I was given an EP by Static Kill a few months ago and whilst not agreeing with everything the band had to say (when do I ever?) I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Static Kills obvious love for Joe Strummer and The Clash. My obsession is legendary. So I had been wanting to catch the band at some point.

Two days before the gig I received word that 3 Stone Monkey and Peter and the Test Tube Babies were playing in my new home town, so on the night I popped along. On arriving at the venue one of the first people I bumped into was a guitarist from Static Kill who told me they were playing the gig and were kicking off in five minutes. I grabbed a drink and rushed upstairs.

I thoroughly enjoyed Static Kills set, which was made up of acoustic covers of classic punk tunes and their own material. The band consist of two guitars and bass. They have an uncomplicated approach to their music thereby staying true to the origins of punk. No pretence just quality playing and a great choice of covers. ‘Garage Land’ and ‘Bank Robber’ by The Clash, if anyone’s got either , any of the bootleg material from The Clash playing acoustic circa 1984 or Billy Bragg covering The Clash then they will be aware that these songs work very well acoustically. Static Kill do them no injustice. Despite the majority of the crowd mainly being there for the headlining band they are appreciative of Static Kill. Bob Marley’s ‘Punky Reggae Party’  and Stiff Little Fingers ‘Wasted Life’ (two more awesome songs) are given the same, stripped down and chilled out treatment, as are a few other punk classics. The band do a handful of their own tunes which stand up well next to the covers. It takes some balls for three guys to sit on stools and do an acoustic set at a Peter and the Test Tube Babies gig. The blokes did it, and it paid off. I was by no means alone in my appreciation.

Next up are 3 Stone Monkey, one bloke dressed in an evil monkey suit, the others wearing black suits, very smart. The Monkey’s were on their best punk rock behaviour, tight, assertive, energetic.  n active mosh pit and good humored banter between crowd and band. I’ve said it before but 3 Stone Monkey are angular and at times remind me of Blaster The Rocket Man, although not so bizarre. I love this band but every time I see them ‘Tick Tock’ is always the tune I enjoy most. It’s got odd angles. They play off kilter punk rock with hard edges and jagged bits. The vocalist runs a competition to win a tenner for the best mosher. No bones were broke so things ain’t like they used to be.

There is no reason not to like Peter and the Test Tube Babies. They play punk rock like they have always played punk rock. They have a great sense of humor, are as tight as a gnats chuffin and play tunes their fans love. It’s a shame venues don’t fill up for lesser known bands as The Old Angel has tonight but I am not moaning about how naff the punk scene is sometimes, I am writing a review about a band who delivered a damn fine set. Stand out tunes for me were ‘When Girlfriends Attack’ and ‘Run Like Hell’.   I bought a compilation when I was 15 entitled Vaultage 78, two sides of Brighton and Elvis is Dead was on it. I fell in love with that tune and sang it to myself constantly for months. PATTTB haven’t lost that sense of humor they have just got much tighter and professional as a band, as would be expected. The venue was moving, slamming, moshing, pogoing, whatever  and this was great to see. As much as I love the underdog, DIY punk scene it is great to see a crowd moving. So overall I had a good night. I was looking forward to seeing them play my favorites, ‘Elvis Is Dead’ and ‘Banned From The Pubs’ but unfortunately I had to go without doing so and I don’t even know if they played them. I had to run like hell for my bus.

review by Eagle Spits (13 January 2013)