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Oi Boy Forever
1. When were Social Explosion formed and who are the members?

We formed in the summer of 2005 and the members are Tommy on guitar, Jud on drums, Rob on bass and myself on vocals.

2. What are your musical influences and what do you hope to achieve?

It's difficult to say really, as we all have very different influences personally.  As a band I guess we don't have any, just the combined ideas we each draw from oi/punk/death metal/whatever Jud listens to.
We would like to be able to live off the band: more constant gigs, less work outside of the band and a chance to really get our music out there.

3. What is the best gig you've ever attended and played?

For me my favourite gigs we have done were the Bulls Head on the 2nd of June with Temporal Distortion, Roadkill and a mates band called Drop Off, this night went fantastically well and was great fun too!  Also my other fave would be the SAS06 date on Sunday the 2nd of July (its those 2nd dates...)  this was with Temporal Distortion, Suspicious Stains and Kamikaze Sperm!

4. Whats the best thing about playing on the punk/oi circuit?

Being around people that are into the same sort of music as you, playing gigs with other great "unknown" bands, to use an utterly unfair phrase, and the response from crowds is like nothing I've ever seen from another music scene.

5. Whats the best thing about having a shaved head?

It tips the drinking/hair spiking time ratio into the end I prefer more, i.e fuck loads of drinking!

6. Do you prefer scones or anal hair carpets?

Definitely scones, I own less of them.

7. As a band member, what would be the ideal gig you could play? (no more than 5 bands!)

Well us, Temporal Distortion, Kamikaze Sperm, Suspicious Stains and Churchill would be my ultimate night out I think!

8. What is your favourite tipple?

Theakstons Old Peculiar... its "the legend"

9. Do you have any hobbies or interests we should know about?

None you should know about no!

10. What are the things you hate most?

When a girl wont kiss you after going down on her, and how the masses will blindly listen to utterly pants, insipid, bland music just because its whats "in" at the time.  Razorlight are a good example.

11. Rubber underpants - is there a place for them in today's political environment?

Absolutely not!  North Korea might retaliate at any moment!

12. Any message for punks and skins everywhere?

Yes.  Rememebr anybody at these gigs/involved in the scene are there for the same reasons as you.  To enjoy the music.  There is far to much bollocksey nit-picking over unimportant ideas like political view points etc.  Basically the same people preaching unity are throwing up divides.  This blatant hypocrisy is going to destroy the scene we work so hard to maintain.
So to quote Social Explosion's website;
"be you punk/chav/nazi/commie/gay/straight/black/white or a fucking green hermaphrodite with a membership in the BNP, as long as you like the music, thats whats important yeah?"

Erm yeah, and drink lots innit! hehehe  Oi Oi