Steve of



1.   Introduce yourself man and gives us a brief history of your musical career so far!

Well, I'm Steve the guitarist from Crack Shot, and Crack Shot is at the moment my musical career in the making.

2.  Tell us about Crack Shot - your latest band and may I say a very fuckin' good one!

Crack Shot is what I'd describe as a band which delivers a raw truth and opens peoples eyes to the goings on that have happened or are happening around us. We cover a lot of topics, most of it is what nearly everybody can relate to in one way or another.

3.   The best and worst of your CD collection and also what was the last CD you purchased?

Well, I've got 8 up for my best, they are:-

'The Battles Almost Over' - The Rabble

'No Clue, No Future' - The Rabble

 'Viking' - Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards

'Perfume and Piss' - G.B.H

'All Systems Dead' - The Dead Heroes (The Warning)

'Come On follow' - Funeral Dress

'Global Warning' - Funeral Dress

I think the worst album I ever purchased was Resistance 77. The last albums I purchased would have been Gimp Fists new album 'The Place Where I Belong' and Drongos for Europe's 'Cage the Rage' - both fantastic albums!

4.   Masturbating in manholes is all the craze in the village of Flatulence and eating clay pigeons whilst doing it only enhances the end climax.  The question is would you masturbate in a tumble dryer and would you swallow 4 packets of Daz Automatic for a night on the razzle with Dr Octopus?

Well if you can find a tumble dryer big enough, I'll give it a shot. As for Dr Octopus and the packets of Daz I'll have to pass as in my spare time I'm busy having a sly wank in ridiculous places or fighting off the daleks!

5.  Heroes and zeroes in life and music man?

Obviously my family and friends are heroes, one friend in particular, she knows who she is. As for zeroes, its the producers and companies who only play the same type of manufactured shit music over the radios without giving bands and people with talent the 5 minutes they deserve.

My musical heroes are The Rabble (massive fan of theirs) their music has got me through some tough times. Also the singer and guitarist from Sick On The Bus, I would love to one day be able to perform and react with a crowd like that guy!

6.  The best Crack Shot tune is....please elaborate dude?

My personal opinion for the best Crack Shot tune is 'State Of The Nation', although I have noticed that 'Die Hard' seems to be quite popular amongst fans, always gets them all going.

7.  Shredded Wheat underpants - the pro's and cons and also what type of cereal would you prefer for deisgning underwear?

Shredded wheat? No way, I'll be filling me pants with Coco Pops, definitely Quakers Oats too! I love getting my oats off!

8.  You are promoter for a day (yeah shit end of the stick or what) - you have ten slots to fill - what's the bill and where is it at and who is on the guest list?

1. Rancid

 2. One Way System

3. Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards 

4. The Rabble

5. Funeral Dress 

6.  Gimp Fist

7. Middle Finger Salute

 8. Comply or Die 

9. Strawberry Blondes

10. De Slagers

That'd have to be at Bridlington Spa's music venue where Mutiny is held. As for guest list, well I think they're a waste of time, unless people are playing with the bands, they should pay like everyone else! 

9.  The best and worst gigs you have attended please?

The best gigs are at festivals, Rebellion, Mutiny, Durham Fest and the one off's in Amsterdam. I'd have to say G.B.H at this years Rebellion, or the Rabble last year are 2 of the ones that have stuck out in my mind as being the best gigs I've been to. As for worst, well there's a few where the atmosphere, crowd and music is just dire (I believe in that fine line between music and an uncomfortable noise).

10.   Tell us about your home town - the faces, places, disgraces and best chippies?

 Fleetwood? Its not as bad as everyone says, the locals tend to leave those of us who are different alone, plenty of people who definitely can't handle their drink and end up picking fights with their shadows. For the most place its a great place, cracking place!

11.  Horse Chestnut the 5th has just celebrated his 122nd birthday and can still maintain an erection for 16 hours whilst juggling juicy jellies of an assortment of flavours.  Take away the lime flavour though and the lob doth go limp!  Explain the reasoning for this and would you disguise your penis as Count Dracula just to have the chance of sucking the blood of a Portugese limpet?

Well, the limpness I cant explain, though at 122 I'm sure that regardless of whatever flavor was missing from the packet, that he'd have hard on problems! As for disguising my penis, I'd have to say I'd rather disguise it as a shower nob for the ladies shower at my local beach volleyball team shower rooms.

12.  Finally open ya 'Crack' and have a 'Shot' at pushing the band - why should we peddle this outfit and go and see them as soon as possible?

We're out for a good time and to deliver a message, the musics catchy, you can relate to it, and we'll blow your doc's off. We just love getting the opportunity to play a gig and get a good reaction out of a crowd.