It was a long time in coming but the 4 volume, 134 bands compilation (download only) was released on Saturday 14th December 2013 and as part of this a two gig, two city, two days release gig/part took place. The following is an eye witness account of that weekend:-

Scared kick off the weekend with a cover of X-Ray-Spex song ‘The Day The World Turned Dayglo’, awesome cover with a solid male voice rather than Polly’s high pitchedness. Different but class and the weekend was kicked into touch in a fine way indeed. Later in the set the lads do ‘Wardance’ by Killing Joke which again was a great choice of cover in my book. The rest of the set was their own stuff and was top notch tuneage. So edgy generic punk rock but tight and classy. Scared impressed those in attendance. First time I had seen them. It definitely wont be the last.

Next - Asbo Peepshow who are on form and creating much noise of a tight and fun nature. Kicking off with a song entitled ‘Rejector Gadget’. From start to finish they go down well and obviously enjoy doing their stuff. Sloppy Seconds meet SLF but now with a splash of ska. ‘Taking the Michael’ (which can be found on said P4TH comps) is my favourite today. It basically takes the piss out of famous people called ‘Michael’. Supernal in its silliness, love it, love Asbo Peepshow and others liked em’ too.

Sour Blisters - another traditional sounding punk band with some ace songs who obviously really enjoy playing. I like to see bands enjoy themselves, it encourages the rest of us to do likewise. A three piece from Grantham who claim to be influenced by Stella and homebrew. A very British sound with early 80's roots. It’s punk for punks who like to sing along. The stand-out tracks for me were ‘Its Happening Again’, ‘Sod Off’ and ‘Its Nothing’. The day is going well.

Dave Bilson takes the stage next to present us with a fine set of garage punk with Deano Riches on drums. Think Thee Headcoats, The Mummies, Armatage Shanks and you will get a clue where Mr Bilson is coming from. Again someone who’s lived it and written it autobiographically but…with a twist. He doesn’t want the police around his flat and indeed ‘Sicko the Clown’ is after him. In fact yours truly joined him on backing vocals as the evil stated clown, hahahahahahaaaaaaggggghhhhh. Wonderfully garaged songmanship.

Hermonie Pepper might look out of place on stage at a punk day, gothic, steampunk-ish looking lady playing an auto-harp and singing songs inspired by the Bronte sisters and butterfly collectors. Having the balls to do so is punk enough for me and those in attendance lap it up. Today Hermonie Pepper brings us culture and the punks have brought their open minds - respect all round.

All change. Manifest have come to blow us away. Brilliant hardcore punk. Loud, tight, fast and shit hot. Enthusiasm oozes from the stage along with a real sense of enjoyment at playing. There are lots of bands who play this stuff, not many play it so well. Intelligent song writing about stuff which matters. Yes they came and blew us away.

G.SUS - from the ashes of the short lived Gash comes G . Sus. Today a two piece consisting of Graham Hawkes on gob and guitar and Deano Riches on drums. Solid punk of a Social D type vibe.  Some personal stuff, some political stuff, a song about The Poor Geezers, Spitune and Dwane Reads and finishing with a song called ‘F.O’, with Stephen Rook Thompson joining them on backing vocals, which consist of two words. An all round fine set.

Danny Tooher gives us a solo performance next. Kicking off with a song he wrote with a bloke out the Reverends about security surveillance. The guy has an amazing voice and is one hell of a guitar player. He does a spot on cover of a Kevin Coyne song and although I enjoyed his reading of Kevin Coynes poem Blue Shirt I did feel it was a bit long to keep the audiences interest. All round however we were treated to a pretty damned decent set by Mr Tooher..

Danny Tooher stays on stage to play xylophone and harmonica with The Poor Geezers (he couldn’t get his double bass on the train so a xylophone was a good alternative). Other Geezers tonight are Rachel PMT Eagling on vocals and clanking, Deano Riches, guitar drums, gob iron and vocals, Stephen Rook Thompson, synthesizer and vocals, Eagle Spits, vocals and clanking. Songs about just about everything from meeting death in the potting shed to Atos and Chip Shop Fascists. Well received set of mayhem.

Anarchistwood are nothing short of awesome tonight. Playing as a three piece these anarchists consist of bass, guitar, female vocals and a laptop. Having recently lost their drummer their Patti Smith, Butthole Surfers, Lydia Lunch inspired set sounds more industrial than last time I saw them, due to programmed drumming etc. Funk Cutter taking up issues with the world,(and Anarchistwood are going to use multi layered creativity to tackle these issues), prowling whilst vocalizing situations many don't even think about. A fine use of projected film and imagery causing us to see as well as hear what is wrong with our world. Anarchistwood are an experience not to be missed.

Das Abys play punk inspired rock somewhat akin to the sound of Dirtbox Disco. In fact they even do a Dirtbox cover. With a young teenage (13) drummer standing in who keeps the band tight Das Abys are fun and give us 30 minutes of pure punk rock enjoyment. There are several different levels working in this band who are not afraid to transgress genre issues. Keep bending the rules and all will be fine with me...

I like Luddite Bastard but thank fuck they aren’t history teachers... A solid set of hardcore punk, hardcore, skacore, anything-core. Well played snotty as, angry punk. Luddite engage with and engage their audience. They have ability and attitude by the bucket full. Leftover Crack are an obvious reference point but Luddite are eclectic with their influences which keeps them fresh and exciting. Full on, no breathing space, set of well constructed tunes.

1000 Scars are a solid punk beast with a side helping of metal. Full on rage whilst at the same time loving the anger and energy which drives the creature. ‘Slice Up The Wife’ gets a response and feet dancing but all their songs are played with precision, unity and rage. 1000 Scars chug along with a clenched fist pummelling anything which dares to get in the way. 1000 Scars are not for the faint hearted.

3 Stone Monkey are the last band of the evening and they are well worth hanging about for. Men in suits and an evil Santa dancing, singing monkey. The musicianship is shit hot and their song about their x-box catchy as syphilis. ‘Tick Tock’ remains one of my favourite live tracks because it is bizarrely off kilter. There did not appear to be anyone in the place that wasn’t 100% into what the band were up to. The band picked up this vibe and ran with it. 3 Stone Monkey gave their all and the audience lapped it up. Truly yet another great set today. What a way to finish a thoroughly splendid day.

So day one sees a piss poor turnout for a stack of excellent bands, just as well most of the bands hung around to watch everybody else. The over riding response and buzz very much said everyone had a great day and had loved the wide variety of acts. T’was a good one despite the apathy of those who cant be arsed to venture a couple of miles out of town - ah well punk was never supposed to be trendy...

So a few hours socialising back at home with Anarchistwood et al, a couple of hours kip and a train ride to London for the second leg of the gig

review by Eagle Spits (17 December 2013)