Mackle of



1. ROTPM - where did it all begin, why and what are the bands main influences?

1. Shadowcops - brief history and band lowdown please?

Me and Nat jammed with our old singer from Buzzweasel, a funny little ditty of a band which did a few gigs and recorded an ep to no fucking success whatsoever. We then auditioned Avers on bass, then another Mike, Mike Owen on guitar who was like Slash meets Jimmy Page so we got him in right away. We then parted company with Scott and The Shadowcops were born.

Jimmy, I mean Mike O unfortunately quit the band so we recruited yet another Mike, Mike Pollitt on lead guitar! So its now 3 Salfordians and 1 feller from Hampshire making proper, no bullshit, rock.

2. What's your best and worst gigs to date plus what are the best venues you have played so far?

All Joshua Brooks gigs have been winners, even the one where Nat blew his cab during soundcheck and also Stoke Uni, big fuck off stage and we basically blasted student ear drums for 30 minutes. Bad uns were The Cardigan Arms in Leeds, 4 people watched us, utter shitter. Playing venues that can't handle our sound is also a bit of a shitter, we are fucking loud, Motorhead loud y'know.

3. Gerard Plum - Asia's first ever homesexual astronaut is planning a trip to the moon on the back of a gas-fuelled sausage. Will he make it and what problems do you foresee for Mr Plum?

I wouldn't see too many major problems, if its a diesel sausage then there could be some rumbling round the rectum. I'd prefer to fly to the moon on a giant tea spoon with Lorraine Kelly for company so I could then push the bitch off the moon when we got there. I'd also look out for that crazy slot machine with arms from A Grand Day Out, that's one evil piece of plasticine if ever I'd seen one although maybe not as bad as Trapdoor, that wasn't a show for kids.

4. Inspiration comes in many forms - from where do you draw your ideas and motivations?

The Garden of Eden if I was doing this pissed.

I could list fucking hundreds of bands that we're all into but I suppose if I had to pick one or two that we sounded like it'd probably be The Wildhearts with added Sugar and a sprinkling of punchy punk rock on top. We always make the songs listenable, we're never going to out do Radiohead on the originality stakes but don't claim to either. We don't fuck about, we write songs and then we get out there and blast them in peoples faces while Avery busts moves on stage.

5. Punk rock can being a bit of a burdensome tag and hold you back in the bigger scheme of things. Is this a problem you've encountered and do you wish to transcend its boundaries?

It doesn't hold us back, we do what we want and play what we want. We wouldn't write something and then think, nah thats not punk rock enough, fuck that bollocks! I'm not sure how people describe us, I just think we rock in all the right places. We just put everything into the cauldron and see how it comes out, we do have some 2 minute blasters but again that's just the way it turned out.

6. Heroes and zeroes in life and music please?

Angus Young is a fucking living legend, I mean still doing 2 hours a night on stage for over 30 years, if anyone is lacking in motivation just go watch that man go! Real bands playing real music. You know which ones will be around for the long run. One thing that use to get my goat though was boring fucking local indie bands that are playing not even sub-standard Oasis tunes, utter shit shoe gazing bastards!

7. Geoff Hamshank the human licence plate has travelled 12 million miles on British Roads attached (nude) to the bumpers of various cars. His body is a shambles and in need of a complete overhaul. Who would you like to see strapped naked to the front of a car and what advice would you give Mr Hamshank in his quest to become the ultimate car accessory?

Firstly I'd say, Geoff you're in the wrong business. Get into the toilet trade with a last name like that and make your dollar! I'd probably like to see Sophia Bush strapped naked to a car preferably with me strapped on top of her!

8. What's your fave Shadowcops ditty and why?

I'd have to say Natura Naturans for the riff and the chorus, it's our little anthem!

9. What's the best gig you have attended? Who was on it, where was it and what made it so special?

The Living End, MDH April 2001. It was a week before Roll On came out, they played a load off that and they just stuck in my head instantly. The band were on top form that night. Chris Cheney is a fucking god on guitar and I just rocked out down the front. I just cannot understand how they are not bigger than King Kong with a boner here in the UK.

10. Describe your fellow band members in 4 inflammatory words.

Complete And Utter Bastards.

11. Fire Extinguisher porn - what do you think and what are the advantages of dry powder over foam?

Where can I get some and fast. Foam as it's easier to get out of your pubes than powder!

12. Push the Shadowcops for all they are worth - make us come and see
you now?

Rocking harder and louder than a nymphomaniacs bed on a Friday night and with more hooks than John West we are The Shadowcops!