Something different at the Thatched with a nice mixture of bands on a warm sunny evening in aid of The Christie Cancer Hospital. This was a gig put on by local gad-about Mikey Wong - a face you see at most gigs and a guy who obviously loves his music. First band up then and local new boys Section 47 kicked off in stuttering style and showed a great deal of inexperience and stagecraft despite having some potentially good tunes. This was only their fourth gig so a true verdict cannot be made but events later in the day and after a chat with band members really highlighted a great attitude and commitment to the cause with enough sense to take some good advice. A lot of work needs doing here and I am convinced they are capable of pulling it off and being a pretty decent band - I hope so. Oh and the sound at the gaff was naff and that certainly didn't help these young 'erberts.

Next up a 3-piece band called Bad Day at Black Rock (well thats what I was told). Unlike the Spencer Tracey film all concerned had both arms and to be fair put them to good use with some worthwhile tunes. I recently reviewed a CD called 'In Liars We Trust' and I couldn't help but make a comparison. A bit chanty in parts with some good strong vocals that were marred only by a still shitty PA performance. Not bad and worth another viewing.

The crowd was pretty decent at this point despite some people bobbing in and out in adoration of the good weather but all in all the gig was going great. Sense of Urgency next and this was an upbeat blend of ska and punk delivered with enough zeal and urgency to make it thoroughly enjoyable. At last we had a sound to savour as the sound guy seemed to get the magic formula. The front guys busy-as-a-bee, fidgety approach wins the crowd everytime and the heavy brass section adds a good dimension to a decent sound.

Raffle Time and Mikey Wong did a great job on stage as he ran through the draw with an adequate amount of banter and enthusiasm. The chants of 'Fix' were brushed aside with comedic disdain and the gig continued.

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man next and 'WOW'. If you read the Subhumans gig from a couple of days before you will see how mightily impressed I was by this lot and thought they had played the set of their lives. Well that was true but this was better. This was just fuckin' incredible and just one long pleasure. Movement, variation of pace, melody, powerhouse guitar chords, choice song construction and a fine spirit and attitude all contributed to a superb outing from a really classy band. The vocal interchanges were perfectly orchestrated and prove what hard work and practice (as well as talent) can achieve. Faultless and a total joy with the songs off the new CD shining bright in a 500 watt assembly of blazing ditty's. The Belinda Carlisle cover and stage invasion was proof of how the crowd was won over by the sheer brilliance of this band. Genius.

Lastly The Shadowcops who rattled off their usual power driven set of songs in excellent style. The screaming vocals and incessant guitar blasts make one hell of an awesome sound and this capped off a very good day indeed. This lot are another class act and have an individualistic sound that is already making its mark. I need to learn a few more of their songs to be honest but that will be a pleasure rather than a pain.

More Raffling tomfoolery and I left the gaff happy in the knowledge that there's another good promoter out there pushing some good bands, helping the upstarts and assisting some good causes - a great night indeed.


review by OMD (16 April 2007)