Rad of



1. State Chaos - give us a brief history of all band members and of the band so far!

Fuck me this could be a autobiography going back to the glory days of old school 80s, but heres the short version.

The band formed early this year out of other bands namely Riot Squad, Apocalypse Babies and Anti Social Dog.
Why i hear you ask? I suppose after being in the said bands and gigging 'n' shit I suppose you either get bored -wanna try a new approach or do a band members bird and fall out.

2. Describe your fellow band members in 4 slanderous words apiece one of which must be toolbox related!

Easy but not gonna call our drummer Kev - do ya know how hard it is to find a fast drummer who can skin up-drink a can of Carlsberg and do a fast as fuck drum solo as well - i'll tell you near impossible!
Ched take me too long
Staz grumpy old obnoxious bastard must be a knife - sharp as fuck wen it comes to riffs.
Meself I'd say sharpening stone blunt as fuck say how it is like it or not. Arrogant nob prick and that's me talking.

3. Tell us about the most prized and loathed posessions in your CD collection and what is your fave punk rock song of all time?

Got no CD's all my shit on vinyl. I'm an 80's child and hate revamped shit and hate CD's to clean 'n' polished - that aint punk.

4. Jack Russell porn - is this the way forward for ex-Starsky and Hutch fans?

No I'd say Great Dane porn because they have bigger twats 'n' tits methinks because our ex-drummer told us.

5. Best State Chaos song mate - who wrote it, what's it about and what makes it so special?

In my opinion that's a tough one with 3 writers in the band we all write about different shit and different issues just hope the message gets out.

6. Tell us about your local scene - the venues, promoters, faces etc.

No comment or we will never get any gigs.

7. Heroes and zeroes in life and music please?

Heroes - don't need any don't class any one better than myself - don't give a shit who they are or what they dun. Every one can be a legend in their own head.

8. Crumblenob McGuffin once ate four printers, 2 desks and a photocopier on his way to winning the gold medal in the Office Eating Olympics. I am currently trying to digest a couple of staplers but am worried when it comes to toilet time. If you could eat an office item what would it be and could you write a 4 line poem about it.

I'd eat the dim secretary

and the poem would be as follows

love the secretary
and her twat
up her arse
is where I'm at
could have gone all day with that - I'm a lyrical genius no wonder our songs are so good.

9. The joys and gripes of the scene - tell us all fellar!

Calling that shit you see on MTV punk - punk cheap plastic commercial do as we say or lose you record deal contract bollox. Let the kids see proper stuff like GBH, Discharge, Exploited and us.

10. What would be the ideal gig for State Chaos to play on - tell us the ideal venue, line-up and beer on sale!

Any just like to play with people we've heard of. Old school 80's stuff and buy us a drink and say thanx for supporting would be nice.

11. Tim 'Punk4Life' Davies has started dressing as an Action Man. He has scarred his own face, wears full combat gear and is thinking about having his genitals removed to achieve the full 'action man blank' look. Would you have an affair with an action man toy or are you more a Stretch Armstrong adorer? Elaborate please!

I'd go with Stretch Armstrong because with Action Man you can only put him in so many positions and then his arms 'n' legs would fall off but wi' Stretch nothings impossible - good old Stretch!

12. Push the band for all they are worth mate and convince us they are a unit to check out.