Tom of



1. Is the Camber so Adverse or is the Adversity purely Camberly. I don't know - explain and tell us from what loins your band spurted from and how have things gone so far?

Ha-ha, (what a great choice of words). There is a lot of diversity in the band, but what really does pull us tightly together is a general love of punk. The one band that we all agree is our main reason for being in a band is Rancid. We do have other bands of course, but that is our root source. We take influences from other personal likes and mix it all together in the big blender of destiny. Things have been going well from the start of the year. That was when we really decided to take this seriously, and so far we have been the busiest we’ve ever been and even have a tour in the works starting from the end of September, so yeah, pretty good man, pretty good. So far.

2. How are you finding the scene at the moment and is it a challenge to make any real inroads?

The scene is good if you are known. There seems to be enough promoters around, whether they are really promoters who like music or just twats who want to make money by charging people £15 to see loads of bands they’ve never heard of. To me, people aren’t interested in local bands, it’s not like how it was at Gilman St for example, but that could just be cos no one likes us ha, ha. If you can get your foot in the door then it’s all good, but it’s making that move. We were asked to play with The Misfits and had a great response from the crowd that night, we are supporting Sham 69 in November too, and everywhere we have played wants us back. You just have to have a good time without your hand fly of the end of the shaft, if you catch my drift.

3. Describe your sound, your haircut and your fellow band members in 4 degrading words apiece?

Ok, 4 words? Err let me think . . .

Sound: dirty, simple masturbation music
Haircut: not a pretty sight
Shaw (Bassist): over manly beer quaffer
Rob (Drummer): moody, grumpy sugar addict

4. What's the bands best track to date - who penned it, what's it about and what makes it so darn tootin'?

From a performing perspective (I don’t listen to our songs in my own time). For me it’s 'Can I Sell'. I write all the songs in a manner of speaking. That basically means that I come up with the idea for the song, then we all jam it out and Shaw and Rob put their own spin on their parts, e.g. Rob came up with the idea to have the tom-tom fills (In 'Can I Sell') after each line in the chorus, which I see as one of the main hooks in the song. It’s so much fun to play, the amount of energy we put in to it is great and it’s just a damn good song to be quiet frank. I wrote it around the time I had come out of hospital after an operation. I guess it’s just me complaining about the situation I was in, backed up of course by some wholesome, good natured, easy listening pop melodies.

5. Glistening Tuppaware the fish based pornstar has started a new line in fish scale underwear. The open front salmon underpants are great but the shark fan rectal flaps don't float my boat. Have you any aquatic preferences for underwear and would you love, cherish and obey a cockle so as to recieve nude pictures of the Milky Bar kid in his adult years?

In a matter such as this I feel that I must speak the truth, so in the matter of aquatic underwear I admit that fishy bits get the blood pumping like nothing else. I have no preferences they are all just garments to be discarded; it’s the flesh that I seek!! And the Milky Bar Kid in adulthood I would have no interest in, if he is not a child yet to be despoiled, then there is no fun in getting those milky bars off him. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that last bit.

6. Best, worst and most influential bands you can name mate - go on have a ball naming the favoured and the filth?

Ha-ha, ok well I’ll start at the top of the ladder and descend to the murky depths. To do a quick summary, I have a lot of time for any bands from the 90s, we’re talking the Gilman St and Seattle scene, the older the better. I do like some metal bands as well, such as Marilyn Manson, Korn, Slipknot, Tool and of course the roots. Sorry if I go on too much about the bands I dislike, why is it we never run out of things to say about people/things we hate? I dislike punk pop, in my mind that is Blink 182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Simple Plan and all the others. They are the fuckers who cum on the face of punk rock. They aren’t punk, and it is a fucking disgrace that they have the audacity to say that they have any connection to it. Its more genres that I don’t like; Punk Pop, Hair Metal, Core Metal, I hate any genre that tries too hard to be something.

