Travis McTucky of



1.  Tell us about your punk history so far - where did it all begin and what murky path brought you to the point where you ended up playing in the Mardi Gras Bombers?

78 is the year I was aroused by punk music, the fifth years at school would play Sex Pistols and The Damned, et al. I was gonna have some of that, purchased Bollocks and nicked my bothers Chad Valley drum kit and taught myself the basics. Ged was at the same school and he played guitar, so we decided to form a group with other.friends, eventually we became a group called Vermin. The only real highlight was playing at Pickup Bank Free Festival in 83, (found out this year that Damion was also at the festival.dodododododododo). Many years later Ged asked me to audition for a group called Mayhem Freak (Blackburn) but that was short lived. Eventually ended up with these reprobates in 2008.

2.  You seem keen on mooching out the obscure, a trait I fully applaud.  Give us 5 mainly unknown bands you feel should get more recognition.

The Carbona's, The PissPops (US), the all girl group that supported Goldblade at the Sophie Lancaster benefit gig in Manchester a couple of years ago (help), St Tantrums, Dragstrip Junkies.

3.  As an 'older' punker - what period in punk rock history have you found the best and what are the good and bad points about today's scene.

79 to present day cos the scene back then was changing radically with different styles, as it is today - and so it should

4.  Rumour has it you are having an affair with a liqourice allsort but are also double dating with a set of identical Hobnobs.  What the fuck is going on Mctucky - are you a promoter of free love in the biscuit tin and tell me how you can condone the abuse of Bertie Bassett?

What can I say, yes ok i'm a sucker for liqourice sticks, but the hobnobs - that was all hearsay. As for Bertie fuckin' Basset - he deserves what he gets the cunt.

5.  The best and worst of you CD collection please - lies will not be accepted and bonus points if you mention the latest SAS CD.

That's a tricky one, at the moment I am listening to the SAS 'Kicking Against The Pricks' compand the TNS 'Mainstream Music Is Shit' comp as well as the new Cute Lepers CD 'Modern Accessories'. The worst CD - 'Nevermind' by Nirvana.

6.  Describe thy fellow players in 5 slanderous words and if you can swing one around the theme of TV detectives I will be impressed?

Damo - Malevolent
    Ged - Obese
   Jak - Russian
  Andy - Small
  Trev- Eyesore (see what I did there)

7.  Talking of TV detectives - Frank Cannon and Ironside vs Miss Marple and Dixon of Dock Green in a 'Genital based game of Top Trumps'.  How would the scoring go in your warped imagination?

Don't know the outcome of that, but the thought of Dixon with his truncheon and Miss Marple is quite amusing.

8.  Best and worst gigs so far?

Best gigs so far have gotta be The Retro Bar Ignition Festival with the Drongos and the SAS fast blast.
The worst was at The Dog and Partridge in Preston???????

9.  Heroes and zeroes in life and in music please?

I don't have heros/zeros I think apathy is the biggest zero.

10.  Tim 'Punk4Life' Davies has started selling Camberwick Green porn on his website  - wow - the revealing pictures of Windy 'The Tool' Miller are a real eye opener and I never knew Mrs Honeyman had 5 vaginas.  Now then the question is two-fold - would you have sex with a windmill and if so 'why' and also would you replace your penis for a pencil like Brian Cant (Camberwick Green narrator) did (see proof here -

Well if you count the windmill in the model village at Stanley Park, Blackpool, then yes.
It would be ok if I could turn my pencil into a penis.

11.  Best MGB song - inspiration, what's it about etc.

I like all the songs otherwise I wouldn't play em but for the lyrics its gotta be 'Spiv Nation' (decay nation,down on its knees.)

12. And push the cause man - why should we all check out the MGB machine? 

What can I say, read the reviews, take a chance but just as important make sure you support the scene - don't sit at home in yer slippers and cardigan.