So as is seemingly an annual pilgrimage it was to the Witchwood for an evening with the UK Subs. In truth I should have been in Nottingham supporting a Still Dying Promotions all dayer but financial cracks and a hectic lifestyle put paid to those much anticipated plans - bah! The Subs is always a nice fallback so afetr a day of tennis, tidying and reviewing it was to the Witchwood I headed. Arriving at approximately 7.10pm I had time to read a little outside the gaff before the first friendly faces arrived. Recent gigs weer duiscussed as well as varied transient topics and a good wait was had before the main doors were open and the first band were on. A strange crowd tonight made up of people happy to remember the past and not really concerned about moving punk forward it seemed. The scene is so bloody fractured I do wonder how it can ever recapture a general unity - hey ho. On the positive side the more sub-generic pools the more skinny dips for Fungal to take and discover more exciting sounds. Then again we could all be doing this and making underdog/underground music thrive - go on go go for it!

So first up Pressure 28. From first to last the band had the crowd involved and had obviously done their bit in getting a few familiar faces to support - excellent stuff. The room was generally full too which boded well for when the Subs hit the stage. What Pressure 28 brought to tonights table of tuneage was basic Oi boisterousness enhanced by a darn good frontman who knew how to entertain and sing a good bovver boy song. The songs were typical of this sub-genre and although my initial thoughts were wary I was more than taken by the end chord and thought Pressure 28 applied themselves well and produced the expected goods to the small army of fans. The crew have been around the block and know their Oi-nions and did the business with a good reception given. Of course with this territory shit doth come but a two-fingered salute was given to that moronic thinking and the set flowed to a great finale. The cover of 'Chaos' tickled a few bald bonces and added extra vigour to an already energetic pogo pit - nice!

What can I ad about the UK Subs that I haven't already said and written over their entire career. Best punk band ever - you'd be hard pushed to beat em'! A band with a plethora of top punk tunes to please the most diverse of crowds this lot are always a treat to watch and although tonights sound was far from top notch again the band succeeded and the punters lapped it up. One classic after another with the highlight for me the gloriously textured brilliance of 'Creation' (which will be on the next SAS CD folks - as you agreed Charlie the last time we spoke ha, ha) and which shows the Subs have much more to offer than the expected traditional outpourings. Of course as Chaz said to me ages ago - he wants to play the newer stuff but the crowd want the old stuff. For me a shame as so many gems only get the occassional airing with so many others left on the silver disc. 'Bitter and Twisted' was thrown back in tonight and even though a bit loose still pleased this old connoiseur. 'Riot', 'Squat 96', I Live In A Car', 'Warhead', 'Disease', 'Endangered Species', 'Limo Life', 'I Couldn't Be You', 'Killer', Left For Dead', 'Rockers', 'Teenage', 'Tomorrows Girl', 'Stranglehold' etc. You know the scotre - quality through and through and depsite the overload of bas through the speakers the entire room enjoyed it. No compliants and hopefully Charlie and the boys can give us an extra helping of the less exposed songs soon with 'Postcard From L.A.', 'Squat The World', 'Not So Secret War', 'Crossfire' and 'Yellowman' for starters. Worth a thought lads!

So done, dusted and off home with promoter Dennis happy with the 152 paying punters on the door. A decent night and already thinking of the next gig which may be something old, most likely be something new, will not be something borrowed and with a small chnace of being something blue - although you never know!

Onwards and upwards punkers - think on!

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (16 May 2010)