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Doubting Thomas

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1. Doubting Thomas - strange name - give us a band history and an explanation as to where the name came from.

Haha to be honest the band kind of started because of the name, when me and Blocky were waiting to go get pissed and I said we'd missed the train, he called me a doubting thomas and thats where it came from...
brief history being that we started jamming a year ago this month and spent about 3 months writing and practising material, then fred joined and we wrote some more stuff and started gigging around april 2006 and havent stopped since.

2. Describe your fellow band members in 4 words a piece. Please feel free to be as slanderous as possible and try and humilate them as best you can.

Paddy - drummer-boy piss'ed - Blocky - charasmatic, loud, stoner - Fred - a fuck head

3. Tim 'Punk4life' Davies - porn enthusiast and punk promoter as well as official piss-head has recently had his supply of filthy films cut short. In response he has started to release his own home-made childbirth films for the deviant. Special features include ante-natal class footage, scan photos and a free TENS machine to excite the old todge. Is Davies going to far and would you ever dress up in a maternity frock and derail a train?

I think the question is, has he gone far enough?

and yeh frock derailing is a hobby of mine.

4. Heroes and zeroes in life and punk please - name and shame or give fame?

Matt Freeman
Charlie Harper
Lars frederiksen
and Sid (cept for the death and killing his girlfriend and what not)

people who get famous through reality TV
not a big fan of towers of london, musics alreyt there just up their own arses.

5. The punk scene has so many sub-genres that it seems it should be a doddle to fit into and get loads of gigs. How do you find getting gigs and which age group is your music aimed at?

We've been described as garage punk a few times, getting gigs can be either easy or hard...
sometimes, theres gigs coming left right and centre the next no ones booking, its a bitch. age group wise, anyone, younger and older.

6. What's your view on todays scene and what are the positives and negatives you come across?

I think the scenes not too bad at the moment, I remember it being better though.

negatives are the fake people you sometimes find in music, though most people i meet are oreet.

7. 'Ze coffee blender is ze onlee way I can flee this race of walnuts' is a famous quotation from nude explorer Cecil Locust. What did he mean and are walnuts a means of time travel?

yeh sure why not....
either that or he was cold from trekking around nude and fancied a cup o' walnut coffee....
or his walnuts were a metaphore for his bollocks...

8. You have to put on a top notch gig - 5 band only - who would be on it and why? Where would it be? Who would be on the guest list? Who would be banned?

id have it at teh cellarbar outdoors on a warm day
we'd be on - cause lets face it. a gigs always better when you get in free and get to play:
Stiff Little Fingers
The Clash (with reincarnated Joe Strummer)

9. Whats the best and worst gigs you have played to date?

best gig was probably either King georges Hall, Manc Academy or with UK SUBS, I'd say KGH because not only was it a good show, we got in trouble and banned and Blocky got chucked out for shouting at a memeber of staff, funny when you look back at it, that'll teach the bastards not to let us soundcheck.

10. For a new band setting out on the music circuit what would be the best advice you could give them?

errrrr make sure you can play a bit before booking gigs, we werent reyt good when we first started, so thats prolly good advice, and oh yeh, dont piss on walls, venues don't like that.

11. Electric fish fingers really relax the soles of my feet whilst watching the Antiques Roadshow. Do you think this invention will catch on and have you ever thought of strangling Michael Aspel?

Hmm never really though about it, cant say I have until now.

12. Last one - go promote yourself - tell us what makes Doubting Thomas so good and why should we get off out lethargic arses and come and watch you.

well, weve got a quite old school sound and we try to put on a good show everytime, even if it isnt always reflected in the music.
Though mostly we play to our best and put some effort into it. and get pissed up beforehand.