Weab Iam of



1. So my man inform us of the Dirtbox history thus far and what the main ambitions are of the band.  Mention Peter Purvis in your answer and a lifetime’s supply of Blue Peter Pets are yours!

Dirt Box Disco was the crazy idea of the god that is Mr Spunk Volcano, he approached myself, and the others to join in with this crazy idea of a band that would shit on all barriers, boundaries and rules, a band that would leaving you feel violated and you would love us for it.  As Peter Purvis once said ''sticky back plastic.... fuck that, we need SPUNK'' .  We've never compromised once to fit into any scene, we'll never change who we are.     

We look and dress the way we do, because we can, its just a visual effect, its an attachment of our personalities and ego's.  Some people just don’t get it and that’s fine.  Some bands think we're only getting as far as we have because we dress up, but that’s not the case you need the songs and personalities too.  Our songs are brilliant and our stage shows are second to none, that’s why we are getting asked back to every venue and that’s why we're getting people through the doors.
2.  Pick 3 of the best DBD songs and tell us who penned them, what they are about and why they are your favourites?

This changes from every show and every mood, Spunk writes all the songs then we all sprinkle our love glitter all over them to get the end results:-

     1. LETS GET WASTED: its a good song to have in your arsenal when surrounded by a room full of hyperactive drunks, its a good set closer and even the most die hard punks who are determined to hate us suddenly get what its all about  and break a smile. It’s simply about getting fuckin wasted!

     2. BURNING: it’s a fairly new track but soon became main set filler. From Spunks first Motorhead style riff to the massive sing along chorus it is a good time rock ‘n’ roll classic in the making.

     3. PEEP SHOW: it’s a roller coaster of a track, tight harmonies, massive riffs, drums that blow your mind and a sing-along bridge more addictive than cup cakes to a fat kid.
3.  Tell us about your local scene - the faces, places, disgraces and a bit about some of your best experiences as a band and a musician?

For us the music scene is good all around the uk, but that may be because we work as hard off stage as we do on, we hear so many bands out there complain about the attendance of a show but have done nothing to help promote it themselves. This country has some of the greatest promoters, Evo from Stoke, Bic from Telford, Dean from Manchester, Stu from STP records the list is endless but bands need to help these guys out where possible. Plug your own shows!!!!! it’s that easy.  Nobody has the money to go out every day of the week, so you have to make sure it’s your shows they wanna come and see.
The only thing I would say to Promoters is don’t book too many bands for one night, it’s not worth bands travelling miles for no payment, when your set time gets cut down to 20 mins.

4.  Kentucky Fried Fairground Rides - do you reckon this is a goer and what kind of items would you like to see on the menu?  Also Shagreth Von Plimsoll is designing a new Mons Pubis style Flapjack - do you believe in its power to contact homosexuals from outer space?  A tricky question I know but these are the things people should be made aware of!

Hmmmmmm tough one, yes a definite goer on the menu I’d like to see a Spunk burger: a juicy bit of sausage meat in a crusty with a sweet and salty sauce.  A Dirt box Disco slammer: a refreshing twist to a classic rock ‘n’ roll beverage: hits your taste buds like a sledge hammer, looks so wrong but gets you fuckin wasted.
5.   Heroes and zeroes in life and music please and what do you mostly hate about the music scene?

The heroes in music have all gone, sadly that’s the biggest zero of them all, if you don’t like the music scene your in for Gods sake get off your arse and make your own scene.
Having had a second thought there is one guy out there that hasn't changed his attitude, hasn't changed his outlook on life and is still the most down to earth and nicest guy on the planet. Mr (should be sir) Charlie Harper!
6.  Underdog Punk Rock - what does that mean to you and what are your feelings on 'big band mentality' and the money being dished out at the top end of the punked scale?

Underdog punk rock is a tough one for me: I think its down to the mentality of a band, I've heard Dirt Box Disco called underdog before and its weird because we don’t feel like underdogs, we feel like world champions every time we walk on stage, we don’t care who we're supporting because we know we can hold our own.

