Mike 57 of



1. The Sick Dastardlys - go on tell us all about em'.

We’re a four piece punk band from Wrexham, North Wales. We’ve been going for about four years and used to be known as Glen UK, but due to the shitness of that name, we changed it.

The current line up is – Caleb Cage – Vocals/Guitar. Mike 57 – Lead Guitar. Lee Creep – Bass. Azzbot – Drums.
We’ve gone through seven drummer changes in the last two years. All drummers are cunts.

We’ve gigged constantly for the past four years, mainly up and down Wales, and West England, and we’ve been on two tours and we’re going to do another one this summer, this time invading the Irish shores.

We’re in the process of recording a new E.P. Which should be out soon.

2. Describe your fellow band members in 5 degrading and somewhat ridiculous words apiece.

Caleb Cage – His Mum cuts his hair.

Lee Creep – Hyperactive tit on stage.

Azzbot – Thinks he is a robot.

3. Custard La Ring has had his lips removed and replaced by two Cumberland sausages. Women who love a meaty kiss adore him but the Sausage Liberation Front is up in arms. Would you replace your lips and if so what for. Also do you think a sausage is capable of running this down trodden country?

I’d have to change them to two kinder Buenos, you’ve seen the add, those little bastards can get the ladies. I already thought a sausage was running the country?

4. Tell us about the punk scene in your local area naming best bands, venues and promoters?

The punk scene in North Wales is pretty good, the pulse being Rhyl. Some good punk bands from the area are Stuntface, Global Parasite and 3 Minute Warning.
Probably the best venue around is The Dudley Arms in Rhyl for a good punk scene, put on by a good Punk promoter – Dave Cox. Another good promoter is Steve Rastin of Bar Blu. The rest of North Wales is pretty bleak, apart from the odd punk show here and there.

5. Best gig you've ever attended - why, where and who?

Rancid in Manchester Academy last year. Rancid’s always been one of my favourite bands and always put on a fuck of a good show. The Unseen were supporting, another one of my favourite bands.

6. The SD's ambitions please and main motivations for being together?

Main motivations for being together are writing music, playing music and the live shows. Our ambitions are the same as when we started out, just gigging the fuck out of ourselves as much as we can.

7. Gripes and joys about the punk scene, being in a band and the music world in general?

Being skint in this game makes life hard but we wouldn’t want to do anything else. Wish there was a bit more of a punk scene around here, and promoters that weren’t out to skin bands dry, a couple excluded of course. As for being in a band it’s more of a life style than anything else. It takes up the majority of your time and money but its not like we’d have anything better to do anyway. The other joys of life comes hand in hand with punk rock so it’s all good, booze, music and hand jobs.

8. Welsh promoter Dudley Dave apparently holds the world record for eating ball point pens. It stands at 416 in 2 hours 3 of which were felt tips which were digested for purely exhibitionist reasons? Rumours are afoot that when the record was set Dave was having an affair with Malcolm Millimeter the editor of the Guiness Book of Records. Sinister stuff or what? Any way the question is what do you make of all this and if you had to eat a writing implement what would it be?

If you mean Dave Cox? Then that doesn’t surprise me, he also has the record for pissing on the most amount of people at one live show…wot a fine evening. As for me I’m more a Peanut butter man. Makes a great writing implement when drunk and there’s no bics in sight. Tastes better than bics too.

9. Fave Sick dastardlys track and why?

I’d have to say 'Taste of my own blood'. One of our faster tracks. We always use it as a set opener to try and show people what we’re about. And it’s my personal favourite because its one of the first tracks we’ve all jumped into vocally, Caleb wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music for the track. It’s my kind of punk rock (cock in a sock).

10. Heroes and zeroes in life and music please?

Heroes – Joe Strummer, Rancid, T1000 (azzbot) and the rest of TSD, Noel Edmonds
Zeros – Nazi Punks, certain politicians, emo kids, the people who put Mayonnaise on 90% of sandwiches in every shop…fuckers.

11. 'I baked the sprouts as he told me too but there were just too many jackdaws in the way and the anal ointment was lost'. The gibberings of disturbed individual Alfresco von Labia - what on earth did he mean?

I think it’s a statement about the state of the UKS gay prostitution situation in the 90’s. Go figure.

12. Finally - promote the SD's for all their worth - convinvce us they are a band worth checking out?

Fast, Energetic, in your face punk rock. Renowned for their live shows and Old school style. If you like your punk rock, diverse, fast and loud then come check us out. We’ll blow your tits off and if we don’t we’ll kick them off.