James of



1.  Roadkill - tell us all about this band?

Well it all started out back in the day with me and Adam (bass/vox). I got a guitar for Christmas and in Feb Adam got a bass... we made 2 songs (one we still play and love it DO OR DIE) and we were looking for a drummer, but because we were so shite and couldn't play a thing no one wanted to drum ha ha. We went through a fair few singers too and they thought the same thing, finially Craig joined on guitar at first, but then said he could play drums a bit, so he saved up for a kit (a kit kat that is), got one and we just needed a singer. We got some guy round but he was scared to sing so Adam grabbed the mic and we changed our name from "dead teddies" to the ROADKILL everyone loves and hates today.

2.   What bands are you most eager to play with and why?

Anyone who likes our music really, wouldnt mind supporting some bigger old punk bands like but as long as we can get our music across to different people then I'm buzzing! Also I'm looking forward to playing with Drongos for Europe!!! Even more than I was for playing with GBH!!!

3.   Steve Scab (lead singer of the Scabs) has recently had his scrotum removed and made into a tobacco pouch so he can keep his half ounce of shag moist.  Is smoking really this important?

Never tried it and don't really want to (having your balls removed that is). Can't say I'm a fan of smoking either. He better not sing like that guy from The Darkness - now he is only half a man!

4.   What would Roadkill like to achieve in the next 12 months?

Well - were gonna sell 12 million records, play Academy unsigned towards the end of the year... the money we make from that we wanna go into the studio and record like 12 songs or something, then from there just get our CDs out to everyone and hope more people get into us... Hopefully I'm gonna have a sex change and get some boobs so I can look at myself naked! IS THAT WRONG?

5.   Whats the best gig you have ever played?

My fave gig we played was when we played the little stage in front of the printworks. There was like 200 people watching but the cunts kicked us off because we swore too much! The crowd weren't happy chappys either so they let us do one song and told us to piss off. Also I was looking forward to playing the Bulls Head again because the first time we got a great reception but I got arrested so we couldnt play.

6.   Give us your opinion on the current punk scene?

I think its still in the underground but its a good strong bond everyones got with everyone. Everyones got each others backing too.

7.   Nude sack racing for fat twats?   International sport or just fuckin' pointless?

FUCKIN POINTLESS? I'm the damn champion at it! Won it 3 years in a row I'll have you know!

8.   Some up punk rock in one sentence?

It's hard to say it means so much to me but in one sentence, here goes. It's a way of life and a choice people make. People are born into family and religion but being a punk is a choice people make, thats why I'm proud to be punk. (ickle bit cheesy don't ya think?)

9.  Any heroes, zeros or wankersthat have influenced you both in life and punk?

Hmm well there's Mark from the Unseen and Jerry from the Misfits, they're both in big bands and stuff and have always got time to speak/sign/get a picture of fans and shit. Also all of my family and friends for everything.

10.  Captain Birdseye once said during a drug hazed trance 'oooooh me bugger me barnacles I love jellyfish'.  Give us your theory on this inane quote?

Right well the old Captain lost his eye due to an intense fishing trip, he fell in the sea and the jellyfish saved his life, when they took him to shore. He survived on raw burgers and used barnacles to stick twigs and leaves he found to make the ship he sails on nowadays.

11.   Why should anyone come and see Roadkill?

Because we're lively and at some shows halfway through a song our mate Gorton will play guitar, I'll play drums and Craig might sing... also we just joke so much .

12.   What is Roadkills message to the world and punks?

OI to the punks, OI to the skins but OI to the world and everybody wins! Ha ha but no - one from me now, just cheers for checking us out and big up to everyone who has liked the band from a week ago or since we started. We couldn't do anything without people supporting us and it means so much. Come and talk to us at a show and you know what, we might even talk back! I heard its called a conversation, only if your up for that kinda thing though! Check out our website for updates on gigs and band happenings.