Iggy of



1. Tell us about your band, its influences and its ambitions for the future!

We've been around for a year now and its been the best year of our lives. We've had our ups and downs some back
stabbers but were still keeping the band going. Our influences are.....GBH,..Discharge,...Crass,...Flux of Pink
Indians. Our goal in the future is hopefully that our music could send a message to everyone about how fucked up
the world is.

2. Punk Rock in Britain has its little successful areas and its places were it is just an unknown quantity. Whats the situation from your part of the world and what are your joys and gripes about the scene at the mo?

What's the mo?

3. Ronnie McDonald vs Bruce Springsteen in a nude bacon slapping match. The bacon must be smoked and 6 boiled eggs must be inserted up the old chocolate whizzway before each round. Who will win - graphic detail please?


4. British punk vs American Punk - which is better? Sorry but over here we all have an opinion on this so go on put yourself in the firing line!

It doesn't matter to me - punk rock is punk rock, it's music,
it's the love of the music not who is better.

5. What would be an ideal gig for Distox to play and where would it be? No more than 5 bands please.

Anywhere, anyplace at any given time, with who ever!
Just sharing the same type of music and punx just
united is fine by me

6. Does Colonel Sanders use recycled umpa-lumpa's for his chicken nuggets and is the use of tomato sauce subliminal promotion for vampire porn?


7. Tell us your heroes and zeroes in life and music and if its Ronnie McDonald I do apologise!

Who is Ronnie Mcdonald?
Well my hero is Steve Ignorant cause his messages in his
music were influential to the band.

8. Describe your fellow band members in 3 words each?

Bass; fat
Drummer; quite and inteligent
Vocals; annoying

9. What's the best gig you have ever attended and what made it so special?

My girlfriends back-yard party we got alot of mosh-pits
and we played good. We didn't mess-up and we all got

10. Distox - you have 50 words to promote yourself and encourage people to check you out - go for it?

Thats too much - 4 me gine me 10???

11. 'The Hippo in my handbag is the lover of Woody Allen' is a famous quote from George Burns. Was Mr Burns a hippo deviant and just for the hell of it - did Sammy Davis Jr have the biggest nob in hollywood?


12. Finally - give us British 'erberts a message from across the waters on life and punk?

drink...fight...unite...and punk rock!