Jay and Erin of

Nervous Twitch


1.  The Twitch is Nervous - what is it all about and again, as an experienced musician, why delve back into the murky and unpredictable deep?

(Jay) We needed a name and Nervous Twitch sounded pretty good. As for delving back, I never really stopped playing, Nervous Twitch had existed (all be it with an entirely different line up) whilst I played in other bands.  It feels as though, with the current line up, like we are just starting up and I’m having a lot of fun making music and gigging with these guys.         
2.  How did this band get together and what does each member contribute to the end cause?  

(Jay) Well we've probably had more members than the fall! ha ha, Some of the first songs started out from solo projects from a few years ago and then we did our first gigs with Richie (Pop Fosters) on Drums and Dan Gray (Animals of The Carnival) on bass; then soon after Erin took over on Drums.  Since then we played with various stand in bassists before meeting Chris (Drums) and Callan (Guitar) and Erin deciding to move onto bass.  

In the band I play guitar, sing a bit and write all of the songs...although I’m hoping that we will move more towards collaborating in the future. Erin lead vocals, plays bass and fronts the band in general. Callan also guitar and sings and from time to time switches to bass. Chris is the guy who sits at the back.

3.  Describe thy fellow minstrels in 5 words each, one that must be related to a tree!  

(Jay)Amber and black football fan. 
(Callan)Pick n Mix selection nut.
(Erin) Nuttier than a horse chestnut nut 
(Chris)Drumming drumming drumming drumming tree 
4.  How would you describe the bands noise, the general ethos and approach to gigging and releases.  I am also always fascinated to know how a band plans to stand out from the sizeable cacophonic crowd?

(Erin) Short songs and fun gigs.
(Jay) It's hard to define our noise as such, I guess we play a selection of short up beat punk, rock n roll tracks as well as a few surf inspired instrumentals.  We are always up for trying new stuff and have recently written some longer numbers and also a more discordant darker number, reminiscent of Wire/Gang of Four etc.  Although I will still sing the odd song there is more of a push for Erin to sing the majority of songs, I personally feel that there is a lack of female fronted bands doing the kind of stuff were doing and I guess that's something which makes us stand out from the crowd. We've not given too much thought to releases but this is something we will address in 2013.

5.  What one song epitomises the crews output and style thus far - what is it about and who penned the said gem?

(Jay) Bad Reputation seems to be our most popular song.  I wrote it, we aren't normally one of those bands who describe what a songs about.  
(Erin) But this one is surprisingly about people who have a bad reputation for one thing or another.  
(Jay) We all know the type, someone who thinks there 'all that' as the song states.
6.  Crimpolene Von Clitoroids travelled the entire circumference of Serbia on a sexual Uni-cycle whilst wearing a pair of transparent socks.  You may well frown but Crimpolene is a 2 foot sexual neuter with 6 eyes and a set of rubber fingers.  The question is though - what part of your body would you like to be rubberised and how could this help you master the art of plate-spinning!

(Erin) Well my hair is plastic and a lot of the dresses I wear are made from Crimpoline (The fabric not the 2 foot sexual neuter with 6 eyes and a set of rubber fingers) so I'm not far off, but okay otherwise..... maybe my hair.... if it was rubber and stood up on end you could spin a lot of plates on it.

7.  Heroes and zeroes in life and music please and one sincere gripe you have with the whole music scene?

(Erin) I think collectively we will have so many bands writers and musicians that influence us you'd run out of printing space! ...Anything from the Ramones to The Beatles! 
8.  The Underdog cause is something close to my heart - any thoughts on the scene and the big band mentality taking all leaving the rest to flap and flounder in the pits?

(Jay) I’ve not really experienced much of this.  I think with the internet and the reduction in people buying records these days its probably gonna be pretty hard for even biggish band springs to mind that should be touring the world and selling records by the thousands, if times were different I’ve no doubt that would be happening for them.  
9.   What to you think of the way the electronic world has taken over the scene and how reliant we all are in promoting our causes.  Good/Bad/indifferent and is anything remotely connected to punk a thing of the past - just a thought? 

(Jay) Stuff like myspace was pretty useful to The Despondents and other bands I've been be honest I’m kinda indifferent...but I think as for the punk thing older friends have told me of hitch hiking to see bands, squatting, and of course I’ve seen all the documentaries etc, but I don't really see how it would work in 2013.
10.   Are you doing anything political with the new outfit, any messages we need to know about, any sub-text that we should be aware of the band there to create noise and good humour!  

(Jay) Nothing political really just having fun doing our own thing. 'And If this the Future (In the Street)' talks about the way things are I guess but I had the general riff/melody n a few of the lyrics for months before being inspired by events on the news and finishing the song off.  As a rule I like word play and I also like people to make there own minds up about what we're singing about.     

11.   Clog and flat cap porn - ee by gum lad she's got a cracking meatloaf under the table...elaborate and tell us about any close encounters (of the black pudding kind) thy have been involved in!     

(Jay) Er ok..while I do wear flat caps I got about 3 of them..I don't like black pudding though urghhh ! 

12.  So what plans have ye got and why should any discerning punter come and see thee play - push, prod and poke - cultivate our interest!

(Erin) We're releasing the Bad Reputation EP in the next couple of weeks this will be for sale at gigs and hopefully some independent record shops, and it will be available from our band camp( Watch this space and keep an eye on our Facebook page etc for details.   
(Jay) I think our songs are pretty in your face and catchy and our live show should definitely keep your attention.