Scott of

Stomping Ground UK


1.   Scott my man, it has been a while and good to see Stomping Ground are still at - give us a lurid history of the band and thyself sir and how you ended up at this spiky junction on platform 'stubborn'. 

We formed around 2006 with a friend of both of ours, namely Matt Franklin and did a fair few gigs for yourself. We split up briefly in 2008 and reformed in 2009 with our current bass player Rik Walker and original drummer Chris Dougherty. Nothing seemed to quite work out for us for a while so we broke up again. We all did our own things went separate ways until I moved to Wales and thought 'lets give it one last go' and here we are. 

2.  Why the break, why the resurgence, how do you hope to get rolling again and is there anything new we can expect this time around?

Well there has been many different reasons for the break - we've had minor fall-outs at times but always get them resolved one way or another. Also personal reasons such members not being able to carry on but we are at the stage now where we're a bit more grown up and know exactly what we want. This time around we have hit the floor running, we have landed a record deal in America and will soon be in the studio for our full debut album.  Also they have remastered all of our songs since 2006 which will be released on Tremulant Records very soon. We are also looking at flying out to the States next year to meet with the label and do a tour whilst we are there. 

3.  Your thoughts on your chosen scene please and how you stay motivated? 

Well we don't really have a chosen scene, we will play to anyone, anywhere, anytime within reason of course ha, ha. We stay motivated because we are full of new ideas not just writing wise like but stuff we want to do, places we want to go, and  we always meeting new bands and people. No gig is ever the same- everythings different  - the only thing that stays the same old is our attitude and motivation. 

4.   Clipboard buttocks and big toe pencils - have you ever tried to write a book using these devices - terrible it is.  The question - you have two body parts to use to compose a novel - which two and what are the benefits? 

 I did try to use a pencil with my toes once because I saw it on TV when I was a kid ha, ha it did not go well and there were no benefits ha, ha. 

5.  Stomping Ground's best, and worst, songs?  

My personal best song is 'Chump' because it helped me come to terms with a situation which was making me ill and was a constand downer on my life at the time. Worst song is 'Down and Out' just because of the cheesey typical young angry punk lyrics I wrote when iI was alot younger but all in all its a catchy tune so it's a keeper. 

6.  Describe thy fellow band members in a sentence that must contain a word relating to a tropical aquarium?

Chris our drummer has arms like an octopus, put him behind a drumkit and his arms are everywhere ha, ha, ha. 

Rik the bass player has a mind like a tropical aquarium its clear as day and full of musical fish ha, ha, ha, ha. 

7.  What are your immediate and long term ambitions and give us an insight into thy local scene and how you hope to chip in and improve it? 

Our ambitions are to keep doing what we are already doing and to never lose the love we have for music. The music scene where we are now is bigger than ever in my opinion and we just want to help keep it going and give new bands the help and support that you gave us when we were young and just starting out. 

8.  Besides the obvious what music turns you on and, whilst you are at it, name thy favourite 3 TV programmes and 3 favourite meals? 

TV programmes: Jeremy Kyle of course,  Match of the Day and Coronation Street

Meals: cheese toastie, curry and kebabs!

Bands: Rancid, The Infested and No Cash 

9.  Learning your instrument and getting up and doing your racket making - talk us through it man, how overwhelming did it seem at first and what gratification do you get from spilling your sonic guts? 

At first I was absolutely bricking it but as soon as the first few songs were over the adrenaline hits you and you don't wanna stop. I am just happy that people want to hear us and promoters like yourself want to put us on and for that iI am thankful. 

10.  Glass trousers - the pro's and cons and also would you spend 23 months between the layers of double glazing so as to raise awareness of anorexic sticklebacks? 

Erm.... pass? 

11.  Where do you hope to be in tens years time as a musicain and bloke on the street? 

Still doing what I'm doing now and maybe just maybe get married ha,ha.

12.   Tear off several elongated strips of scrotal flesh and arrange them to create words - words that help promote the Stomping Ground cause?  Go for it with thy freshly watering eyes!

Fun, gorgeous (well at least I am ;), energetic, all round great people to know and we write catchy songs PEACE!!!