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1. How did you get involved with Scum and are the lads really as deviant as they look? Feel free to elaborate.

I met them at a Lowlife UK gig when I first moved to Leeds. Andy, (Bassist), wasn't with the band at the time, I met him about a year ago, if that, through Richard at a pub. They're all nice boys really!! haha! It' #### who's the trouble maker! Well, Richard's starting to go a bit funny but we're trying to keep him in line.

2. What are your ambitions as a musician and as an individual?

As a musician I don't put in a lot of practice simply because I do not have time. I'd say therefore my ambition is to find time but it's never that easy. I'm happy having fun playing with my mates and meeting new people at the gigs we do. More gigs would be good but all of us work so that limits us. As an individual I'm happy with my life right now but, like everyone else, I want to be filthy rich one day! There are plenty of things I want but too many to mention here. I'll get what I want in good time, I'm sure of it.

3. Johnny Sossidge won the World Bottomless Darts Championship by throwing carrots from his pothole? The board was a complete mess afterwards but the equality of carrots was greatly enhanced. Have you any ideas for carrot based sport and where would you hold these high fibre events?

Fantastic! I'd say Spain this weekend with Loyalty, thank you very much for giving me some mischief making ideas!! Carrots are nice and pointy so they can fit in many an orifice! I'll let you know how that one turns out...

4. How did you start banging the drums and what are your main musical influences?

I started when I was 13, took some lessons but had to give them up as it wasn't cheap. I also moved into a flat and had to have my drums in storage for a few years, which meant I got out of practice. I can't really remember why I chose the drums but I loved it from day 1. Influence-wise anything that's fast and loud pleases me. I like listening to some non-punk stuff too as you can get a lot of ideas and hear some more original stuff by doing that. I don't have any one particular band or drummer that I would say influences me.

5. Best gig to date - description and bands played with?

I really enjoyed our Darlington gig 21/10/06, which we happen to have on DVD. We played with Keyside Strike and some other local bands. We did a few dates in Germany at the end of September/start of October which helped us get a lot tighter with Andy as our new bassist. I think the Darlington gig went well because we'd had a week of being together, but I did really enjoy Germany too. A couple of weeks ago we played in Manchester with GFA and Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band, I enjoyed that because it was a good mix of people.

6. What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people you play in an OI band called Scum.

Well I tend not to tell people at work or who aren't into anything alternative, but I get a good reaction elsewhere! I think because Rich and Ross have been playing as Scum for the past few years, a lot of people have heard the band's name but just don't know who the members are due to the numerous line-ups. I think I'm the 4th or 5th drummer!!

7. Terry Todge said that 'testicular skin is better than breast skin for making kites'. Is this another case of sexism and would you fly a kite made out of skin?

Not sexist just factual I suppose, as breast tissue is more fatty. I have several kites made from skin already.

8. The punk and Oi scene - tell us your gripes and pleasures?

We'll be here all day!! A gripe of mine is that a lot of the reasons for being punk & skin have disappeared, a lot of people are here just for the image and a lot (but not all) of the younger people who join the scene make a bad name for the rest of us by being mindless idiots in public as well as at gigs.
A pleasure is definitely the people you meet and keep seeing at places up and down the country. Also the fact that people you meet through friends & places like message boards will often put you up, put gigs on for you and do it just for the sake of keeping small bands going.

9. I have a pocketful of hard earned cash - why should I come and see Scum?

Cause most of our gigs are free!! You'll enjoy it, even if you don't know the songs before hand, you'll pick them up and can sing along. If you're really lucky you might be at a gig when we can play a bit longer and do some covers!

10. Tell us your fave Scum track and what makes it so special?

I really like Oi Mate, it's a fun song to play and Ross nearly chokes when me & Rich decide to play it twice as fast on stage. I like the messages in most of the songs we play, which is why I've stayed with the band.

11. Smoking encyclopedias is a great way to get high and learn something at the same time especially if you watch Mr Benn in the dark. Why is Mr Benn so informative and is that little Moroccan geezer who appears 'as if by magic' a pooftah?

I'm a bit young for Mr Benn, he has a nice dress sense though.

12. Lastly give us a message for the Oi girls everywhere?

When fat/tall blokes try to flatten you at gigs, get your boot in their knackers. Works like a treat.