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1. The Straitjackets - a brief history, discography please?

Formed early 2004, 4 lads got together to form The Straitjackets, Jimmy on the vocals and guitar, Lee on lead guitar, Danny on bass and Jack on drums. After some line-up changes, The Straitjackets found the perfect addition, Lee 'on drums' who joined at the end of 2004. After a load of shows and more line-up changes, Lee on drums became Lee on Bass.. and the big man, Charlie joined the band.. and Jimmy picked up the harmonica as well. Playing gigs to enthusiastic crowds of punks and psychos since mid 2004, along with support slots with The Meteors, King Kurt, Demented are Go and the UK Subs. The Straitjackets have managed to create their own mix of punk/rockabilly.



UK Punx Volume I

From The Streets Vol I

Self released:

My Baby Got Killed By A Landmine

Death in the City EP

2. Describe your fellow band members in 5 degrading words apiece.

Can't really think what to say. They’re all horrible, and I hate them all as equally..

But if I had to...

Jimmy - Ball slapper

Lee - Fat Balls

Charlie - Dick play

That's all I can think of to degrade these scumbags

3. Jimmy Tarbuck has had his penis replace by a five iron. His testicles have been replaced by two Wilson X-Lite golf balls. He is still a very unfunny man and charges extortionate prices for gigs but he can hit the fairway using nothing more than his genitalia and his scrotal contents. Is golf so important and have you ever been involved in off-the-tee behaviour?

A little, I remember some off the tee behaviour between me and Lee the guitarist, which went along the lines of us using each others balls as golf balls, going round Jimmy's living room as a golf course, and Jimmy and Charlie opening their mouths as me and Lee used dick clubs to whack each others balls into their gaping holes... true story that.

4. Best gig to date - why, who was it with and what made it so special?

eer, I thought that when we played London it was good, was very scary. Apprehensive about it like, but when we played we put on a good professional show and played as good as we could. We've done that loads of times though. I remember an old school gig with Goldblade, which went down a storm too. Really showed ourselves as a true band them times

5. Heroes and zeroes in life and music please?

Matt Freeman, pure hero.. bass playing master, and got through loads... Me grandad.. showed that you could never keep a good man down - no matter what, he keeps coming back!

6. What's your local scene like and how does it compare with other areas?

Its a bit dire.. it doesn't compare with other areas.

7. What's your fave Straitjacket song and what makes it so special?

Eerm, lately it's been Psycho, or Straitjackets... love the rhythm and the beat.. just pure - takes me along..

8. Edwin Gilbraith, renowned geographical jerk once said that 'Ken Dodd is the devil and the way to Utopia is via Diddymen deviancy'. What did he mean and would you ever live with a Diddyman on a purely sexual basis?

I can't say I'd live with a diddyman on a sexual basis, for this would be a putrid experience.. not only because Ken is a sick cunt, but because he lives in Knotty Ash, and that is where one of my friend’s lives... who has a fit fat ma... and I fucking detest him. It makes me sad, because I well reckon his slut mother has been with Ken and a Diddyman in double deep penetration, and then sucked their dicks.

9. The Highs and Lows of your music career so far?

Highs, spending time with the lads on the road, having a laugh, getting drunk and all round playing loads of gigs for the fuckin love of punk rock! Lows... me bank balance, and work getting in the way of doing the above.

10. Ambitions both personal and as a band please?

Personal... play bass more, maybe do some session work... buy more basses... continue paint.. and make cash

Band: work so fucking hard, promotional; gigging and just to keep this band together with three of the soundest lads I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in me whole life.

11. Tom 'O' Connor is a fruit machine addict. Shocking I know but his insatiable appetite to 'hold his plums' and 'nudge his lemons' - is overwhelming. Is it me or am I missing something here?

I think he's the type of guy who'd squeeze lemon juice on his plums... then make a fella lick it off, and get turned on by what face eating a lemon makes ya do... I know.. It’s crazy.. but c'est la vie

12. Finally push the Straitjackets and persuade us that we need to invest in a gig and CD real soon.

It's the best thing yall hear for a long time, and that's it.. leave ya wanting more.. why? because we'll either not finish a set, have a technical problem and not finish a set.. get pissed on stage and just finish a set.. or.. just play the best show yav ever seen, and make ya wanna see another set - So get a CD and come to a fucking show.