Jacko of



1. So as is decent and the norm - introduce us to Obnoxious UK and give us a brief historical tour please!

Well the original band was just a bunch mates jamming and having a laugh and it just went from there. It’s got more serious about 6 years ago but Hoagy left to go to the USA to live and Foz got signed with his other band, after that we got Fez and so far are stable and happy.

2. What is your fave OUK song - and most importantly why?

That’s a hard question as it’s like asking which one of your kids is your fave, but for me I like 'Amelia' as it was the first original song we put together, and also like ashes to ashes as it sounds simple but it’s got to be tight or it goes to hell live.

3. The video collection of songs you created is pretty fuckin' good stuff and I am just wondering if there is any more of the same in the pipeline and how the videos were received by the punk community?

Yep we will prob do all the songs on the second CD in the same format with videos. I enjoy doing them as they're a laugh and it makes a change from all the 'here’s a live video' oh and another isn’t that exciting just wanted to do something that wasn’t boring to watch and try and make themes that match the songs.

People that have seen it seem to think it’s ok but its DIY and I don’t care if people don’t get it or like it they don’t have to watch it.

4. Hectors House was a knocking shop for cats, dogs and frogs. Apparently kids TV faves Bod, Bagpuss and Crystal Tipps and Alastair were all involved too but the question is - who would you most like to sleep with - Jones the Steam or Zippy from Rainbow. Elaborate answers please and bonus points if you mention the alcoholism of John Craven.

We don’t have sex were British but give Kimbo 15 jack and cokes and you may get lucky.

5. Best and worst gigs and the best and worst of your CD collection.

All gigs are good even if its playing to bar staff as some promoter liked you enough to give you the gig so it becomes a private party for them. I don’t have anything bad in my CD collection as I'd just give it away if it was shit. The best, hard that as my music taste goes from 50's through to norsk black metal.

6. How is your local scene - faces, places, disgraces - lets have it.

There’s a local scene? Where lol? We're in the middle of Birmingham/Wolves/Burton/Notts scenes so we don’t have a local scene so to speak. A lot of promoters are giving up as poor turn outs etc most places are going to free entry to get people through the door The worst thing is Paul from contempt tried to set up a local website to post gigs so you don’t clash gigs etc. but no one cares or listens and you get 3 gigs on and it’s a battle for who’s the more popular promoter gets the crowd.

7. What are your thoughts on the current social and punk climate - the hits and the shits please?

There’s some nice people on the scene and there's some knobs on the scene you get them everywhere. The real pleasure for us was getting to know the guys and gals from Eastfield as you couldn’t want to meet a more friendly honest and decent people in the world. They're the best!

8. Montilado Breast the curate of the Italian Cock Museum has recently drawn a picture of a Costa Ricans woman’s titty using nothing more than a crayola crayon and a remote control penis. The picture is done in an abstract manner with a profound message of love and a rice krispie obsession tattooed throughout. The question is - can crayola crayons be used to travel through time and would you ride a bicycle made from the said rice krispies in the hope of impressing cheapo movie star Doug McClure?

Prob eat the bike as I'm a fat cunt.

9. The best and worst bands you have played with and your heroes and zeroes in life and music?

Best bands to play with are any that will have us. I am not going to say they're shit etc. as if I don’t have something good to say I won’t say anything at all and they don’t deserve the press. Heroes in music Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies, Cliff Burton, Dan Lilker, Euronymous and Dead from Mayhem, to many to mention as they range from Louie from old St John Montie Matt Freeman. Zeros to me are people who waste their life and don’t do anything and don’t chase their dreams.

10. What is your personal ethos as regards the approach to making music?

Let it come natural, I’m always pushing for the guys to write but Kimbo just says let it come don’t rush it and he’s right but I can’t tell him that. But also sometimes you get good stuff if you push the envelope. Also you have to be a fan of your own stuff and have a good sense of own quality control to be man enough to say that’s shit and not get wrapped up in your own ego where you think every note you play is god like. So feet on the floor, stay grounded and know if something you wrote is utter shit and needs to be dropped.

11. Would you live inside a Castella cigar to promote the neglect of homosexual parakeets - if yes then please tell us why?

If there’s free pizza I'll promote anything

12. Finally tell us why we should go see the Obnoxious UK and what plans ye have for the immediate future.

12) Well we will give you a good show and maybe won’t change the face of music but hopefully you will come and join in the show and have a laugh with us. Plans for the future - well to finish the second CD but it’s a slow process as we just scrapped 3 songs as we thought they were shit but we will hopefully have something ready to record by Christmas. Thanks for the interview.