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1. Rimshot - whats happened so far please - where did it all start, whose involved, discography etc.

Well, we started out as 4 mates who were sick of doing nothing and kinda decided to start a band! I've been waiting to start a punk band for years now and I managed to convince the rest of them that punk was the way to go! Pheely was originally a metalhead/technohead! Sean was into anything and Niall was into anything disgusting! Originally it was me on bass and vocals, Pheely on guitar, Niall on drums and Sean on guitar. We soon discovered Sean wasn't very good on guitar so he swapped to vocals and now we've kicked him out as he is a slave to his work!! and we rarely got practices with him.

So currently were looking for a vocalist! We recorded a demo in May 07 but decided we weren't going to release it recently as its pretty crap quality, we can do better! Although we're on a few compilations, Unity and Strength Records, Belfast Records and Fight Town Records!

2. Describe your fellow band members in 4 slanderous words apiece.

I can't really think of anything "slanderous"!
Pheely - Lazy, small, slow and mumbles alot when he speaks haha!

Niall - Hairy, lazy, quiet and never knows what the next song in the set is!!

Me - big ears, messy, lazy and always naggin' the others to learn the set!

3. Whats your local scene like - best places to play, turn-outs, other good bands, notable faces in the crowd, promoters etc?

Yeh, the local scene is pretty much dead, there's a few promoters in Fife but they rarely put gigs on and if they ever do put gigs on they don't ask us to play haha! If you're in Scotland the places to play are, Galsgow - we have a mate called Will who puts gigs on in Glasgow, Dundee - we haven't played there yet but a guy called Blair is putting us on very soon! Aberdeen - we've never played there but if you know the right guys they'll sort you out! Unfortunately we don't know anyone from Aberdeen!

Perth - our good mate Jamie puts us on every now and then! Stranraer - never played there either but I know of a promoter down there called "West of Scotland Punx Promotions!

Turn outs here vary alot! I think the most people we've ever played to was like 60 - 70 at a local venue, but if you play with a good band you get a good turn out or you can play with medium bands but have cheap entry and cheap booze!! Good bands, well there's Acid Tongue - absolutely amazing female fronted hardcore punk!! MAFAFI - localish noisy bastards but very good mates of ours, Atomgevitter - from all over Europe really but yeh noisy bastards who truely are crazy!! (in a good way), Down to Kill - dual vocal, in yer face Punk!!

4. Lightbulb love is the latest publication released by Dickie Deviant the porn peddlar of Purley. Basically its a mag full of nudes with various bulbs inserted into certain orifices. The question for you is - pick a lightbulb, pick an orifice and explain what sensations you would expect to achieve!

What the fuck?? erm, ide pick bellend, to see if it can be done!!

5. Best Rimshot gig to date and - aagghhhh - the worst!

We've got 2 great ones, both in Glasgow, the first was at Blackfriars playing with quite a few bands (One Man Down, Swine, 3 Sheets to the Wind) and it was our first real punk gig if you know what I mean, and it was great! It wasn't a huge crowd but everyone was up for getting pissed and havin' a laugh!! The second was at Capitol in Glasgow playing with Acid Tongue and Gaunt, which was especially good because Acid Tongue are the band that inspired me to start a punk band and to finally get to play with them was amazing!! Plus it was £1.50 for any drink in the bar!!!
Worst gig was easily our last gig with Sean. We ended up playing to like forty 15 year olds that didn't particularly like us haha! I mean we had a few mates amongst the crowd but yeh, wasn't great!

6. Heroes and zeroes in life and music please!

Heroes would be anyone keeping the underground punk scene alive and kicking and also Acid Tongue as they are the reason I'm in a band and Roddy for teaching me never to give a fuck about what anyone else thinks of ye!

Zeroes - fascists, wife beaters, people who test on animals, people who think punk HAS to be 4 chords played over and over with some guy shoutin' over the top! We have our fair share of four chord songs but we also have a few technical songs which are just as punk as the others!

7. The gripes and joys of the current scene and if you could change one way of the punters thinking what would it be?

The downside of the current scene is the bands that think they're rockstars and think they will be famous one day, they really need to fuck off! The joy is the amount of promoters and labels happy to help out! Its great that anywhere in Britain I want to play there is always a promoter happy to put us on or always a label happy to help advertise your releases!

The one thing I would change about the punters is their attitude towards us being young. We've often been overlooked or ignored cos we're all only 18. Its rare but it happens!

8. Cedric Sessions has recently crossed an African wasp with a bent baker from Surrey who has a fetish for Chivers Jelly. Wobble Wasp (as the creature is known) is entering the next nude snooker competition held in Oxford where only an erection may be used as a cue and sun-baked testicles are used as balls. Inform us as to what problems you see and is this a truly sexist sporting fiasco?

Man, You've got some crazy questions, I can see a bell-end getting hurt and I feel sorry for whoever it is that's missing their balls because of a snooker game!

9. Tell us about the best and worst of your personal CD collection and if you could take five songs with you on a trip to the moon what would they be?

The worst CD I have ever owned is - System of a Down - Hypnostize!! I loved the first 2 albums and thought I'll see what the new stuff is like!! its just bad!!
The best CD I've ever owned has to be the one and only Rage Against The Machine - self-titled first album!! amazing timeless classic!!
5 songs to the moon!

1 - Global Parasite - Smash The NWO
2 - Visual Offence - F.D.N.P.
3 - Acid Tongue - Anniversary
4 - MAFAFI - Grants Ghetto
5- Propagandhi - Anti-Manifesto!!

10. What would be your ideal gig to play on as a band - who, where, why?

Right, Capitol in Glasgow! The line up would be:
us on first
Mafafi on second
Atomgevitter on third
Global Parasite on fourth
Visual Offense on fifth
Acid Tongue on sixth
Sick On The Bus headline!

Why - because they're all awesome bands and I am on playing with all of them at some point in my life!! I picked Capitol as it's an awesome venue, the engineer is a legend and its £1.50 for any drink!!

11. Tell us about some of your other personal interests in life and any deviancies you may wish to get off your chest?

Well I'm on my last year of sound engineering at Perth College, I wanna someday have my own studio and maybe tour as a bands engineer! Its a long shot but its worth a try!
If Sick On The Bus were to do a tour i'd engineer for free man they're awesome!
Deviances? not really, I'm shite on bass but you can hear that for yourself, erm....... nah no really! if I think of anything tho.....

12. Finally push Rimshot for all they are worth and increase your fanbase by thousands?

Ha ha, fanbase! what fanbase! well really we're sound guys up 4 anythin', if you like fast aggressive punk with a bit of a difference then we're the band for you! haha! We're not in this to make money, we really just wanna have fun while were still young and spread the word that religion is shit!! and so is the queen!!
take it easy!!