayer yesterday I thought it only fair to maintain the 100% record with STP and also support 2 bands I am particularly fond of. The 100% record will end big time this year with already 3 gigs sorted that I am unable to make - bah - but my belief and passion and support for the bands that matter will not end - think on (and STP - I'll be there in spirit anyway).

So to tonight's gig - the missus was offside so I did the train run despite being almost dead on my feet with tiredness. Arriving in good time and after a few gabs with many a lover of noise it was up for the first band (look I am fucked here - I am whizzing through this one - please understand this Fungal bugger has only a limited gas supply).

Destination Venus have not only been around the block but have been mugged several times on the way, pissed up a few pointless walls, kicked in a few doors of indifference and been splashed and ignored by many a passing vehicle - it ain't easy this type of noise. Each side of the block has its own sub-scene - the DV lads never seem to fit - a question arises again (after tonight’s wonderful show) - why the hell not and why the hell are these guys not getting more credit? Personally I find the whole delivery one bout of enjoyment, non-political, good to honest rock and fuckin' roll - played with zeal, capturing an innocent charm and filled with sing-a-long magnetism. Even without the usual bassist and with frontman Shaun singing and wielding the 4 wired weapon this was still a total treat and each and every song flowed from the stage and simply said 'have fun'. No leanings anyway, no shitfuck concealed agenda, no shock tactics that really don't shock - just top tune after top tune. You want examples - well OK - what about 'Fruit Machines', Let's Go', 'My Granny Is A Tranny', 'Summer Was Cool', 'He Goes Everywhere', 'Spaceman' and 'My Baby Got Abducted By A UFO'? Choice cutlets from a carcass of fleshy goodness and sinewy reliability and all the band can keep doing is rattling it out like this and asking you to 'chomp'. All I can say is that my gnashers are going like the clappers and yes - it tastes fuckin' good.

Talking of good...

The Senton Bombs are a band I have spouted about for many a year. They are a bunch of dudes I have dealt with, encouraged and fuckin' believed in since I first saw em' over 6 years ago. Many doubted, few shouted, we stuck at it, the word was spread, the band swapped around, the current line-up are doing everything I considered they could do (with big throbbing nobs on) and...I believe there is more to come. Lovely chaps, rockin' hard, now not interested in playing for others but happy to play for themselves and hopefully win due praise from like-minded rockers - that is the only way to do it. In this currently relaxed and sanguine style the band are sending wave after wave of utter pleasure and belief from the stage and anyone with their head screwed on right and their lugs tightly tuned in will respond big time. Tonight was an example of a band doing it the right way and after much graft eventually winning through. The songs were primarily new and show that the band aren't resting on their laurels and are so eager to keep up this progressive surge and squeeze their own sonic scrotums absolutely dry. Both guitarists went at it like rabid dogs with Damo throwing in is all and at one point jumping from the stage and mixing it with the punters who fuckin' went for it. Joey on gob and bass duties is indeed class and twangs them cables with gushing gusto and sub-sleazed passion. Sticks - what can I say - I have been gobbing off for years about this guys ability - fuckin' gargantuan man - if forced to make a comparison to a Marvel character then this is Galactus baby - feeding on the life force the tympanic arena offers. Boom, Bang, wallop. I shan't pick out any significant number because this was a resounding beating and to highlight one or two moments would be unfair on the equally impressive leftovers - you better believe this was one long classic and a prime example of what happens if you stick at it and keep on pushing.

And finally...Barb Wire Dolls - wot no bassist? We shall just have to do! So a band from across the water and with a pretty lead lady - many are almost completely sold before the first note is struck. Greek-American punk, laden with utter effort and occasionally sexed up, frequently preaching, incessantly rockin'...but the bass was missed as was many points by a scene I know only too well. Nevertheless the crew threw in their heart and soul and in parts absolutely stunned and shattered the onlookers but in others, I felt at least, ran a little dry and lost some of the energy they were striving to maintain. The preaching regarded the sheep - don't be one - unless commanded to be so - finger in the air etc. Don't follow the crowd seems ideal - and yet the whole shebang is a crowd - for me - get up and do it is and was more pertinent and that is what this lot did. As usual with debut viewings one gets left on the back foot if a pure barnstormer isn't given and this was such a case. It was good but needed that little extra oomph and consistency. Don't get me wrong when the band intensified matters the appeal went through the roof but many parts sort of levelled out and a machine-like grind was had with perspiration and good spirit just maintaining buoyancy. There is talk of a punk resurgence - mmmm - if people don't fuckin' get off their arse, talk with honesty and refuse to throw off their agenda and ego then there is no chance - hence the first wave and so on was loaded with bollocks. Anyway - this was fine and dandy but I need more viewings, I need to be able to grasp and then squeeze with more accuracy and I do need to check em' out as far as recordings go. I be a busy cunt, I can't do everything - all I can give is honesty - tonight you have an open verdict but the potential is obvious. Never mind fuck the pussies - fuck punk, fuck labels, keep it DIY...or....DIE! How’s that ya bastards!

So 3 bands - 2 rattlers, 1 other rattler whom I need to shake a little more with. It ain't easy reviewing, especially when ya burnt out and incensed with an indolent scene - but one can try. The turn out was very nice, the attention given to bands not far behind - it has been a busy weekend and I am way behind on many fronts - fuck it - get out, do something, support the supporters and forget labels - they don't matter. A free gig this one - you overfed buggers - appreciate, applaud - splurge!

Review by Fungalpunk/OMD (17 June 2013)