Nat Starr of


  1. The chance of new 4 insane deviants meeting and forming a band is quite unbelievable. How and when did it happen?

Well myself and Jim have been in the band from the start really. Jim joined me and our old singer Gwen after a couple of weeks of us starting out and Eddie joined the week after, when me and Eddie started going out. We met Anne on a youth music project we got roped into, and after listening to our demo she joined. She was in another band called Angelue at the time, but the sacked her!!! Thankfully!

  1. Your drummer (Eddie) has a fetish for dressing up. What characters are there to date and are there any new ones planned?

This all started when Eddie wore that Elvis head at a gig once, and then he got the suit to match, which was quickly followed with Scooby Doo, then Billy Bob popped up, and now his latest Phil McCrackin. There is a new one in the making, let’s just say he’s really pushing the boat out on this one.

  1. Victor Vestibule was the world’s greatest deviant – who is the biggest deviant you know?

 Hmmmm Anne…she knows why…

  1. In your opinion what is the best track the Stains have done?

 Ooohhh that’s a hard one, because I still like Midnight Caller and that was our first ever song, but Rockstar is the first we wrote together with Anne singing, but at the moment we are liking A.S.B.O, I think you should choose.

  1. In life and music what are your greatest influences?

 I love Ska, Oi! Punk, Rockabilly, Reggae, food, grass, electric shocks, and shoes!!!!

  1. What is the Stains best gig to date?

 That would have to be supporting The Dead Kennedys in Nottingham in 2005, we can thanks Pod for that one!!!

  1. What is your ideal gig to play?

 Cocksparrer (I can hear you hissing) this is because they are the best Oi! Band ever. The Slackers (because they really are amazing live), Hayseed Dixie (now these are talented), The Hyperjax (great band! great guys! The best rockabilly band in this country) and Lowlife UK (great entertainment and the best punk band in England). I would have this gig on at the Yorkshire House as the best sound we have ever had is in there. And I would let O.M.D decide who is allowed in through the door, (this would go off punk credit ha ha).

  1. What is your favourite tipple?

Smirnoff Ice! Please sponsor me!!

  1. What is your opinion of the current punk scene?

Wishy Washy.

  1. What have Suspicious Stains got planned for the future?

 Write and record our 2nd album, oh release the first one eh! And we would like to tour for a few weeks next summer 2007.

  1. Drunken promoters – some say people decry this behaviour – I condone it. What do you think?

 The Drunker the better, Q.C is the future.

  1. Any message for the Punks, Skins, and the world in general? Fuck off is not an option!

 Just be loyal to bands you like, or they will loose their get up and go to carry on!