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1. Introduce us to yourself and give us a brief history of your own musical history and that of the band you are in, namely The Hostiles!

HI FP readers! My name is Josh Barron and I play guitar/sing in a ska/punk band from west coast Scotland called The Hostiles. We have been together since late 2001 which was the year me and my bro Chris (bass) made our move to Scotland from the U.S (California originated). We started off as a punk band doing Vandals and Guttermouth covers. Going through puberty back then, there were 2 things that made my dick hard...Gwen Stefani (before she got all stupid) and ska....I couldn't handle watching a No Doubt show back then without a change in boxers obviously an alteration of style was on the cards. Callum (the drummer) and myself put our heads together and made it happen. We recruited Steve (trombone) and some random aardvark (saxophone) and what would seem to be like an entire school brass band over the next few years. 8 trumpets, 2 trombones and 4 saxophones later we have settled into our current line up which we have replaced the aardvark with Skeletor (Lynsey).

Influences vary throughout the 5 of us as we are all into very different things..from Deftones to Beastie Boys to Less Than Jake (tho I prefer Reel Big Fish) and everything in between. I hope thats not too long.....

2. Tell us about your local scene - the venues, the people and some of the bands we should check out?

Our local scene is very small as there aren't many ska/punk bands kickin' about. We tend to describe the whole of Scotland as our playground lol

Contrary to popular belief the scene in Scotland isn't great either. We came to this conclusion after our most recent tour of England when we realised the gigs were alot better. We do have some awesome venues, people and bands tho
King Tuts, Cathouse, Ivory Blacks, Tunnels, Cafe Drummonds, Market Inn (local), Whistle Binkies
Hijacks, Terrors, Murderburgers, Taking Chase
Mike @ wreckin' pit, John and Bruce @ Firestorm Events, Steve, Kirk and Dave @ GFN? and Deeker @ Make That a Take

These are the people keeping the scene in Scotland alive and these are the places its happening at. Our community is small but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

3. In fact sticking with local scenes - what are the best areas you have played in so far?

Manchester obviously, Sheffield, Newcastle, Aberdeen, London. Glasgow is getting there.

4. Tell us a little bit about your last tour - how it went financially, how you were recieved and what the turn-outs were like?

The first 10 stint down your ways we lost a bit of money...but to be fair we were touring a bit more luxuriously than most bands (travel lodges, steak dinners, chardonay and tickets to the opera). We travelled with 10 people and put in £20 each on top of what we got paid at the shows. When yer travelling with that many people, finding the random punter to put ya up is impossible...hence the travel lodges. We got booze pretty much every night (thank you) so not a whole lot was spent on drinking.

Turnouts where alot better than we thought it would be ranging from good-awesome. Never a dead show and a lot of new awesome experiences.

5. After hearing the recent plight of the blue crayons in the battle for the drawing board my mate Steve Lingard of Flat Back Four fame has decided to head over to Doodlesville complete with his own battalion of fighting felt tips and take on the terrible tyranny of Willy the Whiteboard Marker and his fleet of permanent ink lords. The question is - Is Mr Lingaard a fuckin' fruitloop with too much time on his hands and would you hollow out your buttocks to use has gravy dispensers?

Firstly crayons can't make their mark on a drawing board very well...neither can felt tips....they should have went for the construction paper. Mr. Lingard is indeed a fruit loop for jumping into a battle poorly's like me going to Vietnam with a spoon...for that reason I would not hollow out my buttocks for him. My buttocks are reserved for cunning strategist...I would however let him dispense gravy on my buttocks out of sympathy.

6. The best Hostiles song to date - the reasons and the brains behind the beauty - reveal all?

What!? Sir do you have children? If so do you have a favourite? Of course not! If there is any reason one isn't as good as the other it is because  you drank too much pre/during birth OR you couldn't control your drug addiction..which is the case for all of our songs and thats not their fault. NEXT QUESTION!!!

7. The best and the worst CD's in your own personal collection - complete honesty please and add a real cringeworthy one in just so we can all mock you the next time we see ya?

Mustard Plug - Evil Doers goes to show ya that just because they are ska or punk doesn't necessarily mean that its good! I bought a Zeke album which I didn't really care for either....

My grandma bought me a Mariah Carey album once...I won't commit to saying its bad because I would totally do her and the songs aren't that'd be best asking Chris or Callum these questions....they went through the boy band phase...
My fav albums to this date are
Streelight Manifesto - Somewhere In The Between
Sonic Boom Six - Arcade Perfect
Big D and The Kids Table - Good Luck
Reel Big Fish - Turn The Radio Off
Bring Me the Horizon - Suicide Season

I am totally serious bout that last one

8. Pervis Plectrum has started eating his own street in protest to the homosexuality of his vegetable plot. He has been lewdly approached by several carrots, goosed by a cabbage and flashed to by an aroused turnip. I find nothing wrong with bent veg but this kind of behaviour has me on edge particularly as I walk past several plots on the way to work? The question is - would you have a 12 round fight with a snooker table and would you swap your own genitalia for a replica of Nat King Coles anus?

Lol....snooker tables are huge and I don't think I could last 12 rounds with takes me like 12 hours to finish a game anyhow. No I think I will keep my genitalia and find another celebrity's anus to penetrate.

9. Give us a mission statement that would sum up your band - one or two sentences would suffice?

"We sound nothing like Fandangle!"

10. What would be your ideal gig to play on - be promoter for the day - where would it be, who would be on and what would be the main theme of the day?

Rebellion Fest with Reel Big Fish, Big D and Goldfinger with a beach theme/cocktail party.

11. Concrete titties - a positive step for pavement perverts or an insult to carpet cleaning fanatics? A full studious answer required.

I have groped a few statues and licked a few carpets ....and wasn't a fan of either...I say put away the hard boobs and dirty bushes and put in a nice clean wooden floor and glory hole for good measure...I think that would be appealing to both sides.

12. Finally push The Hostiles cause - peddle, promote, prod - go get them idle arses interested?

Our album " Always Looking Forward" is out now. You can hear a snippet or even purchase a copy from our site
Its pretty rad :)