To be honest I was in no frame of mind for this gig but seeing Koncept were coming from Belgium I realised that needs must and you have got to show support.  Besides that they are a quality outfit you know. The reason for my reluctance was various work pressures pissing my family off and for me that hits a real sore point.

Anyway I caught the train to Bolton which was full of commuters and fans of sperm-ridden Blackpool and my mood plummeted even further.  Hitting the sherry was, in retrospect, a bad move but I ain't perfect and am prone to the odd mistake or two.

Anyway I arrived at the gaff in good time, had a chat with the always friendly landlady Mags and Tim ‘Punk4Life’ Davies arrived to do a planned interview with my good (but slightly sozzled) self.

In a kitchen that would put the most untidy single man to shame we virtually ran off the whole thing in one amateurish (and that’s how I wanted it) take.  We watched it back and agreed that a few cuts here and there were needed with the odd snippet bunged in for entertainment value.

Into the gigging area and Koncept (providers of 80% of equipment) were not present.  Hey up here we go again.  Several bands were there but the one I needed remained absent.  The Scabs arrived and said they had just seen Koncept a few miles out of Bolton just starting their tea.  Talk about laid back.  Anyway top man Mike (Scabs bass player) let me, Tim and Steve Scab jump in the car with him and off we headed to chase the band up.  It was a right old laugh along the way with myself persuading Mike to wind down the window as the approaching woman was my mother who I had not seen for years. The window came down and cries of ‘Get off out of it’ and such were yelled.  Honestly Mike you should know better.  Tim raved on about black men with snake-like members and how he was the disgusted with the sheer spectacle and in general the mood was jovial despite the gig destined for a very late start.  Anyway no sooner had we arrived back at the venue then Bert Koncept and the crew were there, smiling away despite having a load of gear stolen the night before at a Manchester gig. Quality attitude or what?

The gig started soon after and in honesty I was a bit caned so what follows is the best I can remember from what I do know was a great gig.

Forced Entry first and despite seeing them a few years prior and having no real lasting impression this really hit the spot.  Tight, well organised and packed with vocal aggression this is how a gig that seems hellbent on derailing should be put back on track.  The reception was well deserved and more stuff will come this bands way on this evidence.

Next The Bullet Kings who knocked out their usual stuff with precision and skill although I only watched 4 songs due to this, that and the other. The other being chatting and beer.

Next The Jinx who rattled out a stormer. Great pogoing stuff from a band that played out of their skin and really got into the mood of the night and disregarded the previous chaotic nonsense and got on with a great set. A new band to me but one I felt deserved a chance on recent listenings and yet again it was worth risking. Great stuff and more will ensue.

Tired, a bit bevvied and pottering The Scabs set seemed all too short for me. It was a right rough affair with me and Tim jumping around and Steve Scab unable to resist having a pogo with us. 'Blades Beat Fists' is always the high at the moment but these erbert's from Penrith have a load more potential and promise to maintain this excellent run of quality outings. Personally I can't fault em'.

And lastly - Koncept - who despite the previous nights upset played a fuckin' stormer that was filled with passion, pleasure and pissed-up pride. One of the best European bands to invade these shores Koncept are always a pleasure and are definite recommended viewing for the punk enthusiast. The attitude is spot on and despite their laid back nature you can't fault them. Bert is a smiling nice guy and a pleasure to assist and so hopefully these bulldozing punks will pay us another visit next year.

A great night despite the initial confusion and one that feedback has been brilliant for. In fact in general the bands loved it with Koncept stating that it was the best gig on their tour. The Jinx said it was an awesome night and after travelling all the way back to Norwich you can't fault their commitment.

Far from a professional presentation but from chaos comes class - a lesson in punk or what?


review by OMD (14 April 2007)