A new gaff for me and my good lady and after having a chinwag with owner Neil we had come to the decision to try some regular Fungal Skapunka nights starting in February next year. A quick viewing of the gaff filled me with good expectations and hopefully the planned gigs will go well.

Anyway upon entering the venue a greeting of 'Get Naked' was delivered by Steve Scab who had come down tonight with Mike Scab to see a few bands I had recommended. Hopefully they would do the business.

First up were The Kiss Off a band I had witnessed a few years earlier at a gig with Billyclub and a band who inspired me not one iota. It was a bland performance that just came and went and if memory serves right the singers crap shirt was the highlight of the evening. Now tonight was a different matter - this had a whole lot more gusto and presence and downright urgency that transgressed across into the crowd and really created a great atmosphere for the rest of the gig. It could be argued that this is not my usual cup of cha but I still enjoyed this and the frontman really put on a pretty good show tonight. More rock than punk this still had enough edge to maintain my interest and in truth was a very entertaining set. A very good start and the crowd looked well up for it.

Enter The Kings of the Delmar another band I had seen previously at Morecambe and whom impressed me very much. I bought a 3 track CD on that occasion which was a bit of a let down and didn't do the band justice so I was wondering what would be on show tonight. No worries at all tonight with a solid performance all round and some good old fashioned rockabilly influences thrown in for good measure. 'TV Personality' and 'Very American' shone from a set of numerous highs with the only drawback being the still embryonic PA and the dodgy vocal sounds it was offering. Still mighty fine and worth checking out if this style of melodic rockin' floats your boat.

The crowd was consistent throughout so far tonight and despite a few people watching one band then disappearing outside (a disease rampant in the punk circuit) the next band, namely The Feelers, from Columbus, Ohio, US, got up and fuckin' shook the place to its rafters. Very typical of a certain American scene this lot were up front and confrontational (in a entertaining sense) and produced a blistering set of infectious energy and surging spirit. True there were moments when the music was far from polished but also there were some very tight, well delivered moments too and the temporary lows were slightly cloaked by the distracting antics of the exuberant and hyped up frontman. Even the guitarist joined the melee and this was a very enjoyable watch indeed. High octane, full-on and chaotic the punters in attendance all seemed pleased with the groups commitment and physical show and I for one will not criticise anything delivered with so much effort and determination - well unless its shite of course and this certainly wasn't. The only question is.....would this lot sound as good if they were all static and just played out the set in regimented fashion? Best check em' again and investigate their Myspace then. If you like it fast and in yer face then check this lot soon - a very recommended band.

And finally...The Clorox Girls from Portland, Oregan in the US with the light, heady brand of surf and skate bubblepunk delivered in unassuming and melodic style. This is a sound that a few of the more limited thinking punks may overlook in search of a heavier and more grinding sound and all I can say is that they are missing out big time. This was a quality set that rounded off a very enjoyable evening indeed. 'Straight To My Heart' and 'Don't Take Your Life' where noteworthy numbers with the Sex Pistols 'Steppin' Stone' dished out quite superbly and uniquely. Again another bunch who liked to be 'in the crowd' and in such a small arena as the D&P this kind of involvement went down a storm. The diverse crowd (young, old, 21st Century beatniks and Joe Bloggs. oh and a pissed up Scab) really helped the atmosphere and if this is the state of things to come at this fine venue then I am glad to get my foot in the door.

A very good night indeed with many a smiling face leaving the gaff. £3.50 for 4 decent bands - can't fault it.

review by OMD (12 July 2007)