7. What are your long term ambitions as a band and as an individual and also do these two aims conflict in anyway?

The plan is to find some fat guy behind a desk with a big cigar who’ll take one look at us and say “We’re gunna turn you in to superstars boys!!” and then we’ll become the big sell outs we’ve always dreamed of being, and then everyone will forget about us in a year’s time, but we won’t care cos we’ll have all their money.

8. Bobby Mambo of the excellent 3 Black Dwarfs has just had his entire body covered in tattoos of darts players he has slept with. His obsession for having his bullseye punctured by the shafts of fat, arrer chucking deviants is going too far and he has recently had his parents transfomed into human projectiles. He is currently living with Leighton Rees after his feisty affair with commentator Tony Green came to an abrupt end. The question is - Is Mr Mambo destined to become a Jim Bowen look-alike, and would you eat the wire webbing on a dart board so as to be given the chance to kill ex-eighties popstar Kim Wilde?

From the above info, it sounds as though Mr Mambo is already a Jim Bowen lookalike, you made it man, you fucking did it!! I don’t know if I would take the chance to kill Kim Wilde. But I would eat the wire to massacre Barbra Streisand - what a fucking bitch.

9. The worst and the best of your personal CD collection and the biggest embarrassment?

Right, I use to own The Rasmus Dead Letters. I know, I know, but at least it wasn’t the Spice Girls, (I have them on tape). But if we are going off what I still own, it would be NickleBack Silver Side Up. I don’t know what I was thinking and I don’t want to, but it is only a copy, I would never give that ass muncher Chad Kroeger money. The best one? That is a tuff one, but I think that it would be a Rancid record, either 'Rancid (2000)' or 'Lets Go'.

10. Tell us about your local scene - come on convince us we are missing out?

Oh you have no idea!!! The town cries out with passion and a love for music that is never satisfied, it’s a cruise. The thirst for music is un-quenching and it’s a wonder the whole place hasn’t drowned in its own juices. And then I wake up and remember that this is Clitheroe and the only cries the town lets out are like that of a dying whore!! She screams my name and begs me to save her, and I don’t know if I can.

11. What is the bands main ethos and what are the positives and negatives of playing in a band?

Ethos? Good word. We just have fun. I don’t believe in being false or trying too hard, by that I mean spending many hours on image, the best example of this is Hair Metal. I mean just look at bands like fucking Poison!! Why do they feel the need to dress like that? It’s just false. Our style has always been to keep things simple and organic. Why make things so complicated? People just get bored. Nothing says PLEASE, PLEASE I WANT SOME ATTENTION more than a twenty minute solo. It’s showing off for no good reason. But I am going to stop bitching now, sometimes I just get carried away, sorry. Positives about being in a band: get to play music to people who you have never met before, have a lot of fun, go to lots of place, meet cool guys/girls and can act= like a real asshole and get away with it, ohh yeah. Negatives: promotion, I fucking hate it, I’d love to get a manager.

12. Finally push yer cause - merch, sites, gigs, drugs for sale etc. go for it!

Well . . . (say the following in a deep voice very fast giving huge emphasise to the words in block capitals);
You should listen to ADVERSE CAMBER, the number one band is PURE AWESOMENESS!!! 1 listen to ADVERSE CAMBER and you’ll be a full blown addict. You’ll start buying all the ADVERSE CAMBER goodies including; CD’s, T-shirts, Wallpaper, TOILET PAPER!! You’ll start smoking the ADVERSE CAMBER cigarettes; you’ll be the biggest chimney in town coughing up PURE ROCK MUSIC!!! You’ll be so obsessed your friends will be like C-H-I-L-L O-U-T, and be you’ll say FUCK YOU! And slap them round the face with the ADVERSE CAMBER DISH RAG!! This is the kind of music that makes you go ARRRRRRRR, you’ll never stop shouting ARRRRRRRRRRR, all you’ll ever say is ARRRRRRRR, nothing except ARRRRRRRRRRR, all you think about is AAAADVERSE CAMBER.