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Bill the Fat Man
1. Churchill and The Bullet Kings.  Explain all members and each bands
style and raison d'etre?  Also please elaborate on any sexual deiancies these
disreputable members have!

Well Churchill are Dilboy – Vox, CJ – Guitar, Andy Subs – Drums and Me Wilfredo Yonesh - Bass. The Bullet Kings are the same line-up save for Dilboy, where I take over duties as vocalist.

Churchill came about as a response to the poor state of genuine new British Oi bands doing the rounds. Formed almost two years ago and undergoing a minor line-up change, where CJ replaced the twisted Jesse James… ( Now that man was a full on deviant to be proud of…)

With Dilboy taking time to concentrate on his love gravy (Child No 2 Is on its way soon ) the remaining members wanted to keep the momentum going and so after a one off appearance at The Spit and Sawdust End Of Tour Party, where they played a brief but gargantuan set, decided to start writing new material as a 3 piece. More suited to my guttural vocal style.

As far as sexual deviances go, we pride ourselves on our high moral code and except for one incident involving Andy and his throbbing member at a UK Subs gig in Lancaster have no real considerations of a deviant nature.

(although CJ likes to get the word FROTTAGE into his sentences wherever possible).

  1. Tell us about your best gig to date with either band?

The best Churchill gig would have to be The Yorkshire House, Lancaster on the SAS Tour 06. A good day all round. Fantastic sound and a guest appearance by the UK Subs, not to mention Eddie Starr urinating on some girl off out for the evening

As far as The Bullet Kings go, we have yet to gig in earnest and are concentrating on writing new material. We are playing at The Charles Napier in Blackburn on 10th of November as support to the Vibrators.

3. Andy Subs has boasted that he likes throwing stones at Giraffe's nobs
as well as playing pool with wombats testicles.  Do you feel comfortable
being in a band with someone who degrades animals like this?  Are there any
animal antics you would like to clear your conscience of?

Andy prides himself on his love of animals, and yes, he is a particular lover of the Wombat.  However his real skill lies not on the pool table. It’ s his ability to fashion rudimentary furniture out of Meerkats.

The rest of the band  try to distance themselves from Andy’s behaviour, but admit that it is due to his beating of small wildlife that his sense of rhythm is flawless.

  1. Tell us your musical influences and your heroes and zeroes in life and

I was a punk from the start and then again 4 days later. My first real punk heroes were bands like Eater and Siouxsie. One of my all time favourite punk albums would have to be Farewell To The Roxy. For me it was the diversity of sounds that moved me towards Punk. From Patrick Fitzgerald to Discharge, Wire to Crass all was good in the garden of Punk.

My only moan about punk is the narrow minded few who you can often hear at gigs, “ That’s not punk – These are shit where is the main band  etc.” I for one feel that the emergence of newer punk banks has thrown up some very good stuff.. Bands like Suspicious Stains, One Man Stand and The Spitting Dummies all write and play fantastic songs

  1. What’s the best thing about being in a band?

For me it’s the pullovers and corduroy trousers….

6. Malcolm Mastoid avid collector of diseases once filled his own scrotum
with diptheria germs in protest against increasing postal rates.  Is the
postal service so important and would you ever make love to a post box!

With the advent of Hi-Tech equipment and the increasing use of e-mail I see no point in persisting with the postal service and the post boxes should be used as hurdles in events such as the 500m light and leapfrog race where contestants set fire to the contents of the box and leapfrog it, on the way to the next box.

7. If you were promoter for a day tell us your ideal gig and would it
involve Lurpak!

It would involve taking over a stage at Wasted for a day and filling it up with all the bands who played on the SAS Tour. I feel these bands deserve wider appreciation. Although I am a big fan of eastern European Punk the Latvian Band Lurpak would have to play early on the bill.

8. What’s your fave Churchill track and why?

There are quite a few faves, and these change with each gig. I would have to say at this moment its ‘Streets Of Fear’, particularly as we live in and around Manchester and the increase in crime related shootings.

9. What’s the best gig you have ever attended?

This will upset the purists but it would have to be the 1st Holidays In The Sun Festival’. I was part of the stage security for the 3 days and got to meet and chat with many of the bands….. It was not Unlike Andy and Charlie.

10. Hornby Train Sets - satanic objects of mind control!  This is a
serious question and one you should ponder.  The devilish chug chug of the
Flying Scotsman may force you to dip your todge in the peanut butter jar of
Hades.  Please give us your opinion?

SICK… Whoever is behind this trade should be shot. Peddling this filth at our children. Designed to hook them at an early age and after various trips to the local model shop that’s it. Tadgers out and ready to dip. We should burn down the modelling shops and remove the word Horny from use.  Sorry Trevor.

11. I've heard you dabble in the mystical art of Crown Green Bowling. 
'Bonny Wood' and 'Nice Jack' seem nebulous comments that have an hidden
agenda.  Explain yourself and tell us anything else we should know about you
such as hobbies, ambitions, regrets etc.

Argh True!.... All True Yes I have studied the art of bowling for several years and now have risen to 4th Dan order of the Flat Cap. We are only allowed to speak the sacred language to other members of our faith and as such am not allowed to reveal anything.  Although I will admit to speaking to a group of mental health students about Rabbit Folding

Other Churchill members have hobbies

Dilboy – Enjoys translating the contents of food labels into Norwegian
CJ – Scrabbling about in the undergrowth looking for ginger shavings
Andy – Intends to open up a wildlife sanctuary come pool hall

12. Wilfredo Yonesh - the power is yours - give us 3 rules the world shall
abide by under your insane regime?

1. Each day you shall put you collection of Albums/CD’s into order

Monday – Alphabetical
Tuesday – Chronological
Wednesday – Order Of Preference
Thursday – By Genre
Friday – Swap half of collection with your neighbour
Saturday – By Size
Sunday – REST DAY

2. Compulsory repatriation for all Persian Cats

3. Free Hearing aids For The Blind


Wilfredo Yonesh