Two facts - I am a very busy man and I get aroused by midgets, nay short-arses. The upshot of these two revealing aspects is that my review will be terse and to-the point - a small review for small people - get it!

A long day at work, a wander home, a short read of Martin Chuzzlewit, a quick glimpse of some shit TV, a snack, a kiss and a cuddle with my good lady and out. I arrived at the gig and chatted with my good hombre Stu Taylor and had a slurp whilst awaiting the punters and the players. Time passed, heads entered, jaws wagged, the first act was due on! Enter... Boggy Formby, a sizeable man with a fetish for all things bent, corrupt, simple and on the lunatic fringe. This was a last minute inclusion to the night's entertainment and several people questioned my sanity as to allowing such an individual as this to be allowed to appear in public and dribble out his nonsense. All I could do was hold up my hands and plead a moment of mental weakness - it seemed to work. Despite the concerns of the more decent minded this set was a fuckin' true tickler and call me cracked if you want to but I thought this was a ruddy good value inclusion and kept all in attendance entertained. Only 2 George Formby Classics were included but that didn't deflate the onlookers expectations as gems by Laurel and Hardy were thrown in, a mockery of 'Blockbuster' was a treat, many other gooned piss-takes were lapped up and, for me and many others, a great highpoint was a medley of TV adverts and shows all bound into one in fantastic sing-a-long fun ride for us all to titter at. Overall I thought this started the night on a free and easy footing and exposed that many angles bring many pleasures!  Mr Formby shall be getting a few more gigs from me I think – ooh hell Mother, it must be me nerves!

Next up and the delightful gift that comes under the name of Carol Hodge - oh what a sweet and talented lass. She came, tickled the electro-ivories, added her special brand of oral sugar that never fails to sweeten the onlooker’s attitude and bring extra flavour to any kind of gig. The songs delivered are carefully constructed composites of insightful wordage and persuasive tonality with one song regarding the amount of belongings we have being a most choice dish and very, very pertinent in this world of greed, materialism and seeking comfort through spending. The set tonight was intricate in many ways but quite simple and approachable in others. Sincerity dripped forth, was there anyone in attendance who didn't think this was a lovely treat?  I doubt it. I like what Carol does, her attitude is 'get up and do it' and that deserves respect. Onwards may she go, respect lass and your cover of 'Hallelujah' was sublime (despite the minor blip).

Lastly to The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment, a band who I have put on three times now and who, with each and every viewing, seem to be just getting more and more magnetic and really turning out smoother and ever-convincing sounds. This was a superb joy from start to finish and convinced me that I gotta do more with this crew and get em' further exposure. The drums are played with a casual accuracy and in a certain liberated way that kind of relaxes the whole delivery and gives the other players a wonderful airspace in which to weave. The bass is beautiful, it creates avenues of melody that turn me on no end and give a colourful edge to the sonica that allows the stringman to add his own adornments be they reggaefied, skanked or more riff and ready. The front lass is an undercover talent, who blows her trumpet, tickles her keys and warbles with almost unblemished honesty that completes the whole output of a band very much in the zone. Like I say, every song was a treat but the ones adorned with extra sonic snippets were something special. Solid and convincing - a great finale.

Tonight was an example of what I am trying to do and why I do it. A small sincere gaff doing things right, a small gathering of decent folk enjoying music of different modes with all things free and easy and for the We Shall Overcome Cause that does so much for so many. I will carry on doing things in a DIY fashion for the few that appreciate it and be thankful for those that enjoy it along the way. Simple, unaffected and kicking against genre - music matters, not labels.

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (12 November 2016)