Justin of

51st State


1.  51st State - the ethos, the history and the plans!

51st State started out as a two piece out of desperation concerning the lack of like-minded individuals both musically and ideologically. After a long and fruitless search for fitting musicians 51st State discovered the wonders of a DIRTY GREAT DISTORTION PEDAL!

Most of our songs concern topical issues relating to our lives and whilst formed primarily for a love of music we feel if we can pass on a worthwhile message then we will.

Ideally we plan for more regular gigs both locally and further afield. To carry on writing and recording and to make a name for ourselves within the punk scene. Our aim isn’t to make money but to spread a valuable message whilst having a good time.

2.   Best 51st State song to date - who wrote it and what makes it so special?

‘Human nature’ which was a joint effort between myself and Noah. It concerns the human race and its general attitude in relation to the planet. It was one of the first songs we wrote as 51st State and really epitomises our sound.

3.  Perspex von Clitoroides has developed the first wax duck which he is planning to use to gain control over the mind of z-list celeb David Hasslehoff.  What do you see as his main goal and would you have a firm, honest wank inside a beach ball in order to promote grape equality?

To be honest, grape equality is high on our list of priorities (watch out for the song ‘Grape Unity’) which will (not) be available on our next album. As for “'David Hasselhoff' he still owes me for the destruction of our fruit bowl. I shan’t let him near my air gun again!

4.  How are you finding the punk scene - what are the positives and negatives you have come across so far?

The punk scene seems to be taking off in our area at the moment with many gigs to large audiences. There also seems to be alot more decent bands around compared to when we set out as a 2 piece.

5.   What is your local scene like - good, bad or just there - tell us about any local bands we should check out and the best and worst gaffs!

We put on many bands with regular gigs in Somerset as ‘Old Hat Promotions’ and our mates (of ‘The Infirm’) in Gutter Creep promotions have a scene going in the Bridgewater area. Also Anonymous Promotions and Gas Alley have aided the music scene in the area enormously.

6.  Heroes and zeroes in life and punk rock please!

Heroes: Major James Bigglesworth DSO, Tom Baker.

Zeros: Tom Delong, Travis Barker and the other guy, also Blink 182

7.   Describe thy fellow band member in 5 degarding words one of which must relate to wildfowl?  Also google 'Kenny Lynch' and give us your verdict if he his a satanist or not?

The fellow band member is, without doubt, an 'Anseranas semipalmata' a bit of a mug, a 'wetty', and to be honest he just needs to 'man it up' in general. (all quotes Jake Farr).

After much research and many laborious hours’ toil I must say that Kenny lynch seems not to be a Satanist.

8.   You are promoter for the day - an 8 band special - who will be on it and why?

1>51st State, 2>Simon and Garfunkel, 3> The Infirm, 4>SLF 5> NWA 6>NMA, 7>ADF, 8>NBA (allstars)

Because you can never have too many capital letters and also never too much of a good thing.

9.  The best and worst of your CD collection - go on be honest now?

Best: English Dogs - Tales From The Asylum

Worst: Paul McCartney

10.  Paper Plectrum 'O' Tangerine the renowned Lord of the Pasture has started recording his orgasmic sounds onto taut cows udders.  This is all by the by as the question is - 'would you live inside a pigs scrortum for 12 months to gain access to the recently set up 'Balloons and Billiards Sex Club'?  Elaborate if you would and why the desperation to join such a unique club?

Nah, I’m sad to say that that I’m not too bothered about that one. Although I do happen to know that Noah would be well up for it any day of the week.

11.  Why the punk route - what has made you go down this puke ridden pathway - influences and ambitions please?

Punk just seems to be the logical outcome due to our influences (Ramones, New Model Army, Damned etc) and the style of our music, it was never set as the objective but it seems to fit the bill. It would be good to get regular gigs with well known bands.

12.  And lastly push yer cause and let us know where we can check out yer sounds.

We are on MySpace at and we should have a split EP with industrial death punk band ‘The Infirm’ out pretty soon. We are a no-nonsense political punk band and everyone should check it out!