The way I tend to look at the '' big band'' mentality is , small bands need the big bands to pull in the crowds its the name most people go for not how good the band actually are, without the crowds there would be no venues, without the venue's we'd have nowhere to showcase our music.
If your good enough your merch will cover your expenses but without the crowds from the big bands who'll be there to buy it ?  The big bands wont get the money, if they didn’t sell the tickets.
7.  Apparently the legs of punk peddler Stu Taylor are actually knitted from the leftover electric cables of famed spark Flex O Socket.  You will never see Stu in shorts, his trousers are always rubberised and that smile on his face is all done by a switch operated by a little orange man situated in his jacksie?  Does this change your opinion of Stu, would you have sex with a deviant dynamo and would an electric bra improve Mr Taylor’s chances of getting off with the corpse of Eddie Wareing?  Up and under and all that man!

Stu is a half pint sized super God, he swayed us to sign with him with naked pictures of himself and let me tell you his man cucumber is an impressive sight, on one of the pictures the little orange man you mentioned, can be seen with metal horns held aloft with pride.
8.   So ye be on Rebellion next year, a new CD is in the pipeline - elaborate a little, any other plans, what are your thoughts on playing Rebellion and gives us a few pointers towards what the CD will give us?

Yeah after a lot of begging, pleading and grovelling and some very kind words from Dek (Drongo's) and Jock (GBH) and what seemed like the whole of Stoke, we managed to get a slot.  There are people out there that don’t like the ethics of Rebellion and everyone’s welcome to their opinion, but for a band like Dirt Box Disco its a really good chance to get our music heard by a lot of people, who will hopefully come to see us when we're at smaller venues across the country. 

We're really excited by the prospects of the new album and we've got some amazing songs to go on there, some you have heard, some you haven't, but spunk is writing some amazing tunes right now so we are still unsure what is going to be on it  but please take note: its going to have outrageous size riffs and more sing-alongs than Songs Of Praise!!! it will be out June next year if we haven't been carted away to the loony bin or rehab by then
9.  Your ideal gig on which to play - 10 slots to fill, cost, venue - go for it!

     Personally (me not DBD) I’d go for

1 Kerbdog 2 The Loyalties 3 Dirtbox Disco 4 Vincent And The One Potts 5 Superreal 6 The Kirkz 7 Rebel City Radio 8 The Love Spuds 9 Eastfield 10 Louise Distras - Loony Chris as compare: any venue in Stoke would be good  (get on it EVO) £10 entry

10.  The Health and Safety Officer stole the onion, ate the chinaman and yet defecated a manual on lifting and handling written in Edwardian style with lewd pictures of numismatist and cabaret voyeur Clarence Coinage - strange I know because Clarence prefers theatre to cabaret but nevertheless the question is in 4 parts these being a - Do you find bent H&S officers attractive, b - Rubber onions just plain annoying, c - collecting coins sexually arousing and d - the thought of molesting aging theatre goers quite entertaining. 

er....1.  Yes  anyone in uniform including the staff at Pets World, football mascots and ye olde style barber shop quartets are sooo attractive - 2. rubber onions are a staple diet of ‘Weab I Am’  and it makes going for a dump in the wilderness more exciting watching your brown nuggets bounce along with the bunnies brings a hearty smile - 3. I only get turned on by lots of pennies jangling in my low cut jeans left pocket, it makes my man rocket cry every time, does that count?  - 4. I prefer molesting aging opera goers better they can hold their breath longer, have more feelings and they say thank you afterwards but I always get the permission first.
11.  The song writing process in the DBD machine - give us a wee insight my good fellow!

Spunk walks in, flops it out, lets us play with it for a while, we keep going at it until we are all satisfied, then we release,  its a messy affair but it works.
12.  Finally - push the DBD words to the turds - do it, shove you, prod it - this is thy moment!

Dirt Box Disco are simply a chaotic rock ‘n’ roll party circus, massive sing-alongs, riff after riff of party punk rock ‘n’ roll greatness.  We give heart and soul into every show, its hard to explain what to expect because like any good chaos its not scripted just come see for yourself and bring an open mind.   Check us out on or check us out on facebook but get out and come to a show and witness one of the greatest in the making.