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1.  Give us the lowdown on your musical history so far and tell us how you came to be in Last Rough Cause?

I started getting into music when I heard all the glam rock stuff in the 70's. When I heard 'Blockbuster' by Sweet was the moment I stopped depending on my brothers Wizzard and The Move records and took that band as my own. Very life changing for me indeed. Then it was the punk thing when I was about 11 or 12. Spent hours listening to John Peel on the radio under my pillow so me mam 'n' dad couldn't hear it and throw it out the window. When I was 15, Andy asked if I'd like to do some covers together. Strange that as we didn't have a drum stick between us. I managed to get me mam to part with about 250 quid for a drum set and Andy bought a bass. We got  Mark Dixon in on guitar and called ourselves Holocaust (quite prophetic as we were pretty fucking awful). We enjoyed this stint in a band but didn't progress to doing any gigs. Then Mark left and we got Ste Smith to do guitar. We gigged a bit in good venues and made some really great mates especially in Sunderland where they've always had a brilliant punk scene. Real working class lads that'll do owt for ya and the town which I nominate as the biggest influence on the British punk scene certainly at street level. 

We recorded a few songs for an ep called 'Violent Few' and then did 8 tracks for a split album with Society's Rejects and this was brought out by Cardiff punker and top bloke Roddy Moreno.

I didn't bother playing much at all after this and it became the last time I had anything brought out that I played on but Andy carried on with Laze on drums and Rich Smith (Ste's brother) and they recorded an album called 'Soft Lights And Loud Guitars' (the more astute reader will know it's a line from 'Kicks' by the wonderful U.K. Subs).

2.  Describe the sound of LRC and what are the nearest sounding bands you can think of?

Not sure who we sound like really but I always think there's a hint of SLF there and sometimes The Clash but was talking to Del from the G-Men just last night and he likened us to The Merton Parkas or other mod bands of that ilk. I don't mind what or who we sound like so long as we enjoy the tunes and hope others do. I must say though that I really like the thought of people thinking we sound like someone else and have always tried to pinch stuff off other bands I love whenever I write a song. I''ve always thought the term... 'They're such an unusual and origional band with a totally new sound' actually means... Max Turnbull would probably think this band have a really wank sound.

3.  The best LRC song to date please - who penned it, what is it about and what makes it so special?

Think this is gonna be slanted at the individuals own bias so I'm gonna be totally self praising and say 'Category C' as I also do the warbling on it. Its about lads who get tagged as the most notorious of football hooligans in the land. A lot of our songs are about footie hoolies as I was always fascinated by seeing big gangs of loonies rucking like mad. I was really pleased with the way this one turned out and was totally freaked out when a one time 'Cat C' hooligan came to one of our recent gigs with a red woollen hat on with the words Last Rough Cause with 'category c' underneath all properly embroidered. Loved it as its the only bit of LRC merch that exists.

4.  If you guys entered a 'Throw a placenta' competition who would win, why and would there be steroids involved.  Add to this whether the winner would take the opportunity to burn Jamie Oliver's genitals with a blowlamp!

I'd have to say it would be a close thing between Coatsey and young Heathwaite as those 2 have big ideas about being darting experts (watch out Stoker and the Dipsomaniac arra throwers). I wouldn't like to say what either would do with Oliver's cock and balls but I know that I'd prefer to go straight for the instant death thing rather than the drawn out process of torture. One of those nasty decapitation video's would be a good idea for that twat. An apple in his mouth would add a final nice touch.

5.  How tdo you see the punk scene at the moment - shite, bright or are you just indifferent to it?  Also add what punk means to you!

I'm quite surprised how many good bands there are out there and probably always have been but I do think there are too many bands that play a million miles an hour and scream shite down the mic too. As for the scene, it would be made a whole lot better if more people were interested enough to actually turn up to see bands rather than play safe and go to see bigger named acts. Keep it at a street level which keeps prices low for everyone and hopefully more will start to turn up. Thats what real punk is about.

6.  Tell us the best and worst of these - a. gaffs b.  bands you have played with c.  Cd's in your personal collection  and d.  Pies you have tasted

I don't make any mistakes. I'm the most perfect human being I know. All my cd's have been played in the car, not put back properly, and are now fucked so I need to replenish. I'm with Andy on the bands (see other interview with Andy from LRC) as they're all really good bands but I'd also say Major Accident. Andy didn't mention them as he's in erm too so I commend his modesty. Pork pie for me. A very under-rated and unfairly, much maligned delicacy.

7.  What would your advice be to any new band on the block regarding the scene and getting gigs and promoting their wares?

I'm shite at giving advice as I'm not the most perfect human being by a country mile but I would have to say to a band starting out, do everything you can to keep it your own if you can. Never fall into the trap of thinking you're gonna be well known just coz a record label is interested in you. Be very careful.

8.  Sunshine slushpuppy the afghan hypochondriac is gradullay rebuiling his body using staples and liqourice sticks.  Is this a good idea and if you had to rebuild your body with a food substance what would it be and why and also tell us all the design asstes and faults you would expect to encounter!

Chocolate every time for me. That  way my little dog would be licking my face while my wife could clean up in the toilet area.

9.  Tell us about you highs and lows within the scene and what drives you on to keep having ago?

The only lows are the amount of people who can't be arsed to turn up. Sometimes its a great crowd but usually its a poor turnout so thanks to all the people who do come. The thing that keeps me going is that being in a band is a great way of meeting folks. I've had some great nights out due to being in a band. I think its better
 this time round than ever as I think we're writing better songs.

10.  You are promoter for the day and have 7 slots to fill - whose on it and why?

Ditto with Andy's answer (again see other interview with Andy from LRC).

11.  'The Dimensions of the duffelbag are contrary to the seagull shit in my sandal' - so sayeth Halibut Montool regarding the current psychobilly scene - what is your interpretation of this epic quotation?

Poor old Halibut has always been misinformed in my opinion. A lot of people think he's a cunt though I personally don't like that word.

12.  And lastly - push yer cause even if it is the lst and is very Rough.  Go for it - why should anyone reading check you guys out further!

Well I'm difficult to please so if I like the new album then I think others might too. Fuck it! Just have a listen to us. We're dead good ha, ha, ha, ha