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1. Scum - give us a brief history, discography and where your future lies.

Scum started back in 1999 / 2000 or sometime around then anyway, when I was but sweet 16. The original line-up was Ross - Vocals, Rich - Guitar, Matt - Guitar, Rob - Bass, Cookie - Drums. Recorded our first demo, and did a fair few gigs, been numerous lineups since then, current line-up is Ross - Vocals, Rich - Guitar, Andy - Bass, Jan - Drums.

At present we've only had a split single released on DSS with Riot Company, as well as tracks on the Mark Barnsley Benefit album, and another on the Strength of the Nation comp. We'll also have a track on the British Oi! comp that should be coming out soon, and hopefully an album out sometime soon, we just need to get another few songs recorded.

2. What are the bands main influences and who are the best bands you have played with to date?

Our main influence is basically Oi!, past, present and future, we all listen to other stuff as well that might come through in the songs from time to time, but we're an Oi! band at the end of the day.
We've played with a lot of good bands, some favourites are Condemned 84, Section 5, Superyob, Resistance 77 etc.

3. Willie Wingnut has had his penis altered into the shape of a monkey wrench. He can now repair cars by simply dropping his trousers but can't seem to attract the birds. What tool do you think Mr Wingnut should have had is todge designed like and given the chance would you eat a box of nails for money?

Hmm if I was personally in the same dilema I'd possibly go for an electric toothbrush, or some other vibrating device, possibly a vibration poker (it is a tool, I didn't make it up, used to get air bubbles out of concrete).
Yeah that'd be it, a vibrating poker, perfect!
What sort of nails are we talking here, toe nails? you'd have to clarify

4. Describe your fellow band members in 5 words each? Descriptions will be uncensored?

Ross - Skinny, Daft, chocolate eating tosser
Andy - Big Fat Teabagging Gayboy
Jan - Drum Bitch (its all I need to say)

5. The UK scene at the moment seems erratic in audience attendances yet I hear all the time that bands are pulling good crowds on foreign waters. What is your experience of this and what do you feel about the current punk and oi scene.

We've just come back from a week tour of Germany, and are going to Valencia next week - to be honest its shit in England compared to over there, we played to decent size crowds every night, got fed, watered and somewhere to kip. Over here you'll play to the lightbulbs get given £20 and kicked out. I can see the point why some of the bigger bands don't play here anymore and concentrate on Europe.

6. The mere mention of an Oi band more often than not gets a 'are they nazis' response. This bonehead remark pisses me off no end as certain bands suffer the dire consequences of these unfounded enquiries. What do you feel about these idiotic conclusions that people seem to enjoy jumping to?

I'm passed caring basically, people can say what they want. The vast majority of the time its just tossers calling names via t'internet etc. We've never had any one have a pop at us face to face, funny that isn't it! hehe
Nah sod 'em, we'll say and do what we like, if people don't like it, tough shit.

7. Peter Passionfruit - Wakefields greatest lover once used a box of drawing pins, 5 smoked haddock and a chopper bicycle to improve his love life. What on earth did he do and have you ever rode a chopper bicycle naked for free beer?

I've no idea, and am worried as to why you'd hold this information!

8. Where do Scum get there song writing influences from? What inspires you to put pen to paper, conjure up a ditty and get on stage and play a gig?

Day to day life seems to throw up enough stuff to get pissed off about to write a few songs. That and the scrapes we manage to get ourselves into.
Gigs are just fun, well most of the time anyway. If I'm watching a gig, normally I'd rather be playing, specially after a beer or two.

9. What is the ideal gig that Scum would wish to play on - who would it involve and where would it be?

It'd be in the centre of Leeds somewhere, just to annoy a few folk.
Hmm Condemned 84, Section 5, Superyob, East End Badoes, The Macc Lads, On File, Bakers Dozen, Retaliator - basically any Oi! band still going, and put on a massive all-dayer, with us headlining obviously.

10. 'In the cup of Hilda's bra I will eat my grapes' was a famous quote from Hungarian war monger - Thor Buttox. What did he mean and did these wild ravings result in the liberation of cucumbers?

Was he talking about his piles?

11. Tell us in 3 sentences why people should come and watch Scum?

Cos we're the best looking oi! band in the world.

To see andy's "vinegar stroke" grimace when trying to play Fight the System

and Ross always buys the entire audience a pint.

12. Finally you chance to advertise the band and any merchandise and also to give the world a one line message - go for it!

We've a few gigs coming up, check our myspace thing for details -

We'll have an album out soon hopefully, so you best all get a copy, especially you tight sods who we've given free unreleased demo cd's to!