1. So introduce us to Suicide Si - where did it all begin and what's the reason for creating the songs you do?
So, I’m Si, I started writing and recording in 2009, I tried being in various bands since I was 15, none of them ever kicked off, people are hard to work with. Well people around my area anyway. I write about anything what annoys me, what inspires me, whatever I want, all that kind of thing.
2. Suicide Si - where did the name come from and what’s the reasoning behind it?
Like Johnny Cash says ‘this could be my suicide’, not that I’m suicidal or anything, but to be honest its got me looking deep for an answer that just isn't there. Truth is its adaptable I guess, Sewar-Side Si, Suicide Si, get it? 
3. What releases have you had to date and what have you got planned for the near future?
Well, In 2009 I got hold of two mic's and an 8-track so I recorded a 21 Track Ep Titled ‘Fuck Yer Band’.  I never really released it, not a fan of money, I just gave it out, I’m sure there’s a couple of tracks from it floating around the net somewhere, after that I recorded various EP's ‘Free Highs’, ‘Self Titled’ again, I never really released or tried to sell them. My latest EP in 2011 is titled ‘Paralysis’ and is probably the one I've spent most time on Promotion-Wise. I'm always writing and recording and I do plan to record and re-record some old and new stuff for 2012.
4. Your local scene - a place to be or a punk wilderness - what is it like man?
Punk Wilderness, probably about 8 local punks, if that. I’m from a semi-rich suburban town full of self centred arrogant bastards...or I might just be a lil' too sensitive. Either way it’s practically dead round here.
5. Humbert Humbert - star of Lolita and wannabe Cornflake Whore once spent 12 years living in an egg carton to cure Yellow Jack and Dirge. It worked but his cholesterol levels went up by 200% and he now has a fear of gay poultry. The question - are eggs capable of communication and would you try to circumnavigate the world using nothing more than 4 eggs, a fossilised trilobite and a copy of the porn mag Amputee Love?
Well, I’ve Died, Birthed, Died, Birthed, Learned, Died, Birthed, Learned, Rebirthed, Died and so on.. I carry memories the same way I carry instinct, its hereditary, like what most other animals got, make sense? So yeah I guess I could navigate the world with nothing but 4 eggs, a trilobite and a porn mag. Although eggs disgust me…
6. Tell us about your CD collection - what's turning you on at the mo and what do you regret ever purchasing?
I'll best start with the regrets.. I regret buying Eminem, I regret buying Dr Dre, I regret buying Franz Ferdinan, I regret buying Kings of Leon - Why? Simple, because they all have absolutely nothing to say. I’ve got to say Rancid are one of my favourites when it comes to American cheese punk along with a lot of bands that compliment them such as Dropkick Murphy’s, The Disasters, The Distillers, Left Alone, Lars and the Bastards, Horrorpops, Floggin Molly and all that kind of thing. I like a bit of psychobilly, Demented Are Go, Mad Sin etc, always loved Sublime, recently I’ve got into a lot of new bands like Dirty Revolution, The Skints, Jaya the Cat. And of course good old ones like Johnny Cash, The Specials and Billy Bragg but The Sex Pistols not so much.

7. What are your views on the current political state in the punk circle - all this right wing, left wing shit is driving me bananas - why can't people just live and let live and enjoy the noise - thoughts please?

Exactly, live and let live and enjoy the noise, I’ve met a lot of dickheads in my time, most of them chavs, a lot of them skinheads, but occasionally you meet a right old filthy cock of punk. There’s a lot of mindless hatred going around directed at innocent people since the release of The Casualties, people taking lyrics too seriously, Kill the Hippies..pfft know your Enemy! KILL THE FUCKING IDIOTS, Don’t get me wrong, my idea of Punk is freedom, and I might be going a little too far here when I say this but, isn’t scrounging or working for money so one can buy taxed alcohol the opposite of freedom? Yeah get drunk, feel free, by all means, but fuck man, apples grow on trees! Don’t rely on them! Well fuck it, Actually, live and let Live? Nah, We can’t have that, people have always lived and let live, If you live and let live with no worries that’s how people come up with stupid idea's like putting a price on nature, they invent the monetary system, they initiate de-forestation, oil digging, factory farming, over fishing all that crap -why? Because nobody stopped them, We let them live, because they let us live. If we aim our hatred at the wrong people it won't do us any favours.
Did I answer the question? Basically, what I’m trying to say is - Abolish Politics, life worked fine for millions of years before humans existed. Humans decided to be like this, We Died, Birthed and Rebirthed countless times in a ridiculously confused idiot society. Be like the rest of the REAL animals on the planet and evolve however the hell you want, Nature is LIVE AND LET LIVE, Nature is True Communism, meaning everything belongs to everyone.
Make Sense? Get it?

8. Jethro Jumble recently used his matchstick time machine to travel back to the 80's and be a contestant on the gameshow Bull’s-eye. After throwing his human skin arrers and getting to the prize board he came away with 500 silver nuggets, a rubber foetus and an annual supply of sticky back underlay. This is all irrelevant as the question is in two parts and as thus:- What speeds do you think can be reached by placing ones erection through a bull’s-eye on a dartboard and rotating using nothing more than the farted wind of an Hummingbird and would you ever ride a gas propelled elephant so as to raise the awareness of telephone phobia?
I can only answer that one with a simple question, Why? Come on, You know that gas propelled things are damaging to the environment, Man, think before you talk!

9. What is your favourite sub-generic noise that comes from the punk pit and why does it win your favour? Oi, skank, crust, thrash, hardcore, retro, etc.
Ska-Punk I guess, Because its up-beat and ‘Fun’.
10. Tell us about your song writing process - from the first thought to the end result - always curious?
Well, I write every day, even if its just bollocks, I’ve done this for the passed two years, it’s like a diary whatever comes to mind, but only the good stuff will turn into music.

11. Sticklebacks vs Wood Pigeons vs People - which two out of the three would you save if one of these had to be wiped out - what are the reasons dude!
Wood Pigeons, very Clever, very adaptable and the best bit about them is they can Bio-Degrade cars by shitting on them, what’s not to Love eh?
12. And finally push yer own cause man – let’s have it and encourage us all to check out what you have to offer dude - go get em'.
Never wind up at the place you was first, never speak about nothing without the right words.  Vision Precision without love and religion, Vision a world without writing petitions, Living a lie or are you just living a hoax? Sharing ya mind with them arrogant folk? Don’t give up, not now, Give em' some hope, I can’t give up - not now, Don’t wanna go back to work.