My first visit to Kendal Rugby Club and it's a decent venue with the bar at one end and the band area at the other end - no stage so the bands are very in your face. First up an unexpected bonus in the form of young lads called Harry's Not Here. I suspect all these lot are still at school and local. They did a set of covers and with a bit of a nervous start they dished out 'Blitzkrieg Bop' and they carried on with a short set including Rancid and Pistols songs. Very good and to be encouraged as without up and coming bands the scene will stagnate. If they can move on to writing their own songs they can only get better.

Next up Mangled, a newish band but plenty of experience as they've played in other bands over the years. A real Birmingham punk band as the Drongoes and GBH influence can be heard in their music but with their own style too. They were selling a 4 track self made CD for only a pound - a very good purchase and a band worth seeing again.

Billyclub took to the floor next and a few more punters ventured a little closer. It must be difficult for bands when no one gets up but fair play to Mangled and Billyclub they both put on good sets. Billyclub have a very tuneful almost hardcore sound a nd this was the first time i'd seen them live and they were quality. F.U.V.M was the top track for me and only 6 quid for the 'No Justice' cd which I've been listening to ever since the gig.

GBH next up and even though it wasn't the biggest of crowds they seemed to enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed listening and jumping about. Colin was in great form telling jokes between songs and enjoying the banter and the set was full of old classics and a couple of new tracks that sounded as good as the old stuff. Stand out's for me being 'Diplomatic Immunity', 'Give Me Fire' and 'City Baby Attacked By Rats/Revenge. The set finished with 'Generals', 'White Riot' and 'Alcohol' - a great night. I'l put some pictures on if anyone is interested. Next at this venue is the UK Subs,Blitzkrieg and Cumbrian underdogs Abandoned Glory and No Thrills. 9th May doors 8pm get there early and support the underdog.


review by Dave Bell (25 March 2008)