I called into the Kings Head as normal when there is a gig at the Brickyard as it's within spitting distance of the venue and was very surprised to see no punks, skins or even 'erberts in the place. It was early so I got a pint and found a seat, half way down the said pint and Mike appeared and John was also at the bar. Still three of us didn't make much of a crowd for what on paper is a decent gig for any saturday night anywhere in the country. The pub was pretty much full but with metalheads going to see a thrash metal band at the venue next door not Punkers going to the Brickyard. Mike had been in The Globe where Kings of the Delmar were to play an early gig but this was abandonded as there were so few in. I will admit to not being there myself as I'd been to the match and didn't make it but the good news was KOTD were now added to the Brickyard bill.

Into the venue and a piss poor turnout to see Paul Carter kick off tonights punk proceedings with his acoustic punk rock. Some great tunes, very funny and sang with passion with only about 25 punters in and a good few who just seemed to come to see Paul as they were singing along and enjoying themselves but seemed to leave after he finished so that left only about 20 in.

Next on was Ambush UK who flew into a short set of thrash influenced punk and there seemed to be some tension between band members and the singer got into a bit of a slanging match with someone in the sparce crowd. They were supposed to do 30 minutes but only did a 15 minute set and left the stage quickly. I stayed in the venue but a few others were outside smoking and said that Ambush UK had a barney outside and split up. A shame as the music was good and hopefully they can regroup and maybe get a couple of new bands out of the ashes of now deceased Ambush UK.

Kings of the Delmar next with some good old school tuneful punk rock - a three piece with plenty of punk pedigree including Brian on drums who plays or has played with loads of bands.They played a quality set and went down well with the small crowd. They had a 4 track CD for sale one of which came home with me.They are coming back to Carlisle in the new year so hopefully a few more will turn out to see them then.

If the Drongos for Europe were disapointed with the size of the crowd they didn't show it playing a quality set of punk that had most of the punters on their feet.They had come almost 200 miles to entertain and that's what they did as song after song was played with passion.When they got to the end of the set list they just carried on and must have done another 6 or 8 songs best of the night for me being 'Untamed'.

So another great night of punk rock in Carlisle despite the poor turnout I had a good night and here's to many more.

review by Dave Bell (16 November 2008)