Local pig-rustlers and wannabe gay tie salesmen Noz and Jason decided to put on a gig together as a mark of their diseased affection for one another which involves the exchange of various bodily fluids during wild sessions of mutual abuse. Personally I think they are a couple of no-good twats and am sick of being propositioned by them but tonight they had a few bands on I wanted to see so risking the elasticity of my anus I headed to the venue. To say my head was in the right place would be a drastic overstatement as recent high blood pressure and palpitations have left me somewhat deflated both physically and mentally. Having said that a good game of tennis earlier in the day followed by a fish and chip dinner did pick me up no end.

The venue was fairly bare when I arrived and a chinwag with those two deviants Cosmic Finger as well as Stu Taylor and Sam helped pass the time. Thanks must be given to Cosmic Finger for being so understanding when I informed them I was struggling to review their CD due to it not being my chosen bag. I really appreciated that and was looking forward to supporting them during their opening slot which as far as I was concerned was a real faux pas. Opening a strong punk gig with comedic acoustica was, I felt, a mistake and much to my disappointment it proved to be the case. Along with the odd ball of tumbleweed there were about 8 people in the room when the duo dished out their set with the biggest percentage not even taking notice. Let us just say there were only two of us who watched the entire delivery - not good. My thoughts on the set are mixed. What the band do they do in a thoroughly 'DIY/Have a laugh' fashion and have some nice moments along with some that are just plain vulgar. I don't mind that latter aspect but not when it is overly done which really wasn't the case tonight. A couple of covers were thrown in namely 'Snuff Rock' by Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias and believe it or not 'Bring Me Sunshine' by Morecambe and Wise which both broke up the bluer side of things quite adequately. Stef really got into the role and smiled helplessly to the few faces in attendance. The pair knew they were up against it and I gave my support accordingly which they fully deserved and despite not being a fan of the CD doesn't stop me being a fan of the people in the band and their efforts - think about it. Best song for me was 'Plastic Punk' for obvious reasons and it was delivered with utter belief.

Reaching forth for the knob (or is that nob) of decency the whole tone was lowered as the international bell-ends of filth hit the stage and spunked forth an obnoxious tirade of utter disreputable idiocy. The content of the songs say it all with large breasts (in this case jugs), masturbation techniques in various locations, oral sex and, I quote, 'bitches on the rag' the order of the day. This is musical comedy of the lowest order and a cleansing of the soul is very much the required after witnessing this world of wankology. Now then the review. Well firstly let me ask you a question - can you watch RBH without laughing? Well can ya punk? I must confess that I cannot and whether or not this is down to having a fault in my mental make-up or just giving in to the insane world of tugging I do not know but what RBH do, they do well, and for that you have to give them credit. To admit to liking RBH in public is a bold strep and I want it down on record here that I confess to having this mindset. I wouldn't want to see these dudes rub off the rhythms week in week out but each and every time I have watched them I can honestly say the music has been commendable and I have come away tittering. Songs such as 'Cunt Flavoured Lollipop', 'Wrestling The One Eyed Champ', Wanking In The Woods' and 'Fishbits' say it all but you have to see this crew to believe it. Grown men obsessed by the gonads and willing to brag about the deviancy in front of anyone drunk enough or paid enough to watch should not be sniffed at. So, RBH came (most probably literally too) and left a wet patch in every onlookers mind - whether to consider this a baptism or a curse is up to you. One word sums up this crew 'Ridiculous' - but very funny.

Moving on it was the turn of SAS faves Flat Back Four who now would be better called an Inflated Front Three. Boy these guys have just grown in stature over the last couple of years and this has gotta be one of the best viewings I have witnessed out of the last 12 or so. Visually effective, musically effective and very passionate the three piece fired hard and won a good response from what could be deemed a tricky crowd. Tom on drums stuck at his job and rattled out a winner, Andy 'Punk Whore' Dazzler applied himself with studious attention and nailed some marvellous moments with intricate string work, and Steve the frontman executed vocals and guitar work with zeal and even jumped and bumped around thus creating a fine spectacle. 'Psalm 23' has always been a favourite and tonight was played at its best along with another host of songs to set the foot tapping. A great underdog band and finally turning a whole crowd of heads. Onwards and upwards I hope!

The Bullet Kings are another SAS fave band and in truth have not been doing too much lately. I had not seen them for a fair few months and after listening (and reviewing) their latest album was very much looking forward to this latest encounter. What a crackin' fuckin' set. Even 'Gutterpress' sounded half decent ha, ha. 'My Country' of course was a massive moment as was 'Violence in The City', 'Brand New Disgrace' and the choice Subs cover 'Saints And Sinners'. Cheers to Wilf for dedicating the last song to yours truly, namely 'A Better Place'. Once again a thorough treat with Wilf having progressed wonderfully (both bass and vocal wise), Carl still as intense as ever although concentrating a little more tonight (that will teach you to be in so many bands ya daft sod) and Big Andy hell-bent on busting another drum kit and playing a stormer. Good one lads and keep at it.

The Drellas next who came with a B52 obscurity and rocked the rafters with a quirky B movie musical affectation that was very enjoyable indeed. The crowd lapped this lot up and as well they might as both enthusiastic passion and individualistic circus fun was combined to make an interesting concoction. A new band to me so being totally unfamiliar with any of the songs the only one I picked up on was 'Burn Down The School'. Further investigations will need to be made into this oddity of a band and I expect to be equally pleased at every facet I reveal. The intensity is maintained throughout which obviously impresses the passing punter and I can't see why The Drellas do not progress further and make quite a name for themselves in the more bizarre corners of this punk rock theatre.

Lastly The Zombie Headhunters, a band I have reviewed on CD and was quite pleased with and a band I had booked on a gig but which went tits up and thus made this my initial viewing of the crew. Visually the players looked the part with the striking vixen at the front similar to a Dickensian waif gone punk - slight of stature and with an 'oi oi matey' smile this elfin 'erbert did the business and led an outfit that left a nice aftertaste. A Fungal kick up the arse for saying 'mushies' are bad but a Fungal thumbs up for giving a nod to Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee - yeah. I loved this set and with some quality riffage, resounding drums and vitality fuelled vocals I really would struggle to find fault. The set wasn't overly long too which for me helps no end as it keeps this in yer face and leaves one wanting more. Again further viewings are needed to appreciate this sweet mix and so the diary will be scanned for appropriate gaps and hopefully I can catch these again soon.

One band to go but one too many for Fungal. The busy week had taken its toll and so The Dead Class were left for others to analyse. Please submit a review of the last band if you could so as to complete the general overview.

A good gig this and despite my lowish mood I went away pleased in the knowledge that a few SAS bands get further exposure, there are still an ocean of bands out there for Fungal to catch up with and Jason and Noz will not be going to prison for crimes against the ringpiece. Yeah not a bad do at all and hopefully enough money went through the bar to convince Banjo it may be worth putting the heating on for the next one.

review by Fungalpunk Dave (14 February 2010)