Harry of



1.  Triangle Theory - a brief history please and explanation of style and
achievements so far plus explain to the reader where on earth the name came

We formed from mine and Aaron's desire to put a band together. No real idea of style to start off with we found a drummer (Brian) and a bass player (Tommy) on our college course and wrote about four tunes? I think it was at thatthat point we still had no singer but were approached by some audio guys who liked us and needed a subject for a recording project. The one condition was we found a singer! Bryce replied to our frantic adverts and the rest, as they say, is history. After a year Brian left us to be replaced with Dom, who we found tasted much better and wore better trousers!

The name comes from a 'theory' we have about a lot of red 'triangles' painted on the streets of Perth. Only a select few know the true extent of this mythical nonsense, and they wish they didn't!!

2.   Scotland or England - the old war continues - which is best for a.
Getting gigs   b.   Pulling a crowd and c.   gaining a reputation for

A. England
B. England
C. Scotland

No bias here, I am English but have lived north of the border since I was four years young.

3.   Describe your fellow Triangular band members in 4 slanderous words a

Dom - Mad, forgetful, lego-a-holic and loud
Aaron - Bearded, widdling, cowboy man
Bryce - Hairy, skiny, voice of an angel...
Tommy - Maveric riffmaster and Clutch fanboy

4.   The old Scottish pastime of Sporran Breeding has recently been under the spotlight due to allegations of drug taking.  I think the new super sporran is a travesty of mother nature and believe the whole experimental programme can only result in disaster?  What are your views on sporran reproduction and would you ever have a long term relationship with a kilt?

Having lived in close proximity to a sporran farm for many years I have been attacked and bitten only by the ones that they call 'super'. To me they are a unwelcome evolution in a great profession and should be drown'd! And who told you about the kilt? It's a lie! We are just good friends!

5.   Best and worst moments of your musical career so far please?

Good grief, that's a tough one. Best has to be playing the Glasgow Cathouse with TT. Worst, erm... Maybe the while I thought that the band had come to an end, Bryce was thinking about leaving and then Brian went the whole hog.

6.  Being more towards to rock/metal end of the musical spectrum how do you
find it when you play to other crowds.  Does the lack of crossover between genres frustrate you or do you try and be versatile enough to adjust a set when required?

We are cheesy enough to appeal to 90% of fans of any form of music I find! And we do play some songs more when you know we have a certain type of taste in the room yes, but we love all our songs so we do play for ourselves in the end.

7.  What's your ideal gig on which to play and where would it be?

Somewhere not too huge, but packed out. And some groovy support bands.

8.  Hamish McGranule has just opened an English branch of his successful business selling corners.  His obsession with angles of all sizes has brought him high recognition in the corner industry and his recent 90 degree adjustable parallelaloid is a remarkable achievement for a man reared on brown paper bags.  Do you like corners and what's the best corner you know?

Corners used to be a hobby of mine, I would wander about town admiring them all day. Sadly this got in the way of my study's and I had to end it. My preferred sort is any one that is on the inside of a Triangle!

9.  Who are your personal heroes and zeroes in life and music?

Cheesy as it sounds, music IS my life. So the two things cross over, I love lots of guitar players. Mike Ammot, Jeff Loomis, Dimebag are all legends. Zeros would have to go to anyone who cares what other people think about his/her music. Fook 'em, just do your own thing.

10.   As a musician what master plan do you have to gain recognition of your
work and to sell your merchandise?  It can be a real struggle on today's
bombarded market so how will you rise above and make a mark?

We put on a better stage show than most bands I find. We are a great live band and love touring and gigging. The main thing I find that makes us stand out from our age group is the fact we are always grinning on stage! No grumpy performances from the TT boys.

11.   Hector's House - fun-time kids TV or a vehicle for amphibian porn.  That
frog was just too suggestive for my liking and her relationship off screen with that tempestuous upstart Noggin the Nog is a recipe for disaster?  Give us your view and any other childrens entertainment we should be wary of?

I always long for the days of my youth. Postman Pat never had extra-marital flings! The Clangers didn't feel the need to text one-another all the time. Ach I miss being 6!

12.  Lasty push the Triangle Theory for all its worth and tempt us into
checking out this fine band?

If you like groovy, heavy rock best served bloody loud, check us out man! We love what we do and we hope you will too!

Ta ta