Alas a gig at ye Star and Garter, fabled for many a fine night partaking of the ale and listening to an abundance of musical minstrels.  About bloody time too.

Too long it has been before a good old fashioned punk gig was back at the Garter and I planned to celebrate this fact in true drunken style.  And why not?

I arrived at 7.30’ish with sound checks taking place.  After a bottle of Magners and a brief discussion with Graham ‘Green’e I entered the gaff and downed a few bevies whilst chit chatting to band members and usual boat races.  The atmosphere built as did the crowd and it looked set for a good night’s entertainment.  Mr ‘Green’e  needed several more questions answering then it was upstairs for a beer and to view the first band on - The Bullet Kings.  What a good do!  From one solid track to another this was a real cracker and just what these lads needed to raise a few eyebrows.  Every song was top notch despite ‘Riot’ which suffered from an intermittent ropey sound via the vocals.  Other than that I would say it was faultless and it’s nice to see one of the SAS favourites making some great progress.  As for best songs well ‘Terror Holiday’, ‘Private Death’ and ‘Words’ were class but I would be hard pushed to find a dud so I won’t waste anymore time.  Very, very good indeed and the forthcoming album must surely be a quality offering.

Another couple of beers upstairs and down with more ramblings and nonsensical debates about trivialities in the punk scene and The Great St Louis were away.  Yet again another good do.  Really organised in deliverance and structure with some meaty numbers this lot produced a very good set indeed.  My last viewing of these was about 18 months ago and I was rather tipsy due to a disagreement with several QC vessels.  Anyway I couldn’t fault this and made a note to get a CD so as to review – but unfortunately I was talking so much bollocks with various ‘erberts that it slipped my mind completely.  Next time then and a band to definitely see again.

3CR were absolutely fantastic.  Stunning, brilliant and superb in all departments – the best band ever but…. I missed them so Keith the drummer said to say they were fuckin’ ace and so being kind of heart I have.  Well done and sorry again for missing you.  Next time for sure.

Several more beers and the world became a wobbly place in which to dwell and the stairs became an arduous mountain I readily conquered in time to see Argy Bargy.  I watched 4 tracks and left – basically too bleary eyed and not as good as I expected.  The sound wasn’t at its best and I’ve seen this lot better and to add to this I have recently witnessed a revitalised Riot Squad a band of a similar vein but a lot more energetic and full on.  Just one of them I suppose but that’s my view.

Downstairs for one last drink and a pint of coke plus a debate about my SAS tour and the pride I take in it that seems to piss off so many and off I went.

A good night by Mr Lillis of Ageless Chaps with a couple of good performances by two very promising bands.  Nice to catch up with some faces I hadn’t seen for a while and may many more punk gigs of this ilk be held at this fine venue.  Cheers.


review by OMD (24th March 2007)