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1. Buff - a brief history, discography and future aims please?

Buff were formed about 2 years by a bunch of northerners from Nelson, Lancs. There have been several line-up changes since then, and only two of the original members are still left.

Buff only have 1 CD out called This Is My England. It was recorded in one day in a studio and is self produced and distributed.

Our aims are to raise awareness about the issues that affect us all :- global warming, abuse of human/animal rights, racial/sexual/religious bigotry and all that other boring shit.
We also want to put on free parties..festivals and give something back to the most important people in the music buisness THE FANS.
And have a good time while we're at it, of course.

2. Tell us your personal views on todays music scene and also what your local area is like - for example top bands, venues etc.

The music scene today is getting real interesting. I don't mean the world of MTV and corporate record companies, but the possibilities of music on the internet.
No longer do musicians have to sell their soul to the record companies to get their music heard & compromise their music for the sake of commercialism.

Manchester & NW England has a very lively music scene with several good venues with The Academy among the best. There's loads of good bands out there too.

3. Describe your fellow band members in 5 inflammatory words apiece.

Loki Skipjuice - ahh the fragrance of skipjuice
Rob Wierdbeard - got 'is 'ead on up-side-down
Cath "Mama" Mash - the trouble 'n strife
Netty Shortcut - noizy cow
Jon "Ed" Banger - WHO!!!

4. Charity ChumpChop Italy's first rectal glamour model has started endorsing the drinking of Stardrops - the multi-purpose cleaning product suitable for a wide variety of uses on work surfaces, floors, cars, carpets, upholstery and clothes. A total and utter disgrace - everyone knows Fairy Liquid is the way to get bladdered. Are the any kitchen liquids you like to partake of and what is the most sexually arousing feature of a colander?

Being a tight-arsed git mesel' I prefer bleach, and its only 99p per litre on our local market.

I just love the way the bleach runs through holes in a colander. Just 'ang on a minute think I need the bathroom.

5. Best gig to date - all details please?

Having only been in the for band 6 months I've only played about 6 gigs so far. The best of these was at The Castle Hotel, Manchester. We played a blinder, & we're told after the gig by another musician we had been "inspiring".
If we can inspire just one person every gig we will have acheived something.

6. Give us a personal account of your musical careers - highs, lows, likes and hates etc.

The worst low has to be the death of Izzy, the original bassist, RIP man. More recently about 4 months ago when there was only Loki & me left in the band & I only knew 6 of the songs.
Highs are getting the band up and gigging again after the recent turmoil, & the gig with Crowzone in Burnley.

7. Best Buff song - who wrote it, what's it about and what makes it so special?

'Shrooms 06, its about our favourite fungus and the current drug laws. The song was written during a break in reheasals, the band were just jammin' about & Loki started singing the lyrics on the spot.
Its special cos I like it OK!!!

8. Clarence Twat says 'the sincerity of the cheese is tantamount to blasphemous indiscretion. I'd say let the cracker rebellion continue - long live Ritz' . What do you consider Mr Twat is on about and is Custard Cream warfare a serious inevibility for the small race of Conkernobbers?

The honourable Mr Twat (c.u.n.t.) is obviously talking about the worst threat to World Peace we face today, the prospect of all-out war between the Ritzies & the Cheddarites, its the age old question, should the cracker be plain so you can add your own cheese, or should you buy crackers with cheese added so you don't have to trail to the fridge to get the cheese.
The lines are being drawn.

On the question of the Conkernobbers & the Custard Cream War, (I'm a malted milk man myself), it's rumoured that the infamous international terrorist the Phantom Flan Flinger has allied himself with the Conkernobbers & the world awaits in fear of his Flans of Mass Destruction.

9. Heroes and zeroes in life and music?

Heroes are Walter Wolfgang, Patricia Tabram
& anybody who stands up & fights the system.
Zeros anybody who doesn't do the above & hypocrites

10. Sources of inspiration for songs - where do you get them and what message do you try and get across?

Loki writes most lyrics (usually in a drug-fuelled haze), though a few songs are Rob's. Rob also usually comes up with the tunes. I just make sum noize on the bass when they come up with something.
Just about all our songs have a message, ranging from the stupidity of the British drug laws "Alcohol IS a class "A" drug", to one of our latest "No Vivisection", self explanatory, & just about every subject in between.

11. I am currently writing a novel regarding a Eunochs ambition to become the worlds first glass eating eel. I am struggling for a title - any ideas and... Is Mr Sheen a pervert?

ERM!!! no and yes (you do mean Barry don't you?)

12. Lastly push the Buff for all they are worth and sell the band to us all.

Eh up techno acid punks, squatters, travellers, quavers and long haired hippy punk rastamen of this and their own planets this is a SONIC BOOM WARNING, BUFF are in your area. We are a non-profit making, uncontrollable, big kick up the arse to mainstream music, uncensored and free of propaganda.
We are an anarchistic site/squat band and where possible play for free, only charging for indoor gigs and the entry fee is put towards equipment etc. & making our next free parties bigger & better.