Dave, Jeremy and Josi of



1. Piss Ant - give us a brief history of your band and explain where the name Piss Ant came from.  Also for a chance to win a VIP lunch with the anal hairs of Margaret Thatcher could you tell us how to measure the actual amount an ant can indeed piss? 

JOSI KAT: Piss Ant was born in 1995 with gnarled guitar sounds and guttural vocals. I asked Dave FossFass who was playing with Texacala Jones at the time (Tex and The Horseheads), if he wanted to be in band that I was attempting to put together and he shockingly said “yes”. Texacala moved to Texas and I ended up with her entire band which comprised of Dave FossFass, Randy Willis and Johnny Hell. I never thought we’d play pass two or three shows. Look at us now, 12 drummers and 15 years later we’re still here. We had a really difficult time coming up with band names we debated calling the band Body Paint or Dutch Oven, until someone made a comment to the effect of “You guys are just a bunch of piss ants,” and it kinda stuck.

FOSS: You can measure this Ant's piss by the pint glass.

2. Give us an account of your own personal musical career please and how you came to be in your current musical mode?

JOSI KAT: I was born in Los Angeles to an entertainment family, so it’s always been in my blood. My parents were both musicians my Father plays drums and my Mom played bass. My grandparents owned the historic Hollywood Professional School, famous for its legendary attendees such as Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Ryan O'Neal, Val Kilmer and Melanie Griffith. My first punk band was called S.I.D (Society in Decay). My first introduction to punk rock was in high school. Punk was like a shot to the arm, I’ve been hooked from the moment I heard that first initial riff from The Misfits, Earth A.D album.

3. How would you best describe the noise of Piss Ant and what are your feelings on the music scene as a whole as regards the shady characters and general cut-throat nonsense?

Foss: There isn't a music scene. Everything is global and internet based that there seems to be little buzz that generates from a particular 'scene'.

4. Due to an overdose of acid and Chinese porn I recently found myself transported inside the actual video game Donkey Kong. What I found not only disgusted me but has changed my views on snail sex forever. The whole game is actually a device to brainwash one into sleeping with gastropods and to also partake of the unholy lettuce test. What this test entails is beyond me and the two part question is as thus:- A. Would you have an affair with a snail so has to enhance your career and win favour with the Slug and Snail Society of Sex and b. Could you give us any details as to what the unholy lettuce test involves.

JOSI KAT: I had to Google “Slug and Snail Society of Sex” and between that and my research on serial killers for our Whips & Chains video (officially banned from YouTube do to the sexual & violent nature)………I’m now officially on the FBI terrorist list, thank you for that. I did however learn that the male snail wants to spread their genes, fuck all the female snails in town, while female snails want to settle down with the fittest male snail they meet. The unholy lettuce test is a Herbal Sexual Enhancer. It involves sticking whole heads of lettuce in you anus for long periods of time.

FOSS: Hmmm, not sure where this one is going. A Unholy 'Let Us" test maybe? But what would they Let Us test? Maybe this has to do with a video game.

5. The best Piss Ant song to date please and details of what it’s about, who wrote it and what makes it so darn rockin?'

JOSI KAT: Probably Sonic Reducer by the Dead Boys, lol. I love performing that song because everyone knows & loves it. We do a kick ass job covering the song and if someone in the audience hasn’t seen the band before -it instantly gives them a song they could relate to. As far as songs we’ve written recently? Public Opinion is such a good sing along pub song (written by Ray Zor) because it’s just a good old fashion sing along pub song . “Victoria” is totally different from all the other songs, it’s my favourite. I wrote the lyrics and I love the creepy moodiness of the song and the storyline of a ruthless female vampire.

FOSS: The Poop Song is likely the best Piss Ant song. But I haven't finished it yet, I’m having a hard time getting it out.

6. What are your ambitions as a musician and in life and how do you plan to achieve them – pay Lady Luck a huge amount of cash or work darn hard?

JOSI KAT: I’ve been working my ass off and it hasn’t lead to much. I’m going to leave it up to Lady Luck from now on! Foss: I've tried the work darn hard angle. Maybe paying Lady Luck is a better route. Ambitions in life would be to never want. Ambitions in music would also be to never want.

JEREMY- first off..what do "frogs have to do with music? ..oh wait that doesn’t say amphibians..damn spell check.. and I am not a musician, I play guitar...

