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1. The Murderburgers - as always a brief introduction, history, discography etc.

The Murderburgers are a Ramones/Screeching Weasel/Queers/Lillingtons infleunced pop punk band from Alexandria/Glasgow/Troon. We started out in February 2007 with this line up:
Fraser aka Snakeface - Vocals and Guitar
Crawford aka Juicy Pureballs - Guitar
Brain aka Ol' Dirty Murderburger - Bass
Sean aka Chunks McGarvey - Drums

Played a couple gigs with this line up then it changed to

Fraser aka Snakeface - Vocals and Guitar
Crawford aka Juicy Pureballs - Bass
Adam aka Iron Man - Drums

Yet more folk wanted to find a way out so it's now -

Fraser aka Snakeface - Vocals and Guitar
Tom aka Captain Tom - Bass
Adam aka Iron Man - Drums

So far we have one album which we put out ourselves called "Our Motherfuckin' Style's Mad Murderous" which contains 18 songs. Future releases include:
"The Murderburgers And The Women Who Hate Them" album on Day Job/Spitting Teeth Records
1 song on next Day Job Records comp
1 song on "Count To Three Then Run Vol.2" on Spitting Teeth Records
1 song on "Where The Fun Never Sets Vol.2" on Cabana 1 Records.

2. The reason for the bands existence and its aims and ambitions please.

We started because we all played in other bands that were on their way out basically and we had a bunch of good songs sitting there doing nothing. Got together and it seemed to work! Plus I'm big on me proper pop-punk and really, really was dying to start a pop-punk band! We aim to write good fun songs, record good shit and play as much as we can. So far planned we have a 3 week European tour starting at the end of January, a week long Dutch tour with The Dangerfields in May and a big ass Euro Tour next summer with Third Floor Incident. We also plan to drink a lot of beer and have a lot of fun, babycakes.

3. Describe your fellow band mates in 5 degrading words apiece one of which must be fruit related.

Me - tangerine, ugly, smelly, annoying, incontinent.
Adam - HIV, AIDS, Polio, "Nevernude", Narcoleptic.
Tom - Can't. Slag. The. New. Guy.

4. Tell us about your local scene - the venues, the bands, the promoters, the faces etc.

Well, Tom lives in Glasgow, I live in Alexandria and Adam lives in Troon but there ain't no giggage in Troon me thinks so I'll tell ya'll about Glasgow and down my way. Down my way there are gigs in Dumbarton and Alexandria, in Alexandria it's mostly indie bands and rock bands but we are all friendly with each other and we play gigs with each other, we somehow don't go down as badly as I would have thought! These people have relatively hairy faces. In Dumbarton we put on/go to gigs in Deadbeat studios, they are great! Bring yer own booze and mostly metal and punk bands. These people also have hairy faces. In Glasgow there are more punk bands than in Alexandria or Dumbarton but it's a bit harder to find a venue. It's pretty shitey right now. Hopefully it'll pick up at some point! A few people are trying but there should be more! These peoples faces vary in hairyness.

5. Scissor sex involves the cutting off of one anothers genitals, placing them in an empty jam jar, giving them a shake and leaving the jar for six months to see what lifeforms are developing. Several months are needed so as to have ones genitals replaced and to undergo therapy for the act in question. Is this a new way to copulate and what disadvantages do you see for this crazed sexual act! Try and mention pineapples in your answer for extra points.

A disadvantage that springs to mind straight away is that none of us actually have balls so we can't take part. Unless we just get fake ones, would that mean we would have less fun? We should get together and try this sometime, things will become much clearer then. PINEAPPLES!! Extra points for Snakeface me thinks.

6. Best and worst gig The Murderburgers have played so far - all the excruciating and exhilerating details please?

Best - either Deadbeat in Dumbarton when only 13 people showed up but it was really really fun, everyone proper dancing and really drunk! Birmingham with Bus Station Loonies and D'Corner Bois was ace too.
Worst - Maybe Edinburgh with Beerzone, ended up a good night but we sucked and the sound did too!

7. Tell us your personal influences in life and music please?

Musically we love bands like The Queers, Ramones, Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales, The Huntingtons, The Lillingtons, The Nobodys, The Priceduifkes - proper pop punk, none of the Fallout Boy and Paramore shite. In life, we just want to have a good time and get drunk with friends and travel and stuff. I also like writing songs about people I dislike intensely. Good subject matter.

8. The Murderburgers exudes an obvious veggie stance - elaborate please and if a beefburger escaped from Gutso Fatpig the butchers meat shop and went on the run would you consider shooting it. Also just out of curiosity is Mr Gutso Fatpig involved in a sausage porn racket.

We would shoot it and share it. None of us are veggies, all meat eatin' motherfuckers! We got the name from Mike Murderburger from The Supersuckers. Gusto fatpig is indeed involved, he gave me a start in the damn thing! I owe him a lot.

9. The punk scene in general - what are your views on the current state of play and what bands do you see carrying the punk banner forward into the murky future?

There's a lot of really shite bands out there so trying to mention them would take far too long. Bands I like and deserve credit are bands like The Dangerfields, The Lobotomies, The Priceduifkes, Power Corrupts, Big Difference, Noctophyle, The Kimberly Steaks, the list actually goes on quite a bit too! There are too many bands that just don't seem to be putting enough into it, they don't actually seem to care that much. What I like to see is bands that put in a lot of time and effort and passion into what they do. That's what us retards are trying to do.

10. Tell us about the worst and best in your personal CD collection. Whats your most prized posession and waht makes you cringe?

My 3 favourite albums are: The Queers - Love Songs For The Retarded, The Ramones - Leave Home and Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts. I'm loving The Methadones and Power Corrupts right now too. I have a couple of Morrissey CDs. But don't tell! shhhhhhh......

11. Dr Domestos has started his own colonic irrigation clinic. I visited last week and was attended to by 3 homosexual monks who placed several ballpoint pens up my backside, plus two Kiki Dee CD's and 2 litres of industrial bleach. I was told to clench my buttocks and dance on the spot for half an hour whilst dressed as a Polish butterfly collector. For £400 guineas I think I was ripped off and even this week my anus is still producing an avalanche of blanched peas and plays a tune when I fart. The pens have yet to be passed. Would you visit this clinic and what improvements could be made?

I would visit but these things must be brought into play - more pens, more monks, less bleach and you have to dance to Dee Dee Ramones solo rap stuff. Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa- FUNKY!

12. Finally push The Murderburgers for all they are worth and tell us all why we should come and check them out?

We don't take ourselves too seriously, play our arses off on stage and on CD, work hard, get drunk, pass out. Check out for videos, songs and tour dates. If anyone would like us to play anywhere then get in touch and we will come. Keep the pop-punk poppin'! Oh, and high five for the interview!