Rich of



1.  Animal Train - tell us how you all hopped on board and came to be where you are today?

Well CJ and I started the band and we just met our new drummer Bob on Craig’s List.  Before that we had our buddy Ra sitting in on the drums.  He also played on our 1st EP 'Chicken Burn' and recorded us in his home studio.

2.   How would you describe the sound of the Animal Train express and what influences come into the equation?

We’ve been told we have an old school punk sound and we’ve been told we sound like the Angry Samoans and The Ramones.  As for influence I pull from my favorite guitarists Thurston Moore, Johnny Ramone, Lee Ranaldo, Kurt Cobain and Peter Buck.

3.  Describe your fellow band members in 5 degrading words each one of which must be animal based?

I have nothing degrading to say about my band mates.  We are lucky to have found each other and have nothing but respect for one another.

4.  The best and worst of the journey so far - gigs, songs and moments in time?

We’ve only played a couple shows so far but we love the feeling we get when playing live.  Much of our time so far has been spent in rehearsal and the studio working on songs.  As for moments I’m sure there will be lots of great ones to come.

5.  Talking of Animal Trains - The Inter Clitoris Express has just pulled in to Rumpy Pumpy Station and has 5 carriages filled with sexually active porcupines.  The said porcupines need to attend an urgent meeting regarding the depravity of hedgehogs in socially limited environments.  The problem is that porcupine lover and king of the prickly fetish Bastardo Haddock is on the prowl and sporting a very fine erection that is ready to make some rhythm.  The question is - how do you get the porcupines to the meeting without getting them rectally rammed?

Man that has to be the craziest question I have ever been asked.  How does one answer something like that? I myself don’t enjoy being rectally rammed so I guess I would run my ass off and get to where I had to be and try to avoid getting poked.  So I suggest all the porcupines do the same.

6.  Tell us about your local scene - faces, places etc!

I think the punk scene in PA is awesome there’s lots of great bands all over this great state.  As for venues - punk clubs are hard to come by but we have a few favorite stomping grounds. 

7.  How do you see the music scene and the punk scene in general in today's climate - a failure, a success, a breeze, a struggle?

I’d say it’s a success the scene seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day.  Thanks to the internet it’s a lot easier to find these bands I come across new ones everyday and they all rock.  They are all in it for the right reasons to - its not about getting rich and famous all they want is to be heard and to be able to express what they have to say through their music.

8.  The good, the bad and the ugly of your personal CD collection mate - bare all?

My CD collection has it all everything from hardcore punk to the B-52’s.

9.   Have you ever thought of breeding camels in the crack of thy arse?  What are the pro's and cons of this humped rearing programme and hey just for the hell of it - would you eat 13 caves complete with a side dish of cuban moss?

No I have never given that any thought.  Maybe we should test this theory out on you the interviewer than we can weigh the pro’s and con’s of this.

10.   You are promoter for the day - 10 bands at your chosen venue - tell us all?

I’m not sure but ten bands at any venue would make for a very kick ass show.  Also add in to the equation cheep beer and no cover.

11.  If you could change anything regarding your musical career so far what would it be?  If you are happy the way things have gone then just say whether 60 watt bulbs are worth eating so as to illuminate the soul?

Well if I could change anything I wouldn’t have waited so long to start doing what I’m doing now.  When I was growing up people told me I sucked and I wasn’t good enough to play guitar.  But then I fell in love with punk and that’s all she wrote for me I’ve been banging away on the power chords ever since.

12.  The benevolent pap of punk rock has swung from the bra of rhythm sporting a nipple that aches to be scrawled on.  You are armed with a green biro - write us a message so as to encourage further interest in your band.  Also just to the left of the areola  peddle any merch you have?

I’m not sure how to answer the first part of that question but yes we have merch we make our own stickers and patches and press our own CD’s.  We also have buttons and t shirts.