Fieldsy and Moz of



1.   Senseless - tell us how this trio came to be and 1 bonus point if you mention 'haddock' in the tale!

Senseless formed in 2000. Moz, Fieldsy and Haddock drummer boy Gaz. In 2003 we went to Germany and did a tour and an album with City Rat Records and recruited extra guitarist Leon the pig farmer for an extra sound between 2003-2005. In 2005 we cancelled our second German tour coz Gaz injured his arm which lost the record label money cause they paid all accomodation and so we split up. In 2007 a small reformation took place with Fish from The Skeptix joining the band on extra guitars consisting of a line up of Moz, Fish, Geordie Nic on bass and drummer Dan. It didn't last long, a few months and in 2009 theband reformed with original line up of Moz, Fieldsy and Gaz.

2.   The best and worst of Senseless - gigs, songs, bodily functions etc?

Best gig was with SLF at Keele Uni in 2003 and Bouncing Souls in Germany 2003.

3.   Tell us about your personal opinions on the following 3 subjects - punk, war and cornflake porn?

Moz-punk = a way of life, war not good, don't know about cornflake porn but know about midget porn.

4.   Tell us about your local scene - faces, disgraces, places etc!

Stoke scene is good, Moz plays in Section 5 and with Broken Bones and we're friends with a load of local bands.

5.   What is the best song you have recorded - the theme, the noise and who penned it - elaborate please?

Probably 'Bottom Of The Bottle', we were going release it as a single 7 years ago. We don't drink now though. lol

6.   Turnip monopoly - what a game - build yer turnip patches in places like Root Vegetable Row or Compost Lane and then banish the carrots to the hidden rectum of Knockersville.  The dice are made from dried out testicles that are filed down into cuboids and filled with the blood of a thousand bastard prawns.  This is all by the by but my counsellor insists I get it off my chest - the question is - if you could invent a boardgame what would it be and what celebrity would you use to endorse the product?

Probably would be a Captain Sensible board game in the style of chess.

7.  Your gripes and joys about the current scene - go on go for it?

The Stoke scene is good and is like a family but is a small city.

8.  Describe thy two fellow players in 5 words that will embarrass and disgrace them!

Gaz-Black pudding and bannana sandwiches.
Moz-Moz medicated mosedale, ex alcoholic

9.   Pleb Ponsonby lives in a lemon and recites political poetry via his anus.  Complete the following gem - 'Ding dong McScuttle had sex with a frog, not on a sofa but over a log, as soon as his willy became hard and firm....?

He got horny and started to yearn.

10.   You are promoter for a day - pick a venue, 8 bands and 5 people on the guest list and then 5 people who are barred - explain!

Venue would be The Talbot in Stoke. Senseless, Rivercard, Section 5, Skeptix, Skinny Pigs, Wasted Life, Discharge, Broken Bones. Guest list- Fish, Acco, Tex from Discharge, Jona, White Dragon. people who are not allowed-Wez, Dave Buck, Gaz's mum, Rudy Mosedale - too young. Geordie Nic - too much drugs and too much alcohol - not good

11.  What advice would you give to any new punkers starting a band? 

Be real be yourself

12.   Finally you have the chance to peddle your band - go, go, go - contacts, merch etc.

Listen and enjoy - new album coming soon - 'Impressions Of Life'