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1. Tell us a bit about Born To Destruct such as where it all started, who's involved, discography to date etc.

Jonny sang in The Men From Uncle in the mid 80's then retired to family life. I was in several punk and Oi bands (including Self Destruct) from 1980.
Till the mid 90's then disillusioned returned to bedroom playing and Stuart played in a heavy metal covers band a folk rock band and several other varied projects since university and this is Kats first band at the tender age of 17 she has been an avid fan of punk amongst other things since able to pogo. Jonny and myself met up after too many years at a punk club and that night decided it was about time we blew away the cobwebs 2 weeks later we had recruited Stuart through a chance conversation over a brew with myself.
Kat was found 2 weeks later and blew all of us away with her voice and nearly 7 months later here we are gigging as much as possible and also Releasing our first CD 'First Steps To Destruction' in December 2007.

2. What is the best song by BTD and what makes it so special?

That’s a hard one at the minute I would have to say 'Ego' first song penned by Kat.

3. Describe your fellow band members in 5 degrading words one of which must be aquatically orientated?

Myself-bloater / Jonny-bottom feeder / Stuart-pikeface / Kat- Guppie

4. 'I ate the phone receiver, placed the custard in my bowels and chanted 'Tapioca' seven times but still Hughie Green failed to appear. Explain this quote by Chudley Crowbar the vaginal ventriloquist?

As everyone knows Hughie Green is made of Tapioca and the shit he gets up peoples arses and the reference to custard is because Chudley is Gay and he likes man custard up his shitter.

5. Best BTD gig and all the details plus info on the worst?

Best Gig was our last one 'Rumble At Wratting' a 3 band affair in a village in the middle of nowhere - good beer and the place was rammed with people loving it and we were steaming hot - blew em' away
Not had one bad one yet but will keep you posted.

6. Describe your local scene and tell us about the best venues, bands and faces?

The scene is good around our way and we have got several promoters, 2 regular clubs putting on bands and a generous amount of outfits plus several of the local towns are near us so it makes for a healthy crew.

7. What does punk rock mean to you?

Speaking for myself I got into Punk in 1979 and am still as passionate about it today. It may be a cliché but it's my life and I love it.

8. BTD have a bizarre combination of sounds - where do you draw your influences from and what are you main ambitions as a band?

Our musical tastes are very eclectic and between us I think we like all music. Our sound is just what we wanted to hear and as for ambitions - more gigs, more recording, Europe stuff, meeting lots more people and having lots of FUN!!

9. Please complete this ditty originally penned by Peter Perinium the leader of the Dangerous Dick Brigade:-

My anus is the window
to where the grass grows brown
But watch out when your cutting it
Because the shit will make you frown

10. Heroes and zeroes in life and music and your gripes and joys about the current punk and music scene?

Love the underground scene and am saddened by some bands who have reformed just to make some cash and those that bypass new bands in favour of them. I love discovering new bands/venues/promoters etc.

11. Toenail Darts - give us a brief guide to playing this foot based sport?

Basically -you cut off ya foot
Stab darts through your toes and then throw them at wankers heads.

12. Encourage us all to check out Born To Destruct and why should we buy the latest CD and come watching you.

We are a Punk band, we have fun, we love it!!!! Our CD is £5 for 10 tracks - not gonna break the bank, we are a mix of old and new and so can relate across the board. We always enjoy the gigs and meeting new people and have never disappointed yet. Remember Born to Destruct we are like a time bomb ticking in your GUTS!!!!!