Punki Bubble

Fungal Daughter


1. Hey up Bubble – Tell us about the music you are into and where did it all start?

It all started when I was little and stupid and ya know where I got it from don’t you Dad.   I’ll listen to anything from pop and hip-hop to punk and ska!

2. Who are your favourite bands and who are the ones you consider to be crap?

I like One Man Stand, The Scabs, Flat Back Four, Most Likely To Fail, 2 Sick Monkeys and Epoxies but I don’t like The Day Man Lost and Mafafi (sorry Kev and Jamie not my cup of tea).

3. Big Daz (Bronze Buddie and QC drinker) has recently started dressing as a 1950’s she-Hitler.  Why do you think this is and would you help set fire to Tim Davies’ flat the next time he wants to have a good blaze?

I think Daz is seriously demented and a heavy drinker which doesn’t help.  Tim Davies and his fire - probably as long as there’s a chip pan involved!

4. Your top 3 fave songs and what is it that makes them so good!

At the moment its Black Hole (One Man Stand) – catchy and good guitar riff, The Reflections of a Popular Minority (Nomatrix) – good ending,  Billy Boy (Crouch Mog) – just a good tune.

5. Best gig you have attended – who was on it, where was it and what made it so special?

The best gig I’ve been to was without a doubt The Epoxies at Poulton Le Fylde.  Pink Hearse were good as well and my Dad loves Riot Squad who were on the bill that night.  The 2 Sick Monkeys at The Thatched House recently on my Dads SAS 3 dayer were great (BEST BAND EVER).

6. The good and bad things about punk rock.  Go on love let em’ have it?

Good things about punk rock - seeing new bands.
Bad things - dad gets p*”~/d and people getting carried away jumping about.

7. Rubber chickens – would you throw one at a one eyed, legless Mongolian.  If yes – why – if not – why?

Why are you asking - but I would have a go because he wouldn’t be able to catch me and if I told him to bog off he wouldn’t understand either.

8. What other music do you listen to and what are your other interests outside of punk?

I listen to pop, ska etc. anything really. Also………………COME ON INSECTS - I go wildlifing a lot and may be doing a spot on Newsround about mushrooming!!!
I do Rhythmic Gymnastics 3 times a week and various competitions all over the place (even America).  I also am a Brownie and an orange belt at Karate.  

9. Are there any instruments you have played and to what degree of success?

I own a keyboard and a recorder and I am now playing the cello. 

10. Banjo – the richest man in punk rock once opened his wallet (yes it’s entirely true) and 3 new species of moth were recorded for the United Kingdom.  Why do you think Banjo is hoarding all this money and what better nickname do you think he deserves?

I think Banjo is saving for a Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set or a Barbie Play Set.  Crap question equals crap answer.  Nickname - Rich SOD!!!

11.  Finally tell us all why you like punk and what message would you give to all the old boneheads who don’t support the new stuff!  

Punk is great because you get to see new bands, new people and weird fashions and to all those people that are ignoring the new bands - GET OFF YOUR FAT BACKSIDES AND LISTEN TO SOME DIFFERENT STUFF!!!