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1. Pirates of Heroes - strange name - explain all and give us a brief history of the band?

We’re a ska/punk band and we’ve been together since September 2005. We started out as No Klass Klowns(shite name). Since then we have been through 5 name changes, two drummers, two guitarists, one bassist and me! We’ve finally got, what I can see as, the perfect line up. Me on Vocals and guitar, Daz on B.vocals and guitar, Ade on B.vocals and bass guitar and Charlie on drums.
The name……doesn’t really have a meaning to be honest. We wanted something with pirates in it and wanted something with heroes in it so put the two together in a way that only we seem to be able to make sense of it.
Explanation (no-one ever understands): We are heroes yeah? Along with others like Superman and Spiderman. Following? But compared to these heroes we are pirates. So we are the pirates of the heroes. Hence Pirates Of Heroes.
If anybody understood that then let me know.

2. Best Pirates of Heroes song - why and the inspration please. Plus where do you get your song writing material from and who are you heroes and zeroes in life?

I’m gonna say Suburban Life. This is our opening song and I really like playing it. I’m always randomly tapping the drum intro. I think it is just a list of things that Ade got up to one summer, he wrote it so I’m not really sure.
I don’t really believe in having heroes in your life, they just let you down. I take a lot of inspiration from Tim Armstrong and Rancid, Transplants, Lars and the Bastards punx. Tim Armstrong is the safest guy I have ever met.
I don’t like to speak on behalf of people but I think Daz takes a lot of inspiration from the Bouncing Souls. He sings like Greg and plays guitar like Pete. To be honest Daz is a real inspiration to me, he’s a great guitarist and an even better mate. He’s helped me out a lot in the past year that I’ve known him.
I think Ade is just Ade. He draws influence from everything. He lets everyday life inspire his song writing and comes out with some really good stuff.
Not got a clue about Charlie. I think he likes Cyprus Hill, he always wears that t shirt anyway. He can play anything you tell him to.

The reason I feel so strongly about not having heroes is because of Rodger from Less Than Jake. I used to love that guy. I’ve met him twice and he is a complete wanker towards his fans. Why would you do that to the people who are paying your wages???

3. Filbert Flush has recently stretched his testicular sac around his back passage, up his back and over his head. It's a great rain hat, sun screen and party fave but when left to swing free is a great nuisance at nudist camp get-togethers? Have you any scrotal tricks up your trouser leg and is the imprisonment of pork pies a resistance to calculator war?

First off, that is one hell of a wedgy. Then what about the stretch marks, the hail stone must hurt, the sun burn. Ouch!
What's the point when at the end of the day its gonna catch on everything! What about leap frog? Think of all the things he can’t do anymore! Although it would come in handy if he fell off anything really big, parachute!
No I don’t think I do. And what the fuck are you on about?

4. Best gig to date and the worst please in all graphic detail?

The most fun gig was at the Hop and Grape in November 2006. I kinda organized it with mcr:music so I could put on four bands of my choice. I had us play, Clown Shoes, Big Mo and Killer Chinchillas. All of which are good friends of ours, I’d like to take the opportunity to say thanks to Clown Shoes because we now share their drummer! (yes, Charlie is a whore!). It was top quality sound and lighting and the crowd were really good for us!

I think the effect we had on the crowd at Blast Festival was also up there in the top two shows. They mobbed us as soon as we stepped off stage. No barriers, no security, one roadie and hands full of equipment, and they wondered why my autograph looked like a scribble! Those were the first signings we did so will always be remembered.

I don’t think there’s a questionable worst show. The Roadhouse. No audience (over 18s only?????), couldn’t hear shit, absolute knob of a landlord, who actually looks like Naboo from the Mighty Boosh! Enough said.

5. Describe your local scene - the best and worst bands, the characters and gig venues plus turn-outs and general ambience?

Obviously we are THE best local band! All the local bands we know are generally cool guys that are just up for a laugh. The only real ska/punk bands from round here that we know of are us, Big Mo, Clown Shoes, Oyster Manifesto, Killer Chinchillas. Check out the bands on our myspace, that’s all we know.
I ain't naming the worst! That’s just making even more enemies!
Best venue is Hop and Grape but it ain't free, in Manchester the majority of punks are skint. Free gig=lots of people. £5=work your arse off to get people down!
Usually a good vibe though.

6. Personal and band ambitions please?

Personal ambition is to take the band to the top. If all else fails, become a teacher. (I already teach guitar and vocals).
Band ambition is to take it as far as we can, not sell out, get a decent fan base, tour the world, not stop skankin’ till the day we die!

7. Most ideal gig you would like to play on - who with, where and when?

Warped Tour, with Rancid, NOFX, Bouncing Souls and, being one for optimism, The Ramones, Springheeled Jack and The Clash. ASAP!

8. Brussel Gimmelschtob is the worlds first half man half Bourbon Biscuit. His underpants get in a right state and his dandruff problem is very crumbly. If you could be half human half biscuit what variety would you be?

Definitely caramel, chocolate digestives. You can melt my chocolate and crumble my biscuit but my caramel will keep me together!

9. Most depressing thing about the music scene and the best thing about being in a band?

The most depressing thing is that some people don’t take you seriously because you’re an upcoming band. Give us a chance, you will more than likely think we’re good live!

Best thing is seeing people sing along with the words you wrote. It’s a weird feeling when you think no-one has ever heard of you!

10. What are the main selling points of the band - do you have any gimmick or masterplan you work upon so as to woo the audience?

We give away free stuff at every show. We don’t just do a gig either, we put on a show. We have fun on stage and try to get the crowd involved. Plus we’re pirates. Who doesn’t like pirates?

11. Brillo Pad assaults are becoming more numerous. That wire wool feeling ain't nice and I think the only way to combat this new street terror is to wear magnetic underpants? Have you any ideas what the fuck I'm on about and would you eat 41 kitchen sponges for beer?

Not a clue, but if anyone was to attack you with a brillo pad, squirt washing up liquid all over them and in their eyes. It will make the pad more spongy, them all slippery and will fuckin hurt their eyes!
Make it a double jack 'n' coke n we may have deal.

12. Finally persuade us to come and see Pirates of Heroes and sell the band.

First off you need to hear us……
Then you need to understand that we are 1milliontrillion times better than that live!
If a few people could listen to these shity recordings and see our potential then we would be the next big thing! Seriously.