Paul Barnes of



1. Tell us about Crouch Mog and any other bands you are involved with.

Well Crouch Mog as you are all aware have been going now for 26 years. The day I was born was the beginning, we just didn't realise until 5 years ago one dark month of August 4 individuals were brought together for their mission - " To enjoy music without boundaries and to make sure this band brings joy and happiness to all who hear us!"

I am in other bands that are totally different to the Punky Mighty Mog and this only makes me stronger as my powers strengthen.

2. What does punk mean to you?

Naff all. Na, to me it's about the people involved and sticking together no matter what, and if writing songs about what's important to you then so be it. It's all so much fun.

3. Tim Punk4LIfe Davies once had an affair with a sexually uptight gibbon.
During a romantic situation the said primate tore off Tim's nuts and ate them. Would you ever eat anyone's genitals?

If I had a bottle of Chilli sauce then yes my friend.

4. What's the best gig Crouch Mog have played?

Playing with our good friends on the SAS tour is hard to beat, but probably the first time we played Manchester Academy 3 - well certainly the biggest.

5. Tell me the ideal gig you would like to play on?

Web cam gig in my room so I don't have to friggin drive anywhere!

6. Rumour has it you are a thieving twat with an eye for anything going
free. What's the most prized possession you have ever stolen?

Humpty Dumpty. All the kings horses and all the kings men but they couldn't put humpty together again - Cause i'd nicked him.

7. What's the best and worst things about today's music scene?

The best has to be the many ways people can get to hear your music, like the huge power the internet holds.
The worst thing has to be a short attention span, where people show willing then stay at home to bite their wives toenails off, instead off going to the gig they had promised! - LIES it's all LIES.

8. Fred Dibnah once said 'If it weren't for this damn rectal spaghetti I
would have been a millionaire'. What did he mean?

It's a cryptic clue as to the sheer power that his chimney like mind holds, and should you unlock this mystical power you will find yet another fuckin chimney.

9. Tell us your heroes and zero's in punk and life!

My hero is OMD
My Zero is Bands that don't pull their weight in certain tours! mentioning no names.

My Hero's are : Team Mum & Dad for moulding me into someone I want to be!
No Zeros other than the shit that is HATE in the world - Just fuckin shake hands and make up!

10. Describe your band members - 3 words each.

Damo - Old - Loud - Scary
Andy - Cock - Tosspile - GuitarGod
Nige - Young - Drummer - Bummer

11. Steve Ryder and David Hasslehoff in a battle of the Bells excrement
special. Who would win and why?

The HOFF cause he is my child hood hero.....especially as he got to pipe Pamela Anderson every week on the beach...that's what happened isn't it?

12. Lastly Paul Barnes cum Mog cum Light Fingered Twat - what message have
you got for punks and the world in general.

Don't be a dick