Shaun Shit of



1.   3CR - history, influences and any insight into your background?

3CR are and always will be a punk rock/shock band. I like the idea of shock value it takes me back to the seventies.  Though it's hard to shock people these days without being branded a racist or sexist bigot.  That's what being politically correct has done to the punk scene.  As a band I  wouldn't know if we had any influences, I try not to have too much contact with my other band members because I consider them to be such foul mouthed yobs.  My personnel influences are all the fuckin birds I've shagged, all the fuckin drugs I've swallowed and all the bastard ale I've supped.

2. What is your fave 3CR track and why?

My favourite track at the moment is 'Fucking do it'.  The song doesn't really give the full scope of the title but basically when you get out of bed in the morning provided you have the bottle or are prepared to take the chance/suffer the consequences you can do anything you fucking want to.  That is a very thought provoking and exciting/frightening concept.

3. Any heroes or zeroes we should know about - please feel free to slander?

No more heroes, plenty of zeroes but I'll keep them to myself for now.

4. Raymond Ringpiece is having a terrible time with anal wasps and bottom bees. His political career his facing a severe downfall if his trousers remain sticky. Explain.

Ah yes, good old Raymond Ringpiece.  Anal wasps and bee's for that matter are a real problem for politicians that lick each others arses.  Because to make the arse licking a bit sweeter they cover their bums with honey and that attracts the wasps.  It is obvious to me anyway.

5. What is 3CR's greatest achievement to date?

3CR's greatest achievement to date is still being a band called 3CR.

6. Describe your fellow band members in 5 words or more?

Words could never describe THE FUCKING TWATS.

7. Patrick O' Duffel is the king of bottom squash. He also moonlights as a Spanish carrot hellbent on the detruction of denim underpants. I may be having a breakdown but Mr O'Duffel can still eat seven shagpile carpets so all's not that bad!

Patrick 'o' Duffel.  Is he a friend of Raymond.  I could never better that, that guy is a legend.

8. What are your ambitions as a band?

I think our ambitions are to get as pissed as possible before, during and after a gig, and to go on the hunt to satisfy our individual bizarre sexual needs.  Oh and to be the biggest band on Mars.

9. Why should anyone in their right mind come and see 3 reprobates full of drink playing vulgar ditties?

People need to see 3CR to re-enforce the fact that there is still hope for them.

10. Some questions have no point this is one of them?


11. John Noakes vs Tony Blackburn in a 'Let's see who can give Stuart Hall the biggest beating' contest. Mr Hall may only be beaten with bags filled with hedgehogs and those bizarre 4 cornered jubbly's you could buy when you were younger. Who shall be the victor?

I would say John Noakes.  Only to keep the memory of Shep alive.

12. Mr Shit - give all of us lesser mortals 1 word of advice on behalf of yourself and fellow band members.

Fuckin Do It.