Tony Ray of



1. Tony Ray - one man artiste - give us a brief history of your musical career and releases?

CDs are ‘Once Upon A Time’ 2003, ‘Strange Tales From A Strange Town’ 2006.
I started in 1977 with punk band The Rawboys with Ste from The Scabs, Dave Dolby and John Vernon and have been writing and playing ever since.

2. What are your motivations in life and music and where do you draw influence from when writing your songs?

Life, things that happen, stories people tell me etc.
Influences in music are early punk IggyPop/Lou Reed/Bowie and songs with a story.

3. Shithouse Satsuma the renowned Moroccan moron once sewed several jackdaws to his arms and leapt off his local soap factory shouting 'freedom for the sprout'.  Apparently he was highlighting the plight of the said brassica in its never-ending war with the frozen pea.  Vegetable wars - are they political, religious and most importantly worth injuring jackdaws for?

Sounds like a work mate. No -  anyone who harms animals is a bastard. Middle class twits hunting foxes in the name of country life give me a break!!!

4. Tell us about your best gig to date and what made it so special?

BALMORAL BOLTON - I did the promoting for that one and  set up the PA.  Local promoters want 50% of your takings -  for what? Lazy bent twats!!
Never pay to play that’s my golden rule.
Oh and the night turned into a cracker.

5. What are your highs and lows as a musician so far and what frustrates you most about today’s scene?

As above and music collectives who do fuck all.
It’s been a good year lots more venues and people want change.

6. Tell us your ambitions and most ideal gig on which you would like to play?

I’ve always said that I’d rather play to three who like what I do than 3000 who don’t give a toss just waiting for the main act.
Ambitions - just to gig and record and looking forward to next years SAS tour.

7. 'I want to put a cigarette in my oriental eye because my macintosh is full of cod' is a famous quote by underhand naturalist and chinese homo - Johnny Kwang.  Could you highlight for readers as to what the hell this moronic mystic meant?

I think he was on mushrooms at the time.
Please don’t try this at home.

8. What is your fave Tony Ray song and what makes it so special?

Well its always gonna be the one I am working on at the moment
and that will be "BROKEN" because its about my year so far
and all the upsets but I’ve come out on top I’ve survived!!!

9. Are there any bands out there that you would love to play with and any you wouldn't touch with a barge pole.  Elaborate please?

‘I AM KLOOT’ love their stuff.  A certain 80’s metal band local but not worth a fuck!!!

10. It must be pretty nerve wracking doing solo sets - what keeps your nerves in check?

Nerves are what gives you the rush.  I just think I’ve got some songs to do I’ll enjoy myself and hopefully people will enjoy them to.

11. I have just enough money to attend a Tony Ray gig or buy the latest edition of Knackered Knockers a nineteen seventies buggered breasts special.  Tell us why I should come and see Tony Ray?

two punk influenced songs and the rest are well worth the money.
My songs are about street/real life - its not a fantasy trip
and if you like songs that tell a story well I am your man.

12. And lastly as is per usual with these interviews - give a message to every reader?

Check out my stuff on www.myspace/tonyray676
and see you all on the SAS TOUR or if not before?