7. Rumour has it that Stu Taylor is robbing bands of all their plectrums and using them to create his own flying machine. When finished Mr Taylor is planning to put on the loudest all dayer ever and use the sonic vibes to travel along in his Plectrum-Plane so as to whizz off to the planet Pomfrey where he plans to set up his own leper colony and sell second hand ukuleles. The 3 questions in one are: - Would you fly in this machine, would you eat a leper and would you ever try and fit a planet up your posterior so as to promote the erotic behaviour of dumper trucks. Please elaborate so as readers can analyse your psychological make up!

JOSI KAT: Fit a plant up my posterior? Are you implying I have a fat ass? I’ll leave the psychological guess work out……..I’m a chick, I have body image issues, ok?!!

FOSS: Eat a Leper? Would I then become a Leper? I hate flying, but if Stu built it, I'll drink the Koolaid and jump on. Erotic dumper trucks, can someone send me the movie?

JEREMY-who's writing these questions? Charlie Sheen? I have Leper blood! Winning.

8. The best and worst CD’s in your collection, the best and worst books you have read and the best and worst films you have seen?

JOSI KAT: I try not to have any crappy CDs and there are too many good bands to mention. Both of my parents were hippies who owned a studio and played in a band together. Therefore, my earliest influences were bands from the 60 & 70’s like Hendrix, The Cream, Rolling Stones, Blind Faith and Black Sabbath. I love to listen to classic punk bands like The Ramones, The Saints, X and The Clash. Some of my favourite UK bands are GBH, Exploited, The Damned and Vice Squad. I would have to say the artists/ bands I dig the most are Motorhead, Joan Jett, Blondie, David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Read? Who said I know haw to read? Don’t let that out there. The worst movie that I’ve seen would have been some chick flick that I can’t remember. I hate chick flicks. I love horror movies so my favourite movies are probably most people’s worst movies.

JEREMY- Best CD, hmm, that’s always a bitch of a question.. There are CD's that I will always love, Adicts, Dr. Know, Dead Kennedys, Angry Samoans. And ones I will always hate - the scratched ones, bring back Cassettes!

9. Following on with the best and worst theme – please tell us about the best and worst gigs, venues and bands you have played in and with respectively?

JOSI KAT: This band has had some crazy shows. Everything from strip clubs to yoga studios. We have played for Marines at the Base, we had chairs thrown around in Orange County, bottles smashed in Vegas where I got tipped $150 by a drunk. I’m always getting in trouble, I love to dance on the bar or antagonize people, it is usually the drunken men. But sometimes things aren’t always silly we played a show in Lake Tahoe and the cops came and told me to “tone it down” they had it in for me. Shortly after they left, someone got stabbed. Ugh, and the cops were worried about the noise levels. I think however the biggest stunt pulled off was getting the band on VH1, I informed the producers we were on Playboy TV and they ran with it…next thing you know, the whole entire country thinks I’m a porn star…

JEREMY-The best gig, I was too fucked up to remember. The worst one, I was too fucked up to make it to.

10. What are your views on the term ‘punk rock’ and do you actually see much of it about in today’s society apart from the musical world?

JOSI KAT: It’s just another word. Foss: I think 'punk rock' means something different to people depending on age. When Avril Lavigne is called punk rock, then I'm not sure I'm in tune with those who think that. And even in what I do consider punk rock, it can vary from Black Flag to Green Day. If you're looking you can see a punk attitude in today's society. I believe anyone who does something contrary, not because someone else does it, but because that's who they are, that's a punk attitude.

JEREMY- Punk is a lifestyle, a mindset.. nothing to do with clothes, hair, makeup or an anarchy cover for your iphone.

11. Fibreglass genitals – dangerous, doomed, or a way to contact the telepathic powers of bed bugs. A nice intense answer required please.

JOSI KAT: Keep those fibreglass genitals to yourself please!

FOSS: Dangerous. Imagine interchangeable parts with different colours, sizes, etc. The possibilities are endless.

JEREMY- A nod is as good as a wink, to a blind bat.

12. The member of music is erect and awaits a tattoo to spread the word of a deserving band. You have the last tattoo gun in the world – this is your chance to spread the word – be quick the pecker is shrivelling – get the ink flowing….NOW!


JOSI KAT: No shrivelled peckers please hey and don't forget dudes artwork for "Speak Up" was done by - check it out and but the